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The Snow technology intelligence platform provides real-time visibility across the entire IT ecosystem, delivering actionable insights to rapidly optimize spend, secure operations and support evolving business needs.

Adoption Tracker Eliminate blind spots with complete visibility of technology use through comprehensive discovery and inventory

Automation Platform Automate key software asset management, cloud and mobile processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI

Governance & Risk View applications that contain personal data and receive details on the type of personal data used to meet data protection regulations such as GDPR

ITSM Enhancer Leverage the power of software asset management intelligence to automatically populate the CMDB with cleansed and normalized data to improve your ITSM platform

Productivity Optimizer Automate software and support processes to increase productivity

Risk Monitor Reveal hidden data risks lurking in your IT estate

Snow Commander Manage and govern your cloud services to reduce escalating costs, minimize infrastructure sprawl and reduce security issues

Snow for BMC Optimize BMC investments by automatically populating the BMC catalogs from Snow’s fully current and comprehensive inventory of hardware and software data

Snow for Engineering Meter and report how applications are being used across the organization

Snow for ServiceNow Automatically populate ServiceNow CMDB with hardware configuration and software inventory data from the Snow platform

Snow Inventory Discover devices, software and cloud services on all platforms, audit software installs and track usage

Snow License Manager Gain a unified view of all your software, cloud and hardware assets, license entitlements and application usage metrics

Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software Optimize and automate your SAP license management from a single integrated console

Software Recognition Service Automatically recognize the applications across your network and receive actionable insight

Spend Optimizer Right-size technology investments by aligning spend with business need across software, cloud services, data center, and mobile

Virtualization Management Option Identify & manage virtual assets across the network