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Bank of Ireland


Bank of Ireland is a leading retail and commercial bank.


Snow has helped Bank of Ireland streamline and optimize its software licensing.


Snow has provided Bank of Ireland with exceptional insight into software installed and used across its desktop and server estates. All unused and duplicate installations have been removed and software procurement is now streamlined to avoid all unnecessary costs.


Founded in 1783, Bank of Ireland is a large retail and commercial bank.  Bank of Ireland’s SAM strategy was established in 2011, following both increased requests for audits from vendors as well as internal requirements to optimize spend and reduce costs. 

With thousands of licensable applications across an estate of 15,000 PCs and 3,500 servers, SAM needed to become a priority.  A three strong SAM team was established to optimize Software Asset Management. The SAM Team centralized control and standardized policy within Bank of Ireland.  Focus was initially on Gartner’s ‘Top 7’ vendors but in recent years this has broadened to include all vendors. 

After evaluating other SAM solutions, Bank of Ireland implemented Snow License Manager. The Snow solution stood out for its intuitive user interface, ability to continually monitor an estate and high quality reporting.

“Initially streamlining compliance requirements was our motivation. This has broadened to cost optimization and ensuring that the applications we have installed across the network are being actively used to deliver value to our business. Now we only ever purchase licenses as needed and always buy the right versions,” says Dave Hyland. “Implementing Snow License Manager has provided us with exceptional insight, which means we get value for money when negotiating a licensing contract as we never buy ‘shelf ware’.” 

Currently, Bank of Ireland is undertaking a program to optimize its client software stack. Snow License Manager is playing a key part in this project, ensuring the company knows exactly what is already installed, buys the precise number of licenses needed, and can standardize on a single version to suit the requirements of users more precisely. “We have removed all unused or duplicate software and are rationalizing our estate for no extra cost, which means it is compliant by design rather than requiring us to fix what’s there already,” says Dave Hyland. 

Savings have also been made by having the data to understand whether a user requires a SQL Enterprise license, or could be supported with SQL Developer License.

“Roughly speaking, it’s the difference between spending £27,000 or the user being able to do everything they need for just £30 - a large saving when you multiply up the numbers of users involved.”

Bank of Ireland has made similar savings by rationalizing its Adobe licenses and only purchasing Adobe Acrobat where necessary. “99% of people who ask for Adobe Acrobat actually only need Adobe Reader and the ability to differentiate each user’s requirements saves us too.”

In addition to cost avoidance, Snow’s SAM platform has had a positive impact on the organization’s attitude towards software licensing at a behavioral level. Users are now more responsible and accountable for the software they use and actively support the SAM program. “People now appreciate that software is an asset and deployment requires approval, with any installed but unused software routinely removed,” says Dave Hyland.

Snow License Manager has helped Bank of Ireland to better view and interpret its virtualized estate and avoid incurring unnecessary spend. Coupled with this, an increasing number of software services are migrating to the cloud. Snow allows Bank of Ireland to monitor web traffic and verify that they have purchased the optimum number of subscriptions. 

Overall, Bank of Ireland’s SAM team has commented that its upgrade to Snow License Manager 7 was completed with no business disruption and the new functionality available allows them to explore their estate beyond the Wintel environment. “Snow was always easy to use but V7 has reached a whole new level with the ability to view all the key information needed to manage our estate from a single screen and yet access more granular data with just a few clicks,” says Dave Hyland. “It’s a phenomenal achievement and really allowed us to get to grips with our estate. Rather than reacting to events, we can now manage it proactively with confidence.”

“We’ve explored other SAM solutions but Snow is head and shoulders above the rest – it is intuitive, the data reported is always accurate, reliable, and readily available, and the new functionality in Snow License Manager 7 means we can manage our entire estate with a single SAM console to make better purchasing decisions.”
Dave Hyland, Head of Software Asset Management, Bank of Ireland