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Rightsize your hybrid cloud spend

When organizations move to the cloud, on-demand consumption can eat up promised cost savings and quickly drive spend over budget. Duplicate and idle resources can also add up to thousands – or even millions – of dollars in wasted expenditures every year. Gain complete visibility and management over your cloud spend in real-time with Snow. 

Cloud Cost Optimization

Take the complexity out of managing cost for public, private and hybrid cloud.

Quickly realize savings

realize savings

Gain a holistic view of spend

Gain a holistic
view of spend

Reduce risk with accurate data

Reduce risk 
with accurate data


average savings with cloud cost optimization

Only pay for the cloud you use

Pay for the cloud capacity you need – and not a dollar more. Snow Commander helps you realize savings with:

  • Rightsizing recommendations to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investments
  • Power schedules that automatically shut down instances when they’re not being used
  • Reserved instances that provide discounted billing based on usage

See the big picture with a single platform

Snow Commander simplifies cost management, providing you with visibility across cloud platforms, applications and business units. This new perspective enables you to reduce costs and maximize performance by allocating the correct resources for each workload across your organization.

    Gain perspective

    Make better decisions with real-time analytics

    Using Snow Commander, you can get an accurate picture of all your costs with actionable and customizable reports across on-premises datacenters and cloud environments. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions and minimize risk in a rapidly changing marketplace.


    "In the first three months after deploying, we were able to eliminate over $1.5M in annual cloud spend.”

    IT Director, Global 1000 Fashion Retailer

    Calculate Your Potential Cloud Savings

    Get a personalized assessment of your environment and see how much you can save with the Snow cloud management platform.

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    Manage the Complexity of Multicloud Infrastructures
    Manage the Complexity of Multicloud Infrastructures

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    A Perspective on Rightsizing Your Hybrid Cloud Costs: The Shortcut to Cloud Cost Savings
    A Perspective on Rightsizing Your Hybrid Cloud Costs: The Shortcut to Cloud Cost Savings

    Download our guide and gain insightful and practical tips on where to start when looking at rightsizing your hybrid cloud costs.

    Hybrid Cloud Made Easy

    Try Snow Commander free for seven days and see for yourself.