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SAP positions itself to dominate the CRM market

Learnings from Bill McDermott’s keynote presentation at this year’s SAPphire Now

Joachim Paulini, Lead Architect for Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, examines announcements made by Bill McDermott, CEO SAP, at this year’s SAPphire developer conference earlier this month, and how SAP is seeking to differentiate itself.

Cloud Shock & how to avoid it

What is it & why CFOs are demanding action

Cloud Shock is a phenomenon rapidly spreading across boardrooms around the world and getting a lot of executives hot under the collar.  Matt Fisher explores how to avoid the wrath of the CFO.

Are You a Guardian, a Decision Maker or a Consumer?

Whatever your primary role, our aim is to help you do it better

The types of role accessing and using information from the Snow platform is growing.  Matt Fisher, SVP Product Strategy, introduces the three core stakeholder types: Guardians, Decision Makers and Consumers, and explains how Snow is addressing their needs.

Discover, Determine, Decide & Do

The 4Ds of managing technology spend & consumption

Matt Fisher discusses a new framework of how the different stakeholders are involved in the processes of managing technology spend and consumption.

Oracle Database License Optimization – Expert Answers to Your Questions

Discover, manage and optimize your Oracle database spend and utilization to reduce costly overspend

Snow Software has delivered Oracle database spend management since the launch of Snow Oracle Management Option, and with its recent enhancements we invited Rasmus Larsson, Senior Enterprise SAM Consultant at Snow to answer your questions about how to manage and optimize Oracle spend.

Achieving GDPR Compliance is Difficult. SaaS Just Made It Harder.

Unknown SaaS usage can be a GDPR landmine. Learn how to defuse it before it is too late.

Tim Jesser discusses an area of particular GDPR risk, the prevalence of SaaS usage, what makes SaaS especially risky, and how to mitigate that risk.

Take control of your digital investments before they derail business transformation

CIOs need visibility into what applications and services the rest of the business is procuring, to ensure security, compliance and good IT governance

Business Unit IT spending is increasing without input from IT, yet CIOs need to reconcile all technology spend across the organization. Tim Jesser asks: how many organizations have created the right conditions to set themselves up for success with their digital transformation efforts?

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) by Snow

Bringing it all together

As I discussed in a previous post Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – it starts with the user, most UEM solutions are designed from a security-first perspective. Our approach to UEM is holistic, designed to bring the business units of an organization closer together, and built with security in mind, but also taking ease-of-use, productivity, security, and cost management into consideration.

SAP Announces a New Pricing Model for Indirect/ Digital Access

ERP Licensing in the Digital Age

Joachim Paulini looks at whether customers should adopt SAP’s new, more transparent pricing model around Indirect Access.  As he examines what’s changing, it’s clear it might not necessarily be to their advantage to do so.

Four Steps to Understand and Control SaaS Usage and Spend with Snow for Cloud

DISCOVER, MANAGE, OPTIMIZE and GOVERN CLOUD across your entire estate

Snow for Cloud empowers IT guardians and business decision makers with clear, actionable views of SaaS application and IaaS usage and consumption to help align with business goals and drive Digital Transformation initiatives.