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VieCuri is a leading clinical hospital and the primary medical center for Northern Limburg in the Netherlands, with locations in Venlo and Venray. About 3,000 people work at VieCuri, including some 185 specialists. Each year, more than 23,500 patients are admitted and ten times as many patients visit the outpatient clinics.


Obtain a better understanding of the use of all software licenses across VieCuri in order to maintain compliance and use the existing licenses in a more efficient way.


Improved compliance and transparency regarding the use of software within the entire organization. Significant cost savings were achieved by not renewing support for unused licenses and the annual renewals can now be achieved in much less time.


Thanks to Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory, VieCuri now complies with the licensing terms of major software vendors, and has achieved a return on their investment within half a year. The real-time insight also prevents unauthorized software installation and usage. 

VieCuri is a medium sized healthcare provider, with workers who are knowledgeable and people-oriented. It is a leading clinical training hospital with a nationwide remit and is involved in the preparation and implementation of scientific studies. In the entire area where VieCuri provides healthcare, comprising Northern Limburg and a part of Eastern Brabant, there are about 280,000 inhabitants. To facilitate the daily work of all employees, it has a modern IT infrastructure that is partly hosted externally. About 40 people work in the IT department. 

“Our business-critical systems are SAP and, of course, a number of healthcare applications", says Janssen. "Additionally, like other medium sized organizations, we use a lot of Microsoft Office and Windows licenses and we work with Citrix via a virtual desktop environment. During an audit carried out last year by Microsoft, we experienced the benefits of a Software Asset Management solution for the first time. For VieCuri, the greatest added value of such a platform is that the overall use of software becomes entirely transparent. We want to distinguish ourselves as a hospital by delivering the very best healthcare, and of course we will pay for the necessary costs of all equipment and tools we use to achieve that.”


For VieCuri, responsibility is an important identity value. Indeed, the underlying vision is that if all employees perform their tasks with a great sense of responsibility, the quality of the healthcare provided improves automatically. For the IT department, that means systems that work optimally and with as much transparency as possible. In a medium sized hospital like VieCuri with 3,000 employees, the software used quickly amounts to several million euros. By managing the use of the software more efficiently, substantial cost savings can be achieved.

"Without a professional Software Asset Management solution, the use of any software is difficult to manage nowadays", continues Janssen. "Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory are helping us fill the gaps that arise in the operational management over time. These are caused by users installing new software programs themselves and by licenses that are hardly used or not used over time. We now have a clear insight into this at the touch of a button. Employees are not authorized to install software themselves, but it is very difficult to prevent this completely within such a large organization. With the cost savings achieved by no longer renewing redundant licenses, we had fully realized the return on investment in the Snow solution within six months. We’ve now been working with it for one year and recently the renewal of our volume licensing agreement with Microsoft was achieved in no time at all.”

Software Management More Complex Than Perceived 

Many organizations underestimate the complexity of operational software management. This is because each vendor has their own rules and also changes those rules frequently. Therefore, it is difficult to become and remain compliant, running the risk of being fined or suffering reputational damage if it becomes public knowledge that software is used illegally. "We believe that an open cooperative relationship with our primary vendors is extremely important, because we will be interdependent for years", says Janssen. "That's why we also looked at the performance/price ratio of alternative solutions after the audit of last year, but the use by Microsoft strongly influenced our choice. This is because we mainly manage Microsoft and Citrix licenses with Snow. For SAP and a number of healthcare applications, other terms apply, or they use site licenses dependent on the number of beds. All in all, the Snow software does exactly what we expected it to do, and I have nothing to worry about because it is hosted by our Microsoft partner Insight.”

"Compliance is very important for VieCuri, because the quality of the healthcare we provide is paramount and we want to comply with all relevant regulations as much as possible, including the field of IT.”  

Niek Janssen, Enterprise Architect and responsible for the license management

"Large organizations like VieCuri cannot properly ensure their compliance without a software asset management solution. We opted for Snow because Microsoft performed an audit at VieCuri with it. What is good enough for our primary software vendor is good enough for VieCuri."
Niek Janssen, Enterprise Architect and responsible for the license management