Current Product Versions

This page provides release information for current versions of Snow Software products, tools and utilities. Where applicable, the defect or feature id is provided within parenthesis. The page provides information about officially released software only.


9.0.1 update #401 (2019-02-05)

Product name: Snow License Manager
Current version: 9.0.1 
Build: 6969 
Distribution method: Snow Update Service and setup package

  • NEW - Additional compatibility measures have been added to the Data Update Job to ensure that processing of data extracted from databases with different collations no longer cause: collation errors; the Data Update Job to stop; or any issues with the Inventory service

9.0.0 NEW VERSION #395 (2018-11-22)

Complete release notes for Snow License Manager 9.0 is found here

  • NEW - Tracking of license model changes
  • NEW - Manual exclusion of computers from compliance calculation

  • NEW - Hypervisor technology and high availability for datacenters and clusters 

  • NEW - Cost-assessment reports for Microsoft Windows Server  

  • NEW - Incremental data maintenance 

  • NEW - Direct access to user guides 

  • NEW - Discovery for Google Cloud Compute Engine

  • NEW - Edit Oracle database data

  • NEW - License requirement for Oracle databases

  • NEW - Lifetime support details for Oracle databases

  • NEW - Oracle WebLogic Server discovery and inventory

  • NEW - Track changes in Oracle database estate

  • NEW - Automatic population of environment column in Oracle Server Worksheet 

  • NEW - Comma-separated IP addresses

  • NEW - To improve readability, multiple IP addresses are now separated by a comma for the functions Search for computers and List all all computers
  • NEW - Default setting for user-based licensing
  • NEW - Upholding security mechanisms
  • NEW - Additional user input sanitization and encoding routines have been introduced to uphold protection from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • FIX - Upgrade licenses can now be added with a different metric than the base license. The license metric of the base license remains unchanged (PRB0040512).
  • FIX - Custom Compare Value can now be selected as metric type for cloud applications (PRB0041889).
  • FIX - The Microsoft Office365 service can now handle duplicate data without raising a violation of primary key constraint error (PRB0041782).
  • FIX - Snow has replaced the capability to contact our Support through an e-mail form, with a direct link to through our Support portal Selecting SUPPORT under the Help menu now opens the portal in new browser tab (PRB0041932).
  • FIX - When searching for licenses, it is now possible to select Downgrade rights as a column, to show this information in the search results. The data is consistent with results gained by selecting List all licenses and in the All licenses report (PRB0041930). 
  • FIX - Column headers reflect the language selected for the user interface when viewing saved reports (PRB0041073).
  • FIX - Deleted computers are now included in the data displayed in the Inventoried computers per month widget, and the numbers shown in the New Inventoried and Previously Inventoried counts are now correct. Fix applies for users with access to the root organization node (PRB0041830).
  • FIX - An application covered by a license with assignment type Site covers all installations of the application across the site. This concept now applies correctly for Site licenses imported to Snow License Manager – previously only one instance of the application was being covered (PRB0041862). 
  • FIX - Archiving computers functions as expected for all language versions – previously this capability was only working for the English language version (PRB0041867).
  • FIX - Daily maintenance task no longer fails for autoconnect rules for devices in organization structure (PRB0041344).
  • FIX - All errors encountered during the daily maintenance task are now logged correctly for troubleshooting (PRB0041343).
  • FIX - Daily maintenance task no longer fails when null values are present in the database table for Oracle options. Tables in the Snow Inventory database and the target table in Snow License Manager can now accept null values (PRB0041452). 
  • FIX - When a user is moved within an Organization (manually or by auto-connect rules), the value for Number of users of the application per month shown on the History tab remains unaffected and duplicate users will no longer appear in the Users per month graph (PRB0041442).
  • FIX - In the stored procedure JobInventoryComputersUpdate, the length of the ProcessorType column has been increased to prevent data truncation (PRB0041765).
  • FIX - To prevent the Event Store from growing indefinitely, a disk-saving maintenance process now starts in the background when the Event Store service starts (PRB0041339).
  • FIX - Aliases in the organizational structure are now deleted as expected when the structure is overwritten or imported (PRB0040233).
  • FIX - Computers will continue to be recognized as the same entity, even when the hostname changes (PRB0040172). 
  • FIX - To reduce its runtime, the process to delete quarantined devices has been re-architectured (PRB0041339).
  • FIX - Additional input validation has been added to the Snow Management and Configuration Center to ensure that input strings are no longer truncated. As a result, the error related to unpaired quotes in processing of user exclusion lists during the daily maintenance task no longer arises (PRB0041425).
  • FIX - Selecting Oracle overview from the Enterprise menu no longer causes the browser to hang (PRB0041900).
  • FIX - On the Oracle overview page, the numbers shown for inventoried Oracle computers (green column of the graph) are now correct (PRB0041694).
  • FIX - Oracle data is now processed and presented correctly when data is gathered from multiple data sources using the same CID and Snow Inventory database, but with different sitenames (PRB0040852).
  • FIX - The length of the Name column for applications in the Snow License Manager database has been increased to match the source information in Snow Inventory, to prevent errors related to the update of Oracle information from occurring during the daily maintenance task (PRB0041802). 
  • FIX - When a user creates a new Oracle order with Database enterprise management or Enterprise Edition Options selected as the product, runs the All Oracle order report, and then selects an order in the report, the order details open as expected (PRB0041913).
  • FIX - Case sensitivity for usernames in Oracle is now supported (PRB0041589).

8.3.7 update #397 (2019-02-07)

  • NEW - The Device Applications Group Update step in the Data Update Job has been optimized to limit usage of temporary disk space to help prevent performance issues that arise when disks reach their capacity limits (PRB0042068).
  • NEW - The figures shown in the Inventoried computers per month widget on the default Snowboard for Previously inventoried and New Inventoried computers now correctly reflect computers that have been deleted since the previous run of the Data Update Job (PRB0041942)
  • NEW - Data normalization of IP addresses has been enhanced to manage multiple IP addresses reported for the same machine. This improvement ensures that virtual machines can be correctly matched to their host, and associated inventory data can be correctly shown in Snow License Manager views and reports (PRB0041929).
  • NEW - The history graph, showing Users per month for an application now correctly caters for users who have been moved to another organizational unit (PRB0041943)
  • NEW - The forgotten password functionality has been made more robust to protect against brute-force attacks. Following three failed attempts, users will be locked out for 15 minutes (PRB0042095).
  • NEW - When editing a license to assign it to a computer, a new tooltip is visible by hovering over the content of the Organization column. The tooltip shows the full organization unit name, which is not always visible for deep organizational trees. The tooltip is designed to help users readily identify the correct unit in scenarios where computers with the same name exist in multiple units that begin with the same sequence of characters (PRB0040277).
  • NEW - The Data Update Job now ignores any Oracle instances with an empty instance name and completes processing (PRB0041966).
  • NEW - It is no longer necessary to edit a user to view attached documents. Attachments are now visible on the Documents tab (PRB0042047)
  • NEW - It is now possible to apply Agreements with Auto attach computers enabled to more than one organizational unit (PRB0041342).
  • NEW - When a host machine is deleted, its virtual machines (VMs) will now also be removed (PRB0041382).
  • NEW - The edit view for applications no longer incorrectly lists mainframe applications as running on Windows (PRB0041408).
  • NEW - For the Service Provider Edition, additional handling has been added prevent duplication of Oracle databases in scenarios where multiple data sources are configured for the same Customer ID (CID) and refer to the same Inventory database (PRB0041968).
  • NEW - OpenSUSE is now classified as a server operating system (PRB0041372).
  • NEW - Import of SAP data now updates the import reference ID correctly, ensuring that SAP data shows correctly (PRB0042046).
  • NEW - It is now possible to configure the location for SoftwareEnterpriseAgreementService by editing the config file for the service and adding an appropriate pathname (PRB0042070)
  • NEW - Cyrillic is now supported in the naming of Snowboards (PRB0042079)
  • NEW - An additional core factor definition for has been added to support 2-core Celeron processors (PRB0042109)
  • NEW - It is possible for an application with metering based on installations can show usage data without an instance of the application installed. This scenario arises, for example, when users uninstall an application when they are finished using it, but their usage data remains in the history information. Snow License Manager refers to these scenarios as metering-only. Metering-only is now supported for application groups and bundles (PRB0042024).
  • NEW - The export functionality now transfers data correctly to the destination file when wildcards are used in the search criteria (PRB0042099).

