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Counting the cost of countless licenses?

What state are your software licenses in? Are they all earning their keep? Or are too many sitting idle, rolling from one renewal to the next, wasting money? And how much under-licensing is lurking in your network? Tackling these issues is a challenge, especially if you’re using multiple inventory technologies.

Useful, unnecessary or unlicensed? Unless you know the status of your software and cloud services, you could be wasting money or risking a nasty surprise when you get audited. And what about all the unrecognized technology being deployed out of sight of IT? How do you ensure compliance and security for software you can’t see?

Take control with license management and optimization

With SAM, you have the power to make every asset pay its way, reducing risk and generating huge cost savings. Effective software license optimization starts with full discovery, so redundant software can be reclaimed and redeployed to other users. Dynamic software recognition replaces slow, error-prone processes to identify all commercially-licensable software on your network – straight out of the box. Multiple inventories are consolidated, so all your assets are in a single repository and complex rules such as upgrade and downgrade rights are automatically calculated. Not only does this optimize your software estate and save money, it determines your effective license position, ready if auditors call.

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