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Microsoft License Management

Get your licensing right, pick the ideal options for your users, cut costs & be compliant

Whether you are in charge of managing the licensing of a selection of Microsoft products, or everything across your network, you will know that the choices available to you are overwhelming and that the decisions you make can have a large effect on costs.

For example, you may be wondering:

  • Should I take advantage of Office 365 licensing?
  • How do I ensure that my Enterprise Agreement (or other agreement) remains rightsized to the organization’s dynamic requirements?
  • How do I deal with the sprawling virtual machines across my estate?
  • What impact do hardware changes have on my datacenter licensing?

Although the topics may seem very different, the solution remains similar.

You need a solution which enables you to understand how Microsoft products are installed and deployed across your network, which users use the software, and who has a license but doesn’t use a given product.

You also need to understand how the estate is changing. For example, how will an upgrade to the virtual environment change the licensing for one of your server products?

The solution is one that allows you to understand the environment for every operating system in use. One that can provide information about every technology platform, from mobile to desktop, datacenter to the cloud. And one which provides details on layered platforms like virtualized environments.

Snow’s SAM Platform provides precisely this:

  • Build an effective license position and re-harvest licenses from unused applications to ones which are needed
  • Understand the use of Office-based applications to verify whether a move to the cloud is right
  • Automate the process to “spin up” virtual machines in Azure for a required time, then disable them when they are not needed
  • Understand the licensing implications from hardware running Microsoft datacenter software.

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Business Benefits

  • Optimize licenses – understand what’s really needed
  • Keep on top of your licensing agreements
  • Plan a move to the cloud in confidence

Snow’s SAM platform empowers the Software Asset Manager in all aspects of licensing relating to Microsoft products. It enables the creation of an Effective License Position and matches complex entitlements to ensure that all licenses are optimized.

It also enables other Microsoft stakeholders to understand the best available option for them, whether that be to remain fully installed across the IT estate, choose a hybrid environment or to move to the Cloud with Office 365 and Azure

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