8.3.6 update #394 (2018-12-13)

  • NEW - Enriched dataset:To enrich the dataset that can be used by other products, such as Snow for ServiceNow, additional data about software installations is extracted by Snow Integration Manager from Snow License Manager. This data includes install date of the software, date-and-time first and last used, the number of times the software is used (runs), average usage time, usage in minutes, and by what user.
  • NEW - Performance enabler: Bulk-optimized endpoints have been added to Snow License Manager API to support the enriched dataset for ITSM connectors. Fetching data from these dedicated endpoints should be significantly faster than through public API endpoints, as just the necessary data for ITSM integration is transferred. The addition of bulk endpoints should in turn reduce the load on the Snow License Manager web server and database.
  • FIX - In certain scenarios, the time to load the default dashboard widget Most used applications (avg. minutes) for users running Snow License Manager on partner platforms has resulted in timeout errors for all users logged into the platform. Performance enhancements have been implemented to ensure the widget loads correctly and timeouts no longer occur (PRB0041874).
  • FIX -Extra error management to handle SAP-supported zero date formats (0000-00-00 and 0) has been added to the SAP import feature (PRB0040801).
  • FIX -The Type column of the Application installation history report now shows applications that have been uninstalled from a machine as Removed(PRB0041835).
  • FIX -Additional error handling prevents the graphical interface overflow error from occurring in Snow Management and Configuration Center when trying to Preview a newly-created software recognition rule. In preference to error-prone manual processes, we recommend our automated Software Recognition Service as best practice for the creation of software-recognition rules, (PRB0041591). 
  • FIX - The dashboard widgets Most installed computer operating systems (number of computers) and Most installed mobile operating systems (number of devices) are now labeled correctly in the Swedish language version (PRB0041668).
  • FIX -In Service Provider Edition, step 13 of the Data Update Job no longer waits indefinitely for resources when data processing has completed successfully for all customers on the platform. This issue has been resolved so that it is no longer necessary to perform a manual stop on the Data Update Job processes to ensure completion of all steps (PRB0042036). 
  • FIX -An issue introduced in Snow License Manager 8.3.5 relating to the disappearance of the list of whitelisted applications has been rectified so that the list persists following the Data Update Job run (PRB0042065).
  • FIX -If Access to view software usage data is disabled for a user (managed through Snow Management and Configuration Center), the Last Used column no longer displays in Snow License Manager reports and tables, supporting organizations to adhere to data protection regulations.
  • FIX -On the Oracle overview page, the numbers shown for inventoried Oracle computers (green column of the graph) are now correct (PRB0041694).
  • FIX -Case sensitivity for usernames in Oracle is now supported (PRB0041589).
  • FIX -When a user creates a new Oracle order with Database Enterprise Management or Enterprise Edition Options selected as the product, runs All Oracle orders report, and selects an order in the report; instead of an error page, the order details now display correctly (PRB0041950).
  • FIX -Loading issues with the Oracle overview page that result in Snow License Manager displaying the application error page have been resolved so that the overview loads correctly (PRB0042037). 

8.3.5 update #392 (2018-11-21)

  • FIX - Adding or deleting blacklist items no longer causes the browser to hang in environments with many blacklists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041960).
  • FIX - Language selection for the web user interface no longer switches to English when using Windows authentication (PRB0041453).
  • FIX - Importing Site licenses now covers all instances of the application in the site and not just a single instance (PRB0041948). 
  • FIX - Invoice reference numbers are no longer represented as integers with comma separations, but as a string (PRB0041414).
  • FIX - If a scheduled compliance service cannot access the Snow License Manager database, such as when daily maintenance is running, a timeout error is no longer raised. The compliance service now waits instead for the database to become available (PRB0042007).
  • FIX - If user data is set to be anonymized, username and computer information shown when the down arrow to the left of the application name in the Applications tab is selected, is now also anonymized (PRB0042041).
  • FIX - When creating custom compare values, the name field is now limited to 20 characters. The error message, An error occurred on the page!, no longer arises due to the stricter input validation (PRB0042008). 
  • FIX - E-mail notifications for agreements, for example, are now only sent out once when the notification criteria are met (PRB0041779).
  • FIX - Archiving computers now works correctly irrespective of interface language selected (PRB0042029).
  • FIX - Listing all mobile devices and exporting the result now includes all list columns in the target file (PRB0040662).
  • FIX - Performance issues arising when adding or modifying whitelist criteria have been addressed to reduce the time it takes to apply the changes. This issue typically affects environments with many whitelists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041962).
  • FIX - Adding or deleting blacklist items no longer causes the browser to hang in environments with many blacklists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041960).
  • FIX - Language selection for the web user interface no longer switches to English when using Windows authentication (PRB0041453).
  • FIX - Importing Site licenses now covers all instances of the application in the site and not just a single instance (PRB0041948). 
  • FIX - Invoice reference numbers are no longer represented as integers with comma separations, but as a string (PRB0041414).
  • FIX - If a scheduled compliance service cannot access the Snow License Manager database, such as when daily maintenance is running, a timeout error is no longer raised. The compliance service now waits instead for the database to become available (PRB0042007).
  • FIX - If user data is set to be anonymized, username and computer information shown when the down arrow to the left of the application name in the Applications tab is selected, is now also anonymized (PRB0042041).
  • FIX - When creating custom compare values, the name field is now limited to 20 characters. The error message, An error occurred on the page!, no longer arises due to the stricter input validation (PRB0042008). 
  • FIX - E-mail notifications for agreements, for example, are now only sent out once when the notification criteria are met (PRB0041779).
  • FIX - Archiving computers now works correctly irrespective of interface language selected (PRB0042029).
  • FIX - Listing all mobile devices and exporting the result now includes all list columns in the target file (PRB0040662).
  • FIX - Performance issues arising when adding or modifying whitelist criteria have been addressed to reduce the time it takes to apply the changes. This issue typically affects environments with many whitelists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041962).

8.3.4 update #383 (2018-10-10)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect transfer of user cloud application data gathered from browser extensions in partner platforms (PRB0041933).
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where large imports of data from the Microsoft Office 365 connector were not being processed and shown in the Microsoft Office 365 overview (PRB0041951).
  • FIX - User IP address logging for Windows authentication is now recorded in the Snow License Manager database entry tblsystemuserlogonhistory.IPAddress (PRB0041954).
  • FIX - The Office365 service is now able to handle duplicate data without crashing (PRB00419419).

8.3.3 update #375 (2018-08-22)

  • FIX - The risk posed by a security vulnerability found in an external library has been mitigated (PRB0041891)
  • FIX - Virtual machines reporting multiple IP addresses, via our Virtual Management Option connectors such as vSphere or Hyper-V, are now mapping correctly to inventoried computers (PRB0041846)

8.3.2 update #367 (2018-07-05)

  • NEW - Oracle orders visible directly:The Oracle orders tab has been moved up to the Oracle overview page. Functionally, this page hasn't changed, displaying a grid of all Oracle orders which can be filtered on column headers such as Order date and Organisation. The tab has been moved higher up in the information hierarchy to reduce the number of clicks needed to obtain Oracle order information. If no orders have been entered in the system, this tab will show a zero-order count.The Add Oracle order function is available in the header menu on the Orders tab, beside the Column selector function and the options menu, which provides export and refresh choices.
  • NEW - Security best practices: HTML headers have been updated to align with OWASP best practices, to protect against attacks such as clickjacking and MIME-sniffing.
  • NEW - Grid filtering added to search results: The list of hits resulting from a Search for computers or Search for applications can be filtered on column header to quickly refine the number of search hits. 
  • NEW - Role-based views for Oracle: What Oracle data is visible in Snow License Manager depends on the role of the user currently logged in and whether you have a license for the Oracle Management Option extension. It is now possible to configure and edit the object security and report access in Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC) to control access to Oracle data. It is possible to configure the visibility of the Enterprise menu and Oracle overview tab according to users' roles in Snow. Additional views and reports, such Oracle orders and databases are configurable for customers with the Oracle Management Option (OMO) extension.
  • NEW - First discovery of an application on a computer and when it was last seen: To better interpret when an application was first seen on a computer, Snow is developing a concept based on the date an application was discovered by our software recognition. This has proven a more reliable method than using the installation date provided by different operating systems.To support the discovered concept, the column First discovered, has been added to the views, Application details/Computers tab, and Computer details/Applications tab. The column Installed has been removed from Application details/Computers tab. The Firstdiscovered column has also been included in reports Blacklisted applications per computer and Blacklisted applications per user along with a new column heading Last discovered- which shows the date when the application was last recognized on a computer by software recognition.
  • FIX - The Database editions view under Oracle overview now loads all inventoried and discovered databases correctly for large organizations.
  • FIX - Sorting auto-connect rules in Snow Management and Configuration Center, now displays rules correctly in alphanumeric order. When deleting or editing a rule following sort, the correct rule is deleted/edited.
  • FIX - When adding a license for an application, the dropdown list of Stock-keeping units (SKUs) now only shows SKUs for licenses.
  • FIX - Cosmetic issues with custom reports have been resolved to ensure that columns do not expand beyond the limits of the browser window.
  • FIX - When changing the assignment type to User for licenses based on the metric Installations, the warning to delete the license no longer occurs. However, this action requires you to assign the license to a user. By clinking the link Assignment > following the text This assignment type requires you to assign users to the right of the assignment type dropdown, a new pane will appear enabling you to search for users.
  • FIX - The number of Underlicensed applications shown in the alert list on the default Snowboard now aligns correctly with the number shown in the Underlicensed applications report .
  • FIX - Adding compliance widgets to a Snowboard with other types of widget no longer causes a timeout in large environment.
  • FIX - The search hits resulting from a Search for computers and Search for applications with no additional search criteria and Organisation set to the root, now populates correctly, scrolling down through the search list no longer results in blank content.
  • FIX - It is now possible to Search for Computers and Search for applications on organizational nodes that are not checked as Legal organisation node in the Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC).
  • FIX - The communication timeout setting for the SQL server to import files and update existing computers with metadata for custom fields can now be configured in Snow License Manager - Web Configurator. The default value is set to 5 minutes.
  • FIX - The List all devices feature has been overhauled to ensure that the results grid is displayed correctly.
  • FIX - Multiple IPs detected by the Hyper-V SIM connector, which was causing incorrect mapping of VMs to the inventoried computers has been corrected to ensure that VMs and computers are now correctly matched.

