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Al Futtaim Group

Company Background

Formed in 1930 the Al Futtaim Group (AFG) is one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East. The group consists of more than 200 businesses, across 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, with more than 46,000 employees. AFG operates in multiple sectors including; Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Real Estate and Automotive. AFG also holds the franchise and distribution rights to some of the world’s leading brands, including Ikea, Toyota, Marks and Spencer and InterContinental.

SAP implementation

The SAP application portfolio at AFG consists of multiple systems, modules and engines. The SAP licenses are charged for Engines (functionality), Metrics (usage volume) and User Licenses (multiple types available based on functionality usage/access). The user licenses were assigned based on an employee’s band at Al-Futtaim Group.

What business challenges led you to evaluate Snow Optimizer for SAP Software?

Each year AFG dealt with SAP audit as a one-off activity. Periodic internal assessments were not carried out due to huge manual effort involved in collating and reconciling user license information across multiple SAP systems.  The majority of SAP license cost was concentrated around user licenses and AFG saw an opportunity to bring the same down based on the actual usage of the system by users.

How have you used Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software?

AFG selected and installed Snow Optimizer for SAP Software having evaluated products and services from nine vendors. Together with the technology, AFG obtained consulting services to analyze and optimize the AFG SAP user licenses based on the actual usage of the system. 

The scope of exercise included SAP ABAP stack based on-premise systems like SAP ERP, CRM, BW, EWM (Extended warehouse management), and excluded non-ABAP stack systems like SAP BO, BPC, uPerform (RWD). AFG also decided to use additional license categories like Retail store user, Maintenance user and Logistics user.

How quickly did you see the benefit of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software?

The initial consultation and optimization was performed in less than three months.

What would you highlight as the key benefits of using Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software?

  • The tool provided an accurate license inventory at any point in time, including versions and editions. This helped in going through multiple optimization iterations and checking what-if scenarios
  • AFG could accurately assign user license types in accordance with actual usage of the SAP system. This would not have been possible without using the tool. 
  • Allows SAP administrators to review and commit recommended mass changes to their SAP systems using a familiar SAP interface
  • AFG could set the overarching rules e.g. adhere to contract terms that specify a minimum ratio of Professional to Limited Professional User Licenses

How has Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software helped you with annual SAP audits?

  • Accurately identifying and consolidating duplicate users like temporary users
  • Detecting inactive employees with active user ids that should be retired, returning those licenses to the available license pool
  • Easily and accurately identifying developer licenses across SAP systems
“Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software enabled Al-Futtaim Group to significantly reduce SAP system administration time and annual license costs. By automating a number of processes, we have been able to optimize our SAP licenses with the minimal effort.”
Sandeep Vengsarker, IT Director Al Futtaim Group