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A holistic view of all your technology

Unless you know the status of your software and cloud services, you could be wasting money or risking a nasty audit surprise. So, how do you ensure compliance and security for software you can’t see? With effective Software Asset Management, you can see your entire technology ecosystem, streamline and simplify licenses, find opportunities for savings and reduce risk.

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Simplify discovery, inventory and normalization of all your technology assets.

Save time and effort

Save time
and effort

Discover your blind spots

Discover your
blind spots

View all assets in one place

View all assets
in one place


new titles added every month to Snow’s Data Intelligence Service 

Normalize your data quickly and easily

Snow Data Intelligence Service is the industry’s largest managed normalization database, containing more than 600,000 software and SaaS applications. Snow updates this service daily, adding more than 6,000 new titles every month. Your assets are quickly and easily identified and normalized, with duplicates removed and vendor and product names standardized for easy analysis.

See what you’ve been missing

Snow provides complete discovery of your entire environment, revealing blind spots and unknown assets. From PCs and Macs to servers and network devices, mobile devices and routers to printers and firewalls, Snow finds and reports it all.

See what you’ve been missing

Consolidate multiple sources into a single view

In addition to native discovery capabilities, Snow collects and consolidates data from multiple point solutions into a single view. You can see all technology usage information in a single dashboard – no more toggling between multiple tools to piece together your technology landscape manually.

Snow - Asset Discovery & Inventory

"We saved 35% on VMware licenses because Snow gave us a true picture of what we were using in a timely manner, rather than relying on less accurate manual work. Snow also gave us the confidence to reduce our Citrix license count based on our usage, delivering savings of 29%, and helped us identify the best way to license Microsoft SQL Server in a virtual environment, which has seen a 38% saving."

Robert Silk, Head of IT Supplier and Asset Management, University College London
University College London Quote
What’s Next for ITAM?
What’s Next for ITAM?

Learn success strategies for ITAM leaders for navigating the 'new normal.'

Webinar Series: IT Asset Management Best Practice
Webinar Series: IT Asset Management Best Practice

See how to build a business case and make the most of your IT investments. 


Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools
Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools

Download a complimentary copy of the guide for a detailed view of the SAM tools market, key use cases and more. 

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