8.3.1 update #363 (2018-06-07)

  • NEW - ORACLE FUNCTIONALITY CONSOLIDATION: All features and capabilities related to Oracle products have now been consolidated under the Oracle overview page accessible from the Enterprise menu item. Navigation to Oracle functionality has been moved, but the features and capabilities remain unchanged. Minor modifications have been made to the user interface to align the way Oracle data is presented with data presentation in the rest of the product. To facilitate visualization of options and management packs on database instances, information regarding Oracle instances is now presented in a separate tab on the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition view. Details can be viewed by selecting the instance.
  • NEW - SEARCH AND ARCHIVE: The Search for applications and Search for computers functions have been simplified to reduce the number of user clicks. As shown in Figure 1, the filtering on Organisation remains unchanged, but only a single default filter is now presented to the user,  enabling search results to be refined on user input application/computer name. Users can select additional filters by selecting the green plus sign to further refine search results, by, for example, selecting BIOS date and domain name (for computer searches) or license required and is bundle for applications. In addition to an improved search, computers can now be archived directly from the search results, by selecting them and choosing Archive computer from the menu. Computers archived in this way will no longer show in the search results.
  • NEW - REPORTS DIRECTLY IN OVERVIEW FOR OFFICE 365: A reports tab has been added to the Microsoft Office 365 overview, enabling users to access reports without having to switch to the Reports view.
  • FIX - The Show Applications hyperlink is again visible under the Financial info tab for computers with licensed applications installed for which costs have been added.
  • FIX - To calculate the license requirement for a SQL server instance deployed on a virtual server, the total number of resources – virtual processors and virtual cores – allocated to the virtual server needs to be determined. The data to calculate the total number of resources available is available under the Hardware tab for the virtual server. The result of multiplying the value for Number of Processors by the value shown for Cores per processor is consistent with the Virtual Processors Count total provided by the Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC)
  • FIX - SMTP user passwords are now hashed, so that and no longer presented in clear text in the Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC) .
  • FIX - When an application is set for re-harvesting, and is then removed from the Software store, it will no longer be listed for re-harvesting.
  • FIX - Object search results no longer truncates the number of hits to 1,000 records – all search results are now displayed.
  • FIX - The criteria Assignment Type is now supported in the All Licenses report .
  • FIX - The Alert list on the default Snowboard panel no longer causes time out or cannot load – all alerts are now shown, as expected.
  • FIX - When an application is installed on a single computer is removed, either through an uninstall or because the computer has been deleted, the license requirement and compliance values for the application are cleared correctly by running the compliance service .
  • FIX - It is now possible to view Computers or datacenters details when the compliance service is running – the timeout error “An error occurred on this page!” no longer occurs.
  • FIX - In Compliance Summary reports for applications licensed per installation, the value for initial equirement no longer differs from the value for initial requirement shown under the Compliance tab for the application.
  • FIX - Customers with a large number of custom fields and system users have been experiencing lengthy run times for system maintenance (Data Update Job) due to how these were being processed. In this release, processing has been optimized, and so these customers will experience a reduction in the time it takes for system maintenance to complete.

8.3 update #355 (2018-04-12)

  • NEW - The SaaS overview is a key new addition to the cloud functionality in Snow License Manager. Existing SaaS discovery and metering capabilities provide excellent insight into what SaaS applications are being used within the organization, who is using them, and how much. In this release, Snow License Manager can provide the vital other side of the SaaS picture: matching what's being used with purchases/subscription assignments and identifying cost.
    In this release, support is available for the following SaaS providers: Box, Cisco WebEx, DropBox, Google G Suite, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and ZenDesk. For each SaaS subscription purchased within the organization, the SaaS overview page shows the total number of user accounts and the percentage of accounts showing a login within the previous 30 days. The purpose: to provide a starting point for further investigation. SaaS overview enables the user to identify users that have been assigned with a subscription, if they are active, and how much subscriptions cost. Note: the SaaS connector for each SaaS provider needs to be setup and configured in Snow Integration Manager.
  • NEW - Oracle-related functionality continues to be developed under the Oracle overviewpage under the Enterprise menu, providing a consolidated view of all Oracle information. To ease the transition for users, Oracle functionality will continue to be available through existing menu items spread across the interface. This duplication will, however be removed in an upcoming release. Additional features in this release include: Oracle overview, Improved filtering, Order tab, Oracle database, Server tab 
  • NEW - As Office 365 subscriptions include several applications the relationship between a subscription and the applications it covers is one-to-many. To determine compliance, Office 365 applications need to be identified as covered by a subscription, which is based on users with an assigned subscription. Until now, the only way to determine coverage, was to manually assign each application as covered by a given subscription. In this release of Snow License Manager, applications are automatically marked as covered by the subscription, and compliance figures are correct. Note: users need to be linked for this feature to function correctly. 
  • NEW - Snow License Manager provides deep insight into how Office 365 subscriptions are being consumed, specifically highlighting where a plan is not being used. While identifying unused subscriptions and users that can be moved to cheaper plans is great from a cost-savings perspective, action still needs to be taken in the IT environment – often in another system and sometimes by a completely different user than the Snow License Manager user. To enable actions to be taken in Snow License Manager, customers running Snow Automation Platform will gain access to additional functions – Remove users from subscription and Add users to subscription – on the Microsoft Office 365 pages. Once Snow Automation Platform is configured to poll Snow License Manager it will carry remove and add users as instructed directly in the Office 365 portal. This capability improves security by enabling Snow Automation Platform with Office 365 credentials, removing the need to provide elevated privileges to additional users.
  • FIX - Database optimizations have enabled performance improvements in the scheduled compliance service with multiple CIDs. For new Snow License Manager installations, the default for running the compliance service is set to once daily 
  • FIX - Notifications are now triggered and sent to the configured e-mails depending on the notification settings for:
    • Category =: Computer; When = Update; and Criteria = Vendor
    • Category = License; When = Will Expire; and Criteria = Expires within number of days
    • Category = Agreement; When = Will Expire; and Criteria = Expires within number of days
  • FIX - It is now possible to configure when Notifications are sent, and notifications are sent once per pre-configured interval.
  • FIX - Step 17 of the Data Update Job – Computer software PVU metrics – no longer fails. In case of failure, the DUJ step is stopped, and an appropriate error message is logged.
  • FIX - Users can now delete and edit notifications under the Administration panel – update details, add criteria, and add group.
  • FIX - The list of "Will expire" agreements included in the notification e-mail, now only shows expired agreements within the time period pre-selected in the ''Expires within number of days'' .
  • FIX - A reporting issue, introduced in Snow License Manager 8.2.7, has been resolved, so that "Computers that are not inventoried" is now visible again.
  • System requirements: SMACC 2.0 is required as of Snow License Manager version 8.3 

8.2.7 update #354 (2018-03-07)

  • NEW - A new report – Microsoft Office 365 users who may be double licensed – has been added.
  • NEW - A new report – Microsoft Office 365 E3 or E4 to E1 optimization – has been added.
  • NEW - For Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, for which usage is not measured, N/A now appears in the Activity column on the main user activity view. 
  • NEW - A new capability – Inventory sources – has been added to the Enterprise and Service Provider Edition of Snow License Manager (SLM). 
  • NEW - Subscription plans tab in user details have been enhanced by: The addition of a new column – Active last – which displays the number of days (7, 30, 90, 180, 365, more than 365, or no activity) since the user last used a component of their subscription.
  • NEW - A new API endpoint for applications per user has been implemented to support export of data to TopDesk.
  • NEW - Oracle management option consolidation
  • FIX - The Top number of agreements per agreement type widget on the Agreements overview page shows the top 5 agreement types. If several agreement types have the same count (shown in parenthesis) then the first, by alphabetical order will be displayed.
  • FIX - When computers that are also devices are deleted or archived, the link between a device and computer will also be broken, and the user will be prompted to delete the device as well.
  • FIX - The list of Unassigned Inventoried Software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) is no longer be truncated, and now shows the complete list of unassigned inventoried software rows.
  • FIX - Roles can now be correctly edited in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) and user records are updated as expected.
  • FIX - When creating Custom fields under the Administration panel, the Name field is now restricted to 50 characters and the Description field to 128 characters. 
  • FIX - The search filter on the Search for applications page has been enhanced to support:%text – shows values that end with 'text', ext% – shows values that start with 'text', %text% – shows values that contain 'text', searching using 'like' and inputting 'text' without '%' will provide exact match for 'text'.

8.2.6 update #348 (2018-02-16)

  • FIX - Product use rights are now applied correctly when a license is added or edit by searching for it by SKU. In addition, support has added to correctly populate the cross platform and cross edition rights based on the SKU data. 
  • FIX - Inconsistent license data is no longer causing issues with Office 365 historical data. Processing is now carried our correctly by Office 365 service and data displays as expected.

8.2.5 update #347 (2018-02-06)

  • NEW - Assignment tracking enables users to enter meta-data to license assignments, including the date and a text comment where the user can enter a description why the license assignment has been added, changed, or removed. Visualization and management of tracking is available to sys admins under the Administration panel, where a new capability – License assignment tracking – has been added to show the license assignment meta-data and enable tracking to be activated/deactivated.
  • NEW - An existing Snow License Manager platform can now be updated to run on SQL Server 2017 (support to install Snow License Manager on SQL 2017 will be included in an upcoming release).
  • NEW - The Microsoft Office 365 user activities pane has been simplified to improve visualization of subscription-plan data, providing more granular information about utilization of the applications included. The information shown provides clear starting points for further investigation into potential license re-harvesting and subscription optimization.
  • NEW - An additional method for user linking for Microsoft Office 365 has been added to complement the existing AD user discovery and e-mail address imports. A new view, which shows suggestions for users that can be linked in the Office 365, has been introduced and is accessible via the information rail shown when less than 80% of users are linked.
  • FIX - Browsing applications under the Software tab in Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC) no longer throws an error and results shown are as expected.
  • FIX - When a new column Application Family is added to the application box under application definitions in Snow MACC, the correct name of the application family is now shown. 
  • FIX - Users can now input e-mail addresses longer than 20 characters in customer contact information tab in Snow MACC. These e-mail addresses are saved and displayed correctly. 
  • FIX - When trying to validate an unassigned inventory software row in Snow MACC now columns validated date and validated by are updated with correct value. 
  • FIX - Enabled setting User must change password at next login for new created account in Snow MACC will trigger the popup box at next login with message ‘’The user’s password must be changed before logging on the first page’’.
  • FIX - Error message now correctly describes the problem on import of an invalid MLS file in Snow MACC.
  • FIX - Editing a license no longer causes the pre-set maintenance and support dates for the license to be updated.
  • FIX - Custom fields created in the web interface with a mandatory value, can be assigned with new value, and now can be modified back to the original value. 
  • FIX - Administrative task "My Notifications" under the Administration panel now supports multiple email address entries where input data are separated by comma or semicolon.
  • FIX - The SKU recognition table has been expanded with the SKUs for several Microsoft Office -365 applications, including Exchange Standard, Visio Client, and Enterprise with CAL.
  • FIX - Snow License Manager API users can now navigate correctly to access the Computer tab.
  • FIX - The correct number of expiring or expired agreements is presented at Alert list widget on the Snow License Manager Snowboard. 
  • FIX - All Oracle database servers report now shows the correct value for the total number of cores.
  • FIX - Unassigned software rows on the Application tab in SMACC can now be hidden.
  • FIX - Devices (inventoried or not) with auto-connect rules are now assigned to the correct Organization node according to the hostname.
  • FIX - The message "Changed" is now shown in the Action log file when a custom field has been edited in Snow License Manager. 
  • FIX - Organization restrictions are applied as expected to sites (legal entities), so that it is no longer possible to assign licenses to other sites with same name strings. 
  • FIX - Stability improvement for Office365 connector 

