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Snow Device Manager

A complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices

Mobile is the new workplace: tablets and phones are everywhere. Organizations need their workforces to be mobile, to take advantage of new technologies and ways of working. No longer just the source for email, contacts and calendars, employees are choosing to use apps, collaboration tools and data to be more productive and add value to the business.

Snow Device Manager is a complete Enterprise Mobility Management solution that handles the full lifecycle of smartphones and tablets. It extends the high levels of control and oversight already applied to desktops, datacenters and cloud computing to mobile devices. It is a platform for managing software and apps across all platforms and locations, and it implements smarter processes for service desks, enables information sharing between users on the move as well as configures devices and raises the bar on productivity.

Snow Device Manager at a glance

  • Over-the-air configuration of mobile devices
  • Full App Management on Mobile Devices
  • Secure access to internal systems 
  • Built-in document management
  • Separate private from corporate data in BYOD and BYOA scenarios
  • Run it On Premise or in the Cloud

Key Benefits


Snow Device Manager brings Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality to the enterprise and adds content and application management making it a full-fledged Enterprise Mobility Management solution (EMM). On top, combined with other Snow solutions, it adds best-in-practice SAM-functionality to handle the costs of mobile apps and hardware.


Blending enterprise security and policy controls in a single pane of glass from datacenter through PC to mobile, Snow eases the support burden while providing a better experience for employees. Working seamlessly in the background, it provides mobile devices with correctly configured apps and security settings. 


Snow Device Manager ships with more than 200 security features and can be configured to alert the organisation of breaches against security policies. Security functions includes, secure e-mail, containerized information and apps, secure network and internal access, blacklisting and whitelisting of apps, encryption and secure browsing.


For private devices and corporately-owned privately-enabled devices, Snow Device Manager separates the corporate data from the private and when a device is removed from the solution, all corporate data is removed. Private apps are also restricted from sharing information with business apps when they are used side by side.


Snow Device Manager empowers administrators, helpdesk personnel and end users by giving them the information and tools to solve issues when they arise. With information at hand and the possibility to send settings and apps to users over the air, support calls are handled in a more professional manner and first call resolution numbers are higher. 


Snow Device Manager enables administrators to set role- based access to Managed Apps. Users only see the apps that they are eligible to download. With full insight on app usage and the approval process, organizations save money on licensing and can be assured that they are compliant. 

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