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IBM License Management

Gain visibility of all deployed IBM products to understand financial liability and optimize licenses

IBM products can be deployed across numerous operating systems, platforms and virtualization technologies. There are multiple versions and even names for the same IBM product.

For your organization to effectively manage the complexity associated with IBM products, IBM-specific processes and solutions should be put in place.

Those in charge of IBM License Management will want to be able to answer the following questions:

  • How do I minimize the risk of large penalties when IBM performs an audit?
  • How can I be in the best position to negotiate new IBM purchases?
  • How do I optimize IBM license costs?

This is achieved by bringing together a full picture of all IBM products, the platform(s) on which they are deployed, and understanding whether existing entitlements match the associated license for each product.

Here are some examples:

Take full advantage of sub-capacity pricing

IBM PVU-based products are eligible to be licensed using the sub- capacity model when they are installed in virtualized environments. The sub-capacity model is typically five times cheaper than the default full capacity mode.

The main reason that your organization will fail to meet sub-capacity requirements is that IBM’s mandatory License Management Tool is not deployed to a device where a PVU-based product resides.

Identify all PVU-based products

Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager identify all PVU-based software across the estate and combines the data from ILMT and installed software information across the estate to pinpoint where ILMT is either not installed or not reporting.

This provides actionable intelligence to deploy the ILMT agents and ensure that all sub-capacity requirements are met. This in turn reduces financial risk at the point of audit and identifies cost saving opportunities upon contract negotiation.

Understand entitlements and reduce “all or nothing” risk

Because IBM’s product catalog is so large, it is a difficult task to understand what the terms are per-product and even whether a product has been renamed.

There can be significant penalties involved if IBM products are installed  which are of a version later than the S&S agreement allows.

Snow’s Software Recognition Service makes entitlement management far more efficient. The reconciliation of historical purchases to active entitlements is simplified through Snow License Manager.

Remove unneeded software

Snow License Manager empowers the SAM team with usage information. This gives insight into whether applications are truly needed. If they are not, the product(s) can be uninstalled and licenses returned to a pool for recycling.

Business Benefits

  • Minimize audit risk
  • Drive contract negotiations
  • Make the most of sub-capacity
  • Understand Entitlements

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All of the benefits of rightsizing IBM licensing and reducing audit risk are achieved by having a full picture of IBM products deployed across the estate, understanding the environments on which they are installed on, and correctly matching to entitlements. This can be achieved by using Snow’s SAM platform.

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