8.2.4 update #342 (2017-12-14)

  • NEW - Additional information about the Microsoft Office 365 Connector has been added to the Microsoft Office 365 view (under the Cloud tab). To find out more about setting up the connector or linking user, select Learn more… under the appropriate alert.
  • NEW - To visualize Office 365 user activity, inventoried users in SLM need to be linked to their corresponding user profile extracted by the Microsoft Office 365 Connector. If the number of linked users is below 80%, an alert now shows on the Microsoft Office 365 view. This alert panel provides information about how linking can be achieved.
  • NEW - Snow License Manager now provides support in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, and Russian language versions. Support for these languages in reports will come in a later release.
  • NEW - The detail on the All Oracle orders report has been improved through the addition of new columnselector fields: CSI, License cost(currency), License type, Metric*, Period type, Product*, Product type, Quantity*, Support cost (currency), and Type (where * indicates default columns for the report). In the same report, calculation of the values shown in the columns for License cost (currency), Support cost (currency), and Total cost (currency) has been modified so that the cost per Oracle order row is displayed, and not the cost for the entire Oracle order.
  • NEW - A new column, Cost(currency), has been added to the Subscription plans tab of the user details page. The values displayed in this column show the current monthly cost for the subscription.
  • NEW -  The search for computers function has been refactored to improve performance
  • FIX - All computers report now shows the expected value in the Status column when Italian is the pre-selected language
  • FIX - Font issues arising when inputting data in the Description tab of an Agreement have been corrected. Users can input text that is longer than input window, data is saved correctly, displayed with the right font, and a scrollbar has been added for improved visibility.
  • FIX - Performance improvements have been made to the Datacenters and clusters view as well as Computer detail pages, reducing the time to load these pages and underlying tabs.
  • FIX - Office 365 users are now listed correctly on the view for each subscription plan.
  • FIX - The last data import timestamp, shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the Microsoft Office 365 view, shows the date and time of the most recent import from the Office 365 Connector. 
  • FIX - The compliance calculation error introduced in SLM 8.2.2 has now been fixed, the licensing service no longer stops due to a time error.

8.2.3 update #337 (2017-11-17)

  • FIX - Manual connection between Agreements and computers that users have added to the system will not be lost when the DUJ runs
  • FIX - The new licensing rules that Microsoft added for Windows Sever 2016 will no longer apply to processor metric when calculating the license requirements 

8.2.2 update #330 (2017-10-31)

  • NEW - new tab – Subscription plan – has been added to the User details view, which displays all Office 365 subscriptions assigned to the user.
  • NEW - The Compliance calculator can be configured to run in parallel batches, which requires additional memory allocation, but can significantly improve performance (see Compliance Calculation Engine for more information) (PRB0040132).
  • NEW - A new license type 'Limited Use Other' has been added to Oracle orders to enable the addition of licenses with non-standard conditions (applicable to Oracle Management Option customers).
  • NEW - Enhanced the Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) by:
    • Adding a new field ‘Datacenter name’, to show the datacenter a server resides in, where applicable, and is blank otherwise.
    • Enabling computer custom fields to be shown.
  • NEW - Enhanced compliance summary reports (standard and vendor specific) by:
    • Adding a new column ‘Total licenses’ as a default in the report, which displays the number of valid licenses (licenses purchased that are not incomplete nor expired).
    • Displaying the ‘Available licenses’ column by default.
    • Adding a new field ‘Active upgrade rights’, which shows the quantity of licenses with upgrade rights based on an active maintenance period. Shown in the Microsoft compliance summary report by default and as a column selector for all other compliance Summary reports.
  • NEW - The performance of the License tracking per computer and Unused applications per computer reports has been improved for environments with over 40,000 units.
  • NEW - A timestamp has been added to the Office 365 pages indicating the last time the Office 365 Connector updated the data.
  • NEW - Enhanced License assignment search for licenses using the Computer/DCC assignment type:
  • FIX - By default, search results are filtered on the use rights (such as upgrade, downgrade, cross edition, and cross platform) that have been added to the license. A new checkbox ignore use rights under More options enables the user to disable this behavior.
  • FIX - Using the new checkbox, running Show only machines requiring a license will result in a list of all machines that require a license, not just the specific version and edition of the license
  • FIX - Removing properties associated with an Object now works as expected – the incorrect error window no longer pops up (PRB0040188)
  • FIX - Making changes to several fields on the tabs within the edit license page no longer unchecks the Downgrade rights checkbox on the Purchase tab (PRB0040344, PRB0040290)
  • FIX - Microsoft designates unrenewed Office 365 subscriptions as valid for a grace period (typically 30 days), during which users can continue to access the services included in the subscription. Snow License Manager includes expired subscriptions in the quantities Available and Total shown on the Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions page. To show the number of unrenewed subscriptions for each plan, a new column, Expiring, has been added (PRB0040895)
  • FIX - Performance of the organization auto-allocation rules in the Data Update Job has been improved for environments with complex organization trees (PRB0040510).
  • FIX - Clicking the View Data link on the Most common computer manufacturers widget now navigates to the correct report (PRB0040282).
  • FIX - The compliance calculation of Licenses using a Custom Compare Value metric will now move any surplus licenses to the highest version applicable (PRB0040155).
  • FIX - Pressing ‘Enter’ twice on edit license no longer deletes the license, the interface now prompts the user to save the license (PRB0040068).
  • FIX - The field Processors has been renamed to Host processors and Processor cores to Total cores (PRB0040407).
  • FIX - The auto-connect rule According to used computer, now assigns users to the organizational unit of the last non-server (laptop/desktop) they logged onto. Users that have only signed on to servers will be assigned to the root node of the organization tree (PRB0040683).
  • FIX - The time it takes to load the User details page has been reduced across all environments – this improvement will be notable when viewing users with many related applications or licenses.
  • FIX - The Applications tab of the application family page no longer shows one row for the number of Installations and one for the number of Installations (VM), these values are now shown in a single row
  • FIX - The time it takes for the Stock-keeping unit (SKU) drop-down menu on the edit license page to load has been reduced significantly (PRB0040689).
  • FIX - Changes made to the metric of an application prior to license import and inventory, will persist after the Data Update Job is run (PRB0040679).
  • FIX - Missing mobile device data due to an incompatibility with Snow Inventory 5 has been rectified so that device information now displays correctly in Snow License Manager (PRB0040814, PRB0040677).
  • FIX - The Invoice reference field is no longer overridden when multi-editing computers (PRB0040470).
  • FIX - When multiple versions of an application are installed on a machine, and the setting "Allow simultaneous multiple versions" is enabled, the license requirement now correctly applies to the highest version installed and is deducted from any lower versions (PRB0040301).
  • FIX - The Compliance overview per organization report now correctly shows licenses based on upgrade rights when no installation of the top-level application exists in the estate (PRB0040376).
  • FIX - All computers with the CentOS or Debian operating system are now flagged as servers (PRB0040497).
  • FIX - Application of software-recognition rules now supports weekly processing of Snow Inventory data (PRB0040830).
  • FIX - The information displayed by the Computer types graph, the widget that can be added to a Snowboard, and the widget on the Computers overview page is now consistent (PRB0040704).
  • FIX - For environments with devices, the time to group device applications during the Data Update Job has been reduced (PRB0040835).
  • FIX - User logins to multiple computers for computers residing in different Snow Inventory sites are no longer consolidated to a single computer, they are now shown on the computer where the login occurred (PRB0040893).
  • FIX - The time to update users in the Data Update Job when deletion of quarantined user is enabled has been reduced. This improvement is more notable as the number of users being deleted rises (PRB0040890).
  • FIX - CIDC report now exports correctly (PRB0040906).
  • FIX - The Most Frequent Manufacturers widget on the Partner Overview page no longer times out (PRB0040897).
  • FIX - Computer details page now opens correctly when fields displayed on the page contain special characters (PRB0040797).
  • FIX - Active Directory user data now transfers from Snow Inventory 5 correctly (PRB0040695).
  • FIX - The AD group field on the Software Store tab now supports group identifiers with up to 64 characters (PRB0040915).
  • FIX - Minutes have been added to date/time fields in reports (PRB0040185).
  • FIX - Virtual Machines on the Virtual Machine tab of the Datacenters and Clusters details page now correctly displays the machine’s operating system and not that of the host (PRB0040873).
  • FIX - Saving an application with the Downgrade rights path setting specified no longer causes the Downgrade rights path to be reset to All (PRB0040217).
  • FIX - The violation of primary key error occurring in the Data Update Job due to processing of pre-recognized software from Snow Inventory no longer occurs (PRB0040998).
  • FIX - Users with multiple Office 365 accounts with the same Full name no longer cause the Office 365 service to crash (PRB0041050).
  • FIX - Agreements with a valid agreement period are no longer showing as expired when a previous (older) agreement period has been added after the valid period (PRB0041021).

