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DAB Pumps

Company Background

For more than 40 years, DAB has been a major player in the water technology sector. Based Padua, Italy, with a turnover of €290m, DAB offers solutions for the movement and management of water for agricultural and irrigation projects, as well as for residential and commercial buildings. Download the full case study


As DAB oversees its products from the design stage through to production and sales, it uses a wide range of solutions and applications: engineering software, big data analysis, CRM, as well as software from the traditional big publishers. The goal for DAB, as it is for any SAM operation, was to get the right software to the right people – and to do this in a cost-effective way. The difficulty lay in accurately tracking real-time usage and assigning software across such a diverse environment of network license servers, software bundles and Cloud applications.

Snow Contribution

With help from Snow partner Netcom, the SAM team at DAB learned how Snow integrates its own technologies with what is already in place to give visibility across of 100% of the IT estate, while centralizing all this data into Snow License Manager as a single point of analysis. The user-friendly interface makes the data accessible and relevant not only for IT, but also for colleagues in charge of DAB’s other business areas, giving them clear options about which software licenses they need – and which can be re-harvested. Benefits Single interface as a single point of analysis and reporting Clear visibility into software usage makes it possible and easy to re-harvest unused licenses The chance to create a process that involves all the different business areas, giving them clear data on which to base their decisions.

“Having a solution that can help in compliance and optimization analysis was important for us, but what was really crucial was to have a unique solution that can cover 100% of our different technologies. Having a single software vendor or application not tracked or not managed in a centralized way would have meant failure in this project. The combination of Snow’s capabilities and the Netcom competencies [in both solutions integration and licensing consultancy] enabled us to achieve our goal.”
SAM-Hero Lorenzo Ginestri, DAB Pumps