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SAP License Management

Scrutinize & control SAP systems, contracts, licensing & audit processes

Cost management

With annual IT expenditure now in decline*, few organizations can afford the year-on- year increase in spend that typically comes with SAP licensing and support. To break this cycle, your organization needs to scrutinize and control its use of SAP systems and licensing. This puts you in a position to:

  • Get the best deal when purchasing new SAP technologies
  • Reduce SAP licensing costs
  • Drive contract negotiations
  • Minimize indirect usage costs
  • Be audit-ready

To achieve these business goals, your organization needs to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are all users assigned the correct and lowest cost license type?
  • What proportion of licensed users are inactive (shelfware)?
  • How many duplicate users do I have?
  • Which third party applications access the SAP systems?
  • What licenses will be required when I move to a new technology such as S/4HANA?

Time management

SAP mandates that their customers perform a system measurement on a periodic basis (typically annually) for the purposes of checking usage against the entitlements defined in the contract. The measurement results for each system must then be consolidated using SAP’s license administration workbench (LAW) tool.

The LAW report can take many weeks for the SAP team to compile so the ability to automate this process is highly desirable. That’s because it can free up tens or even hundreds of man hours** per year allowing SAP administrators to focus on mission-critical tasks and to deliver value back to the business.

Consolidated information across all systems

Organizations typically have tens, hundreds or even thousands of SAP systems deployed within their environment, which makes manually collating all of the necessary information from across the estate and acting upon it a near-impossible task. What’s needed is the ability to get a consolidated view of all of these systems.

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software is a native SAP-certified solution that provides SAP teams with complete visibility of deployment, usage and licensing.

Reverse the trend of ever-increasing costs

It empowers organizations to reverse the trend of ever-increasing costs because the solution consolidates data across the entire SAP environment and automates administrative tasks, so enabling organizations to effectively manage and optimize their SAP licenses.

Reduce system measurement time

Using Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, the manual process of collating the LAW report can be fully automated and expert skills from Basis Administrators can be returned to mission-critical tasks to deliver real business value.

Business Benefits

  • Optimize and maintain SAP licensing

  • Dramatically reduce system measurement (LAW) preparation time 

  • Highlight Indirect Usage 

  • Minimize audit risk 

  • Drive contract negotiations

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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software gives organizations the insight and intelligence required to ensure all SAP licenses are rightsized to precise needs.

The knowledge that licensing is optimized and automated places your organization on the front foot when it comes to new SAP purchases, license negotiation, and audits.

* **Depending on System size

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