8.2.1 update #329 (2017-10-03)

  • NEW - Used applications breakdown (count) widget on pages Application Overview and License Overview, as well as the Used applications breakdown report are no longer empty; they now hold the available application usage information

8.2 update #322 (2017-09-27)

  • NEW - Cloud server discovery provides overview and detailed information on the cloud servers running in an IaaS estate that have not been inventoried
  • NEW - IaaS application discovery provides an overview and details of the applications installed on cloud server
  • NEW - Private versus public Cloud comparison provides overview and detailed information on the use of virtual servers and applications in the on-premise environment compared with the servers and applications in the cloud environmen
  • NEW - SaaS usage provides insight into what SaaS-based applications are in use from the corporate network - what computers they are being used on, and by which users
  • NEW - SaaS metering provides insight into the first and most recent use of a cloud application for each user, as well as the total number of days an application has been in use
  • NEW - Requirement calculation now takes the minimum cores per processor rule as well as the minimum cores per server rule 
  • NEW - Windows Server Standard VM use rights calculation has been changed to match the new "two virtual machines per fully licensed host" rule
  • NEW - DCC assignment has been disabled for Windows Server Standard 2016 due to the VM use rights rule change. License assignments to hosts is still available
  • FIX - Create or edit Custom field now supports Multi select option to be selected and saved (PRB0040706)
  • FIX - Existing application search page is refactored - 1000 rows limitation is removed, performance and security are improved  
  • FIX - Data information fetched by SIM connector for O365 are processed and shown in SLM, errors are not created anymore when Office365Service is running (PRB0040883)

8.1.2 Hotfix Update #320 (2017-08-15)

  • FIX - It is no longer mandatory to enter a support and maintenance cost for a license period (PRB0040889).
  • FIX - Importing users to the Office 365 service no longer causes the service to stop running (PRB0040884).


8.1.2 Update #316 (2017-08-02)

  • NEW - Improvement scalability with Automation Platform
  • NEW - The SLM about page will only show the SQL database instance name if the user has the administrator role
  • FIX - Application metadata import no longer fails if the application name contains characters not supported by XML 
  • FIX - Power state now has correct value under Physical and virtual servers per datacenter report for the virtual machines where we have the Power state 
  • FIX - Computers with duplicate rows in SnowInventory database will be correctly removed after deletion in Snow License Manager
  • FIX - Downloaded Update existing computers import template from Snow License Manager is no longer corrupted, can now be updated and imported in Snow License Manager 
  • FIX - Error no longer occurs when running Refresh Alerts Procedure
  • FIX - Add License now supports a decimal value for SupportCost field for pre-selected German language in Snow License Manager
  • FIX - Error no longer occurs when trying to validate an unassigned inventory software row in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) 
  • FIX - Error no longer occurs when a user wants to hide selected unassigned rows on application definition tab in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) 
  • FIX - Customer contact email now supports more than 120 characters 
  • FIX - The Application Family Name column in the Applications box under Application definitions in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) is now correctly populated
  • FIX - Enhance the error message when adding the custom field that has the same name and category as an existing custom field
  • FIX - Add/delete notification, delete custom field and add/remove application from Black list and White list now correctly logs an entry in the Action log

8.1.1 update #312 (2017-06-15)

  • NEW - Compliance reports are now generated with deeper granularity of information, including how licenses have been allocated and used, what Product Use Rights (PURs) apply, and how the compliance value has been achieved:
    A. Standard reports (License compliance summary, License compliance per organization, Potential software cost savings)                
    B. Microsoft (Potential software cost savings, Compliance summary, Compliance summary by application family)
    C. Adobe (Potential software cost savings, Compliance Summary, Compliance summary by application family)
    D. IBM (Compliance summary)                                          
    E. Red Hat (Red Hat Compliance Summary)
  • NEW - A new Office 365 Snowboard widget Microsoft Office 365 user subscriptions activity of type Summaries is available to show a detailed breakdown of Office 365 subscriptions. The widget shows how many active compared to inactive users. Users are inactive if they have no activity, no recent activity, or no recent application activity. This view can be filtered by subscription plan by using the field "Filter by Subscription plan".
  • NEW - On the Office 365 user tab with an activity filter selected, only the columns relevant to the selected filter are now shown.
  • NEW - Alerts are now created for applications that are nearing End of Life, End of Support, or End of Extended support data. These alerts are displayed in the alert list on the default Snowboard, as well as on relevant overview pages.
  • NEW - A new column is available for the All applications report to highlight applications that are nearing End of Life, End of Support, or End of Extended support data.
  • FIX - For a given server, the number of Oracle database instances listed under the Oracle tab now matches the number of databases listed in the All Oracle Databases per server report 
  • FIX - The Application per computer report now shows the expected results when the user selects Application Type as a search criteria 
  • FIX - Error no longer occurs when moving an organization node, following the saving of a report with multiple organizations that includes organizational restrictions 
  • FIX - Compliance no longer fails due to timeout errors for SQL commands 
  • FIX - Generating CIDC reports now supports Snow Inventory 5 data structure 
  • FIX - The All computers report is now correctly populated when Purchase date, has no value is selected as a search criteria
  • FIX - Alerts list now manages expired agreements, as expected, showing only agreements with an expired period (no longer shows agreements that are active) 
  • FIX - Performance improvement to DUJ step CORE_FACTORS_COMPUTERS_UPDATE 
    Note: This improvement will log the CID value as NULL for DUJ procedure step CORE_FACTORS_COMPUTERS_UPDATE in tblJobLog which is expected behavior
  • FIX - Issues related to memory leaks and releasing of memory following compliance calculations for customers with large organizational structures have been fixed 
  • FIX - Editing sub-agreements of a master agreement now redirects to the correct reference link for the sub-agreement 
  • KNOWN ISSUE - Upgrade from SLM 8.1 to SLM 8.1.1 will trigger an application error in SLM Web Error log, however this doesn’t affect the Web application functionality. An automatic workaround will force IIS to restart the Web application
  • KNOWN ISSUE - Custom compare value metric using a custom field for compliance results in incorrect compliance calculation. The suggested workaround is to assign more than one custom field.

8.1 update #310 (2017-05-16)

  • NEW - Office 365 Subscription management
    • Subscription-plan trackingSubscription-plan tracking
    • Track utilization of existing subscription plans
    • Track subscription-plan changes overtime
  • NEW - Usage reporting on subscription-plan level. Usage reports that enable Snow customers to determine whether their subscription plan levels are optimized to match their business needs
  • NEW - Cost Management. Trend data reports showing investment cost over time, supporting good cost management and accurate forecasting
  • NEW - Single pane of glass. Visibility and management capabilities for Office 365 
  • NEW - New Snowboard widget. To simplify the reporting provided in this release, Snow License Manager includes a new graphical interface widget.

8.0.11 update #308 (2017-04-20)

  • NEW - The SLM database has been enhanced to provide support for new features that will be available in future releases of Snow License Manager. Specifically, the enhancement will make End of Life/End of Support/End of Extended support data available in SLM8
  • NEW - The standard report ’’Discovered Oracle database installations ’’ now shows inventoried computers on which an Oracle database may be installed that are not managed by the Oracle Management Option (OMO)
  • FIX - Devices tab now shows all devices irrespective of the license metric – devices or users – for TSapplications
  • FIX - A group or bundle will now be flagged as virtual, if any or all of its components have the VT-prefix
  • FIX - All available metering information for all applications is now transferred to SLM
    Note: Inventory 5.1.4 is required for this solution to be applicable
  • FIX - The Microsoft SQL-Server hardware comparison report (depending on metric used) now shows licensed applications with the correct values for upgrade rights/downgrade rights and processors/processor-core metrics 
  • FIX - Navigating to the application family from the application view, no longer times-out for customers with large organizational structures 
  • FIX - Oracle data is now processed and presented correctly in Snow License Manager when multiple data sources are connected with the same CID 
  • FIX - SRS rules containing brackets can be used in both normal and Operating System (OS) software rows
  • FIX - VM count in datacenter view is now correct – duplicates are no longer being counted for hosts and VMs that have different organization settings, and for hosts and VMs connected to different organizational nodes
  • FIX - Computer import is now successful for SLM databases (SnowLicenseManager or Inventory DB) with a different collation to the SQL server 
  • FIX - Processing information for users logged in to several computers that belong to different sites no longer results in duplicate user entries in SLM

8.0.10 update #296 (2017-04-06)

  • NEW - The SLM Web API has been enhanced to support new features in upcoming releases of Snow License Manager. New tables have been added to the SnowLicenseManager database as part of the groundwork for new features.
  • FIX - Performance enhancements have been added to the step in the DUJ which calculates the number of concurrent users for software licensed based on this metric
  • FIX - Performance enhancements have been added to the step in the DUJ which refreshes alert messages.The time to complete this step in the DUJ was primarily affecting partner environments with multiple customers and System Users
  • FIX - The DUJ core factor for Opteron processors is now calculated correctly, even with limited inventory data 
  • FIX - The core factor calculation for all physical computers has been improved so that core factors should now show up on the Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) report 
  • FIX - Import file and updating existing computers with metadata for custom fields no longer fails with timeout to SQL server 

8.0.09 update #291 (2017-01-23)

  • NEW - Running compliance service should not raise timeout errors
  • NEW - Missing headers in scheduled custom report export files are now visible
  • NEW - The data update job no longer throws an error when user deletion settings in Quarantine Managementare active 
  • NEW - Default connection to the SLM database in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) is now editable in SMaCC 
  • NEW - Metering information for all applications is now transferred over to SLM, when metering view in Inventory 3 and Inventory 5 can provide this information
  • NEW - Manual resetting of computers/users that are assigned to non-existent organization checksums following an edit on the organization node is no longer required

