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Rightsize your SAP license spend

Understanding and managing your SAP licensing can be very challenging. Many organizations simply opt to increase their spend year over year to maintain compliance. But without regularly analyzing license assignments and usage, it is easy for costs to spiral and drive your spend over budget. Gain complete visibility and control over your SAP investment with Snow. 

SAP License Management

Keep your SAP environment in check with automated license administration, usage tracking and cost calculation.

Reduce costs while staying compliant

Reduce costs
while staying 

Manage indirect and digital access

Manage indirect
and digital access

Prepare for S/4HANA migration 

Prepare for
S/4HANA migration 

Optimize and protect

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software identifies and retires obsolete or duplicate licenses, and flags needlessly expensive license allocations to ensure you have the right license type for your needs. Automated license management safeguards your compliance position by regularly checking and allocating the most cost-effective licenses for each user. 

Optimize and protect

Is digital access really cheaper?

Get the knowledge and confidence you need to choose the best licensing model for your position. Snow Optimizer can help you identify indirect access risks for 3rd party interfaces and compare the cost of this licensing model to predicted costs under digital access. 

Is digital access really cheaper?

Time to negotiate

All organizations using SAP ERP must migrate to S/4HANA by 2027. This mandated migration is time consuming and expensive, with S/4HANA licenses typically costing significantly more. With Snow Optimizer, you can get complete visibility of unused licenses and software, so your team can confidently reduce unnecessary spend and enter S/4HANA contract negotiations from a position of power. 

Snow Optimizer unused licenses

"Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software enabled Al-Futtaim Group to significantly reduce SAP system administration time and annual license costs. By automating a number of processes, we have been able to optimize our SAP licenses with minimal effort."

Sandeep Vengsarker, IT Director, Al Futtaim Group
Al Futtaim Group Quote

SAP Cost Optimization Calculator

Get a personalized assessment of your SAP environment to see where you're overspending 

5 Ways to Cut Spending on Your SAP® Software
5 Ways to Cut Spending on Your SAP® Software

Discover five key initiatives to drive significant savings on SAP Software through Software Asset Management. 

Are You Prepared for the Big Move to S/4HANA?
Are You Prepared for the Big Move to S/4HANA?

Find where you can realize significant cost savings to counter those incurred with the migration from R/3 to S/4.

Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools
Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools

Download a complimentary copy of the guide for a detailed view of the SAM tools market, key use cases and more. 

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