8.0.08 update #279 (2016-12-12)

  • NEW - Additional User properties available in the Computers Web API: Added MostFrequentUserId property to help identify a user’s primary devices
  • FIX - When assigning a user to an organizational unit, the user’s most recent login should always take precedence. This is now the case, even if users log on to a device that is outside of their own domain,in another organization or business unit, for example
  • FIX - System users can no longer view archived computers without the correct organization access
  • FIX - Right-clicking unassigned software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) and selecting hide no longer raises the “specified cast is not valid” error and now hides the selected row
  • FIX - When the license metric for an application is set to be concurrent users/devices, this setting needs to be manually input in SLM, otherwise the data update job (DUJ) fails. The manual setting is no longer required
  • FIX - The new installations alert for all computers across the entire organization no longer fires for users with limited organizational access
  • FIX - Unassigned software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) are no longer empty; they now hold the available information 
  • FIX - Importing computer metadata from .csv files no longer fails if the organizational unit the computer is assigned to doesn’t exist prior to the import

8.0.07 update #278 (2016-11-15)

  • NEW - Additional customer properties available in the WEB API: ComputerAbstract contract (Added OrgChecksum property, Added HypervisorName property); Computer contract (Added OrgChecksum property)
  • NEW - Additional user properties available in the WEB API: UserAbstract contract (Added OrgChecksum property); Users (Added OrgChecksum property)
  • NEW - Additional application properties available in the WEB API: ApplicationAbstract contract(Added ManufacturerId property, Added FamilyId property, Added FamilyName property); Applications contract ( Added ManufacturerId property, Added Allocation (compliance per organization) property; ApplicationUsage contract (Added ApplicationFamilyId property, Added ApplicationFamilyName property)
  • NEW - Additional virtual machine properties available in the Web API: VirtualMachineAbstract contract (Added VirtualMachineId property, Added PowerState property)

8.0.06 update #244 (2016-11-08)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Oracle Processor Core factor was not assigned to inventoried machines with missing CPU data
  • FIX - Performance improvement when updating computer’s custom field via web import
  • FIX - Fixed an issue for data discrepancies in License Entitlement report
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where custom reports criterias were caching incorrectly in an Internet Explorer browser
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where alert for Blacklisted applications was displayed in the Snow Board even though the Blacklisted applications were removed from computers
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Object import fails if Username field is mapped
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where imported Organization structure from ActiveDirectory in Snow Management and Configuration Center was incorrect or incomplete
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where imported agreements in Snow Management and Configuration Center were not linked to master agreement
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where computer details for archived computers from an older version of Snow License Manager could not be viewed in Archived computers report
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where compliance service failed due to timeout to an SQL database
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where computers moved to another Company node were not calculated and displayed correctly in the ‘Inventoried computers per month’ widget
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where compliance calculation failed for a license assigned to a subnode which is not legal while the main node is legal
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where compliance calculation failed for some license purchases with supported VM user rights
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Datacenter/computer details page failed when one application name was returned twice, due to two different blacklisted application criteria
  • FIX - Fixed the default value for setting "DCC_AUTODISCONNECT_DAYS", it is set to ‘365’

8.0.05 update #240 (2016-09-27)

  • NEW - Enhancement of user licenses. Licenses with assignment type "Users" (i.e. named user metric) now allows purchase quantity to be set.
  • NEW - Support for Inventory 5. Snow License Manager Data Update Job now supports integration with the Inventory 5 server
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Snow Management and Configuration Center in some cases could not be started after upgrading to the previous version. Snow Management and Configuration Center will now always be installed according to system variable %PROGRAM FILES%.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where ESX hosts were not picked by the quarantine management after the hosts had been removed from cluster and no longer reported in.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where ''Unassigned Inventoried Software'' rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center were not displayed correctly.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the drop in license count was not reflected following a license upgrade import

8.0.04 update #236 (2016-09-07)

  • NEW - Audit login in Snow management and Configuration center. The audit log keeps track of events related to Snow License Manager user accounts. The information can be exported to provide Security teams with information about changes on the privilege level of Snow License Manager system user accounts. 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with the “Application Manufacturer” search criteria in system reports, when used and empty result-set was displayed
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the License import incorrectly flagged licenses as incomplete although having mapped maintenance including upgrade rights but no maintenance date was set
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where import of licenses failed when having 'Subscription valid from' column was set, but 'Purchase date' column was left empty
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where users with correct access rights could not see the 'Not inventoried computers in Active Directory' alerts
  • FIX - Fixed an issue when configuring Snow License Manager website to use Windows Authentication causes a login window to be displayed when the session times out
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where license downgrade rights were disabled when Licenses were imported based on SKU number
  • FIX - Removed the result limitation when searching for computers
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where a discrepancy could occur in the total amount of computers shown between “List all computers” view and the “All computers” report
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where adding licenses based on SKU sometimes failed with an error
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the GUI where the alert list was rendered too close to the Applications, Computers and Users overview
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where custom fields were not populated correctly during an Agreement Import containing custom data
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the compliance calculation was incorrect, when licenses have been removed for applications no longer installed on any computer
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Application blacklisted/whitelisted result tab crashed the browser for a broad search criteria

8.0.03 update #232 (2016-08-10)

  • NEW - Information regarding the platform’s license key status is now displayed on the “About” page
  • NEW - New setting "MOSTFREQUENTUSER_USELOGINPERIOD" added. When active the mostfrequent users will be calculated on last logon dates within the login history period, with a fallback on historical data if there are no dates within the timeframe for a specific user
  • NEW - Unused menu items on the administration overview in service provider edition platforms have been removed
  • NEW - Upgraded and improved the implementation of the anti-cross site scripting library
  • NEW - Improved encoding of list parameters in all pages
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability where certain JavaScripts were vulnerable to manipulation
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability in the Computer import where users could potentially insert incorrect data into the system
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability in the system user lock out mechanism for Snow License Manager User interface
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where virtual machines in a vCenter disaster recovery situation were not displayed on both physical hosts in the datacenters
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where organization restrictions were not applied correctly when searching for and listing all licenses
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where a system user could see some alerts and their corresponding reports without the correct access rights
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where organization restrictions were not applied for some Snowboard widgets
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where adding an application family in Snow Management and Configuration center threw an error
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with incorrect calculations for cost in the computer overview when using a currency other than the base currency
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the email field in the users information tab under user details were not clickable
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the data update job where some TS- applications were incorrectly removed regardless of usage when ‘suppress local copy’ settings were enabled
  • FIX - Fixed an issue that occurred when adding an application blacklist criteria when no other criteria already existed
  • FIX - Fixed a number of role access controls to enable or disable more pages and functions within the Snow License Manager User interface
  • FIX - Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred when upgrading from version 7 of Snow License Manger due to duplicates in the system user alerts table
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the compliance engine failed with an error after upgrading from version 5.1 of Snow License Manager

8.0.02 update #227 (2016-07-13)

  • NEW - Performance improvements for the Application and Datacenter and Cluster detail pages
  • NEW - Templates for all imports are now available on the Import page in the web user interface
  • NEW - Web User Guide is now available in German, Spanish and French
  • NEW - Added the possibility to update Software Store settings for applications via import of application metadata
  • NEW - Enhanced compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability that could make the web interface unresponsive if used by a malicious user
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability in the file manager where under specific circumstances it was possible to download unintended files
  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability in Object, Agreements and Licenses import (Organization Separator) where users could potentially insert incorrect data into the system
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the “Installed” date column was missing in the Computer tab under Application details page
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with the login timeout handling which caused a pop-up to appear when a timeout occurred
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the "Last Logged On user" criteria in the reports “All devices”, “All mobile devices”, “Substandard computers” and “All computers” did not return all data
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where summations in the License compliance summary report were missing when exporting to “xls” and “xlsx” file formats
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the License compliance summary report did not consider the organizational restrictions
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where search for computers in the Computer Assignment tab under the edit license page did not return virtual machines without hosts
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the "Devices" tab on the application details page was not displayed in some scenarios
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where clicking in the alert list for blacklisted applications for mobile devices returned a "page not found" error

8.0.01 update #225 (2016-06-13)

  • NEW - Details for inventoried and non-inventoried virtual machines are now displayed in the information box on the Datacenter detail page (F7225)
  • NEW - Improvements and corrections in the layout and display of Snow License Manager web interface for Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 and Edge (F7222) 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances the compliance service is queued and stuck when triggered from the web UI (D7282)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue when having a surplus of licenses that are transferred via upgrade rights to an application with a higher version, and the application has no consumers (no installations or users) and the license has assignment type organization with upgrade rights and auto allocation on, then the transfer toggle in the application details did not show the surplus transfer (D7190)
  • FIX - Corrections for displayed compliance percentage and risk in the Application family page (D7281, D7267)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue when migrating certain site licenses from Snow License Manager 7 to 8
  • FIX - Improved the way long organization nodes are displayed in the Search field (D7210)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in compliance for users when using the “all computer” and “all primary” user settings (D7266)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the web API was not accessible by default (D7227)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the reports “All Licenses” and “Red Hat Subscriptions” were missing the content for the non-default column “reason for invalid assignments” when exported or scheduled (D7166, D7049)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the report “Computers per operating system” was showing the column "Status" as 0 or 1 instead of Active or Quarantined (D7218)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where certain columns was duplicated in the “All applications” and “All agreements” reports (D7048)

8.0 NEW VERSION (2016-05-16)

7.0.24 update #6163 (2016-11-16)

  • NEW - Additional customer properties available in the WEB API: ComputerAbstract contract (Added OrgChecksum property, Added HypervisorName property); Computer contract (Added OrgChecksum property)
  • NEW - Additional user properties available in the WEB API: UserAbstract contract (Added OrgChecksum property); Users (Added OrgChecksum property)
  • NEW - Additional application properties available in the WEB API: ApplicationAbstract contract(Added ManufacturerId property, Added FamilyId property, Added FamilyName property); Applications contract ( Added ManufacturerId property, Added Allocation (compliance per organization) property; ApplicationUsage contract (Added ApplicationFamilyId property, Added ApplicationFamilyName property)
  • NEW - Additional virtual machine properties available in the Web API: VirtualMachineAbstract contract (Added VirtualMachineId property, Added PowerState property)
  • FIX - Fixed the default value for setting "DCC_AUTODISCONNECT_DAYS", it is set to ‘365’

7.0.23 update #242 (2016-10-06)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where ESX hosts were not picked by the quarantine management after the hosts
    had been removed from cluster and no longer reported in.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the automatic import using the web configurator failed
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the API login functionality where a user that is no longer valid gets exception
    when trying to login
  • FIX - Performance improvement for Data Update Job step

7.0.22 update #238 (2016-09-07)

  • FIX - Fixed a security vulnerability in the API login functionality where a user could get access to specific system user information
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where virtual machines in a data center running Windows operating systems on physical ESXi hosts were not covered by Windows licenses, when other licenses covering the ESXi hosts existed in the same data center

7.0.21 update #234 (2016-08-10)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where virtual machines in a vCenter disaster recovery situation were not displayed on both physical hosts in the datacenter
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where adding an application family in Snow Management and Configuration center threw an error
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the data update job where some TS-applications were incorrectly removed regardless of usage when ‘suppress local copy’ settings were enabled
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the validation when importing upgrades for processors and processor core licenses

7.0.20 update #229 (2016-07-13)

  • NEW - Performance improvement for the License Compliance Summary report
  • NEW - Enhanced compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where adding notifications for computers returned an error if the computers total disk size exceeded the size of an integer parameter
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the "Last Logged On user" criteria in the reports “All devices”, “All mobile devices”, “Substandard computers” and “All computers” did not return all data
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Last discovered date for an computer applications were incorrectly updated even if the computer had not reported in
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where in certain scenarios not all users were included in the “All users that have accessed a VDI” report

7.0.19 update #223 (2016-06-13)

  • NEW - Several performance enhancements when querying Web API for data from the ServiceNow connector (D7328) 
  • NEW - New setting “MOSTFREQUENTUSER_USELOGINPERIOD” added. When active the most-frequent users will be calculated on last logon dates within the login history period, with a fallback on historical data if there are no dates within the timeframe for a specific user (F7249) 
  • FIX - Added a missing index in the Device applications group update job step (D7287)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where custom regkeys older than 7 days were not transferred from Inventory database to Snow License Manager database (D7180)
  • FIX - Fixed a security issue Web API where authentication was being cached (D7115)
  • FIX - Replaced two DBCC commands that are run on server level instead of database level (D7045)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with the “Last logged on user” criteria in the “All devices” report (D7033)
  • FIX - Fixed a text issue for provisioning type in the “Application in software store” report (D6974)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with sorting on custom fields in the “All agreements” list view (D6845)
  • FIX - Fixed a timeout issue when importing meta data for computers or users (D6828)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with discrepancies in the “License compliance per organization” report (D6735)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where all dates received US formatting when exporting to CSV file format (D6564, D5854)

7.0.18 update #219 (2016-04-27)

  • NEW - New alert for Oracle Management Option on the number of allowed Oracle database instances
  • NEW - New column (Status) added to the SQL Server hardware comparison report to be able to apply filters on active, inactive and quarantined servers
  • FIX - Yellow row color for not installed applications are now displayed even if black/white list management is enabled (D7008)
  • FIX - Available applications for manual downgrade paths now considers edition index as well as the version index (D7007)
  • FIX - Fixed a performance issue with the device application groups update job step that was an issue in some service provider platforms (D6825)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where users were not allowed to enable cross edition rights on upgraded licenses (6701)
  • FIX - Fixed a discrepancy in license requirement for applications based on total devices if the servers are inactive (D6644)
  • FIX - Red Hat Linux Server is now correctly identified as 64-bit operating system (6577)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the License entitlement summary report did not show a correct entitlement value when license subscriptions had expired (6560)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where duplicate virtual machines were shown in datacenter virtual machines list when the virtual machines had the same computer name but were in different datacenters. For example in a vCenter disaster recovery setup. (D6548)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where documents could incorrectly be deleted when deleting users (6532)
  • FIX - Increased timeout for the custom report preview in Snow management and configuration center (6155)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where users could be displayed multiple times on the application details view when having usage both inside and outside of the metering period (6128)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the CIDC report where not all instances of SQL server were reported in some specific scenarios (D5562)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where bundles were not applied if only one “registry” application is reported and marked as mandatory (D3425)

7.0.17 critical update #218 (2016-03-03)

  • FIX - Adresses an issue where virtual applications based only on usage metering were incorrectly flagged as not installed. (6460)

7.0.17 update #214 (2016-02-17)

  • NEW - Improved performance in data update job for Active Directory update step
  • NEW - Improved performance when importing user metadata with custom fields
  • FIX - Activation of Software Store is now a customer setting that can be configured in Snow Management and Configuration Center (D6302)
  • FIX - Software rows based solely on usage are now flagged as not installed, and will be displayed with a yellow background on the Computer details page (D6301)
  • FIX - Installation count is now correct for “Top applications” chart on Application manufacturers page (D6263)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue where users were required to change password when editing users in Snow Management and Configuration Center (D6111)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue in SAP import for files with no rule-set results (D6083)
  • FIX - Errors are now shown in GUI during the SAP import when the import file has unexpected number of fields (D5823)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue with system user organization rights that occurred when importing new licenses with new organization action “Create” enabled (D5498)
  • FIX - The alert “Invalid extended coverage for datacenters” now shows the correct number of invalid coverage (D5283)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue where computer sibling information was reset when updating computer metadata during computer import (D5236)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue where vendor repository overwrote locally saved information when editing agreements (D5146)
  • FIX - Resolved an issue with “Virtual machine host history” report, where virtual machines were listed even if the host machine was not changed (D4701)
  • FIX - A warning is now displayed when removing users that has attached documents (D4658)
  • FIX - Notifications for expiring customer licenses in Service Provider environments are now shown correctly (D4471)
  • FIX - Oracle Database Express Edition and Standard Edition Two are now recognized correctly (D6085)*

* Requires Snow inventory Data Processor (IDP), version 4.6.06 (released February 19)

7.0.16 critical update #213 (2015-12-22)

  • FIX - Adresses an issue with empty logical disk names when loading the computer details page. (D6061)
  • FIX - Adresses an issue with the document downloads management in Snow License Manager that could potentially allow a user to download documents for which the user isn’t authorized. (D6063)

7.0.16 update #210 (2015-12-17)

  • NEW - New Red Hat reports are now available under the Red Hat report category
  • NEW - New UI language - Italian
  • NEW - Several security enhancements
  • NEW - Improved and more secure password management
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where invalid SCCM metering data was not removed in the Data Update job (D5895)
  • FIX - CIDC report now has consistent date format that follows the Microsoft Workspace standard for English (D5788)
  • FIX - “Last logged on user” is now shown correctly in the “Computers missing specified application” report (D5630)
  • FIX - Fixed two issues with archiving computers and displaying earlier archived computers (D5522 & D5598)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Computer details did not load correctly due to incorrect XML in the incoming inventory file (D5426)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where import of upgrade licenses did not work correctly (D4876)
  • FIX - Calculation of software assurance and downgrade for named user licenses now works correctly (D4771, D4817 & D3485)
  • FIX - License list now displays + symbols correctly (D4710)
  • FIX - Increased performance for ”License entitlement per organization” report when having a large organization structure (D4024)

7.0.15 update #206 (2015-11-04)

  • NEW - Scheduling of custom compare values import are now available in the Web Configurator tool (D5336)
  • NEW - New setting is available in Snow Management and Configuration center to enable or disable the password reset functionality (D5259)
  • NEW - Enhanced default website http cookie configuration (D5262)
  • FIX -  No errors will occur when accessing user details in API. This previously happened for some users (D5456)
  • FIX -  Various translation corrections (D5399)
  • FIX -  Concurrent user compliance calculation is now correct when the same user has used a particular application from different devices during the same hour (D5286)
  • FIX -  Increased performance when exporting the CIDC report (D5285)
  • FIX -  Date formats in the CIDC report are now consistent (D5269)
  • FIX -  Values are now shown correctly for the status field in the report “Computer Inventory status” (D5215)
  • FIX -  Number of cores are now shown correctly in the report “Applications installed on virtual machines in a datacenter” (D5168)
  • FIX -  Users are now able to edit a scheduled report when username contains an apostrophe (D5160)
  • FIX -  Fixed an issue where users were not able to save the “Application cost per installation” field when multi-editing applications (D5027)
  • FIX -  No errors will occur when importing a SAP data set that has already been imported (D4985)
  • FIX -  Total available licenses are now correctly shown in application details and “License compliance summary” report when having several named user licenses with and without valid assignments (D4834)
  • FIX -  No unwanted line breaks occur when adding a description in detail views which is longer than 255 characters (D4830, D4495 & D3297)
  • FIX -  No duplicates are shown in the alert or the report for “Computers in Active directory that have not been inventoried”
  • FIX -  Applications without a last used date are now included when exporting the report “Application per computer” (D4521)
  • FIX -  Users are now able to edit the product description field when copying licenses (D4340)
  • FIX -  Fixed an issue where users were able to print selection without anything selected (D2924)
  • FIX -  No errors will occur when using an incorrect email address in Support and Feedback help sections (D2869)

7.0.14 (FR3) update #200 (2015-10-20)

  • NEW - Software recognition for mobile apps
  • NEW - Compliance for mobile apps
  • NEW - Cost management for mobile devices and mobile apps
  • NEW - Blacklist and whitelist management for mobile apps
  • NEW - Lifecycle management for mobile devices           
  • NEW - Mobile device reporting
  • NEW - Contract management for mobile devices
  • NEW - Automated re-harvesting process
  • NEW - Subscription functionality

7.0.13 update #197 (2015-09-16)

  • FIX -  Improved performance when importing metadata with custom fields (D4917)
  • FIX -  SUSE Linux is now correctly recognized as a server operating system (D4850)
  • FIX -  Now, overridden application bundles do not show up in entitlement reports (D4842)
  • FIX -  Fields mappings are now saved correctly in the web configurator (D4836)
  • FIX -  Increased performance when updating PVU metrics in the Data Update Job (D4773)
  • FIX -  Now the physical socket capacity text field doesn’t accept 0 value or an empty space as input when editing (D4752)
  • FIX -  Increased performance when viewing application details for an application with a large number of users (D4671& D4576)
  • FIX -  Concurrent users and devices compliance calculation now shows correct values when organization node has been removed (D4367)
  • FIX -  Application usage is now aggregated correctly so application statistics now show correct values (D3838)
  • FIX -  Name matching routine implemented to improve establishment of physical host/virtual machine relationship (D3406 & D3596)

7.0.12 update #195 (2015-08-12)

  • NEW - Populated sockets when using MCM Processors
  • NEW - Cross platform use right
  • NEW - License bundle components individually
  • FIX - Memory slots are now visible for all computer operating systems if available (4851)
  • FIX - No errors occur when saving computers when Purchase date is null (4711)
  • FIX - No errors occur in ‘CalculateTimeSpan’ procedure causing the Data update job to fail (4562)
  • FIX - License compliance is now correct when combining VMware vSphere and Microsoft Windows Datacenter licenses on the same Datacenter/Cluster (4545)
  • FIX - License requirement is now consistent when logging in with different system users that have different organization restrictions (4494)
  • FIX - The “&” symbol is now displayed correctly when used in Custom fields (4426)
  • FIX - All Applications list now considers organizational restrictions (4409)
  • FIX - Line breaks are correctly validated when used in Multi select option when adding Custom fields (4364)
  • FIX - License discrepancy is now shown for unassigned named user licenses (3751)
  • FIX - Available licenses are now correct when combining Named User licenses with licenses according to license form (3385)
  • FIX - License quantity column is now included when exporting from MLS import tool (3264)

7.0.11 (FR2) update #193 (2015-07-02)

  • NEW - SAP Overview
  • NEW - Advanced datacenter/server licensing
  • FIX - “Whitelist” and “Blacklist” columns are now available in the column selector on the All applications report (4567)
  • FIX - Minor text changes in the “Store” tab on Application edit page. “Active directory” is changed to “Deployment” and “Group name” to “Identifier (AD group)” (4560)•FIX - Report criteria “Email” now works correctly on the All users report (4517)
  • FIX - Solaris and Oracle Linux computers are now shown as servers (4507)
  • FIX - Software Products are now not being bundled when the applications have not been mapped (4492)
  • FIX - New columns “Covered by extended coverage” and “Named computer” added to the License compliance summary and License compliance per organization reports in order to view any license requirement discrepancies (4462)
  • FIX - Hidden applications are not shown in the results from the Applications per device report (4406)
  • FIX - During an MLS import, the Transaction Quantity value is now gathered from License Product Family first, if a number exists (4505)
  • FIX - When pressing “Enter” inside a form on the Computer edit page any changed values are not automatically reset (4401)
  • FIX - Report criteria ”Operating system” now works correctly on License compliance summary and License compliance per organization reports (4399) 
  • FIX - Custom column headers are now exported correctly to file when exporting reports (4145)
  • FIX - Correct amount of licenses is now shown on the License entitlement summary report when Software Assurance is activated (3887)
  • FIX - Imported product descriptions now shows on the “Purchase” tab on the License edit page (3720)                                      
  • FIX - Remarks are now shown for covered applications on the “Applications” tab on the Computer details page (3312)

7.0.10, update #190 (2015-05-12)

  • FIX - Auto allocate option was not available for license type “Based on total users” (4417)
  • FIX - Processor type column only allowed 50 characters (4378)
  • FIX - Wrong license requirement shown when several licensed applications from different families are assigned to the same Datacenter (4371)
  • FIX - Report “VMWare ESX server” only displayed ESXi servers (4319)
  • FIX - SQL database shrink executed even if “DB_SHRINK_ACTIVE” setting was set to false (4315)
  • FIX - Deleting/Archiving computer from the search result list view did not refresh the list view (4299)
  • FIX - Long execution time for the “Synchronizing uninstalled software” Data update job step (4287)
  • FIX - Errors exporting computers from the Application details viewed using French language (4281)
  • FIX - Application details data error occurred when trying to view details for an application (4276)
  • FIX - Users not available in print selection dialog (4185)
  • FIX - Error page displayed in some cases when importing in License Manager WEB GUI (4159)
  • FIX - GUI error when adding license with a long SKU-number (4132)
  • FIX - Extended coverage did not work with automatic downgrade from upgraded licenses (4107)
  • FIX - No summation of columns when exporting scheduled reports to PDF, XML, XLS(X) (4105) & (3803)
  • FIX - Issue when importing currency custom fields values (3973)
  • FIX - Validation missing on Purchase date during import (3952)
  • FIX - Alerts for licenses with upgrade maintenance period only lists one alert (3641)
  • FIX - Setting “PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DAYS” ignored (3568)
  • FIX - No reassignment of items attached to organization when removing organization (3466)
  • FIX - Application field “License cost” not removed when changing license form (3460)
  • FIX - “Show related documents” link on “All agreements” report gave no results (3445)
  • FIX - MLS import failed when using alias for organization units (3415)
  • FIX - Agreement alerts in a Service Provider editions shown for users without correct access (3386)
  • FIX - Status disabled for virtual machines when host computer is attached to a Datacenter (3316)
  • FIX - Importing licenses based on SKU did not set License type (3260)
  • FIX - Report “Computer types” displayed status incorrectly (3034)
  • FIX - Unable to save an incomplete license with automatic upgrade period missing (2865)

7.0.09 (FR1) update #188 (2015-04-01)

  • NEW - Microsoft CIDC (Clean Inventory Data Contract) report
  • NEW - Extended reporting on blacklisted/whitelisted applications
  • NEW - Support for the upcoming launch of Snow’s Software Store Option [SSO]
  • NEW - Integrated Snow License Manager Web API
  • FIX - Incorrect License quantity when upgrading from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Core (D4047)
  • FIX - Incorrect reporting of quantity of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter available licenses (D4054)
  • FIX - Incorrect quantity reported for ‘Licenses specifically assigned to computers’ and ‘Available licenses total’ (D4055)

7.0.08, update #185 (2015-03-24)

  • FIX - Caching of web application configurations (4277)
  • FIX - Issue with multi selection list in license edit page (4262 & 3453)
  • FIX - Incorrect figures in concurrent usage calculation (4237)
  • FIX - Organizational user restrictions not working properly for Oracle Information (4229)
  • FIX - The “Applications per device” report not listing all inventoried devices (4220)
  • FIX - Error in Data Update job when using long configuration names (4199)
  • FIX - Issues with some criteria in ”All agreements” report (4131 & 4102)
  • FIX - Criteria in the “All Computers” report not working correctly (4083)
  • FIX - Recalculating compliance without correct access (4078)
  • FIX - Error in Data Update job when having long operating system names (3888)
  • FIX - CSV export not adding quotes around values (3834)
  • FIX - Computer tab in application details not showing usage information in some scenarios (3816)
  • FIX - No refresh after deletion or archiving of computers (3563)
  • FIX - Objects connected to computers removed if computer is deleted (3557)
  • FIX - Notification sent out even if customer is inactive (3479)
  • FIX - Issue with installation count in License Compliance summary report (3461 & 3463)
  • FIX - Issue when exporting grouped reports (3273)

7.0.07, update #178 (2014-12-18)

  • NEW - Support for pre-recognized software
  • NEW - General performance enhancements to License Manager Data Update Job
  • FIX - Auto blacklisted non whitelist applications is not customer specific (4092)
  • FIX - Sys2 files are not transferred correctly to License Manager database (D4070)
  • FIX - Unable to change license form to be based on custom compare values when application has licenses attached (D4048)
  • FIX - Discrepancy between total users and license requirement (D4040)
  • FIX - Problems with criteria in “All Users” report (D4021)
  • FIX - Error sorting the custom compare values types list (D3833)
  • FIX - License type “Site License” does not take subscription period into account (D3807)
  • FIX - License form “Based on concurrent users” shows incorrect license requirement (D3553)
  • FIX - Database violation error could occur when editing license with SKU attached (D3295 & D3327)

7.0.06, update #175 (2014-11-13)

  • NEW - Enhanced support for Oracle 12c (F3658)
  • FIX - License import wizard exits with error message (D3876)
  • FIX - Error when clicking a computer in the “Archived computers” report (D3817)
  • FIX - Application categories not working correctly (D3719)
  • FIX - Unable to remove locally created applications (D3585)
  • FIX - Customer contact duplicated when opening the customer form (D3306)

7.0.05, update #173 (2014-10-13)

  • FIX - Graphical user interface issues
  • FIX - Procedure updating datacenters not fully optimized in Data Update Job (3709)
  • FIX - Report: "Bundles with unused applications per computer" sometimes times out (3634)
  • FIX - Virtual machines v-Sphere center not correctly connected to inventoried machines (3629)
  • FIX - Incorrect license count in reason for discrepancy when having invalid named licenses (3601)
  • FIX - Error when editing an upgrade license for an application without family index (3490)
  • FIX - Wrong category name in action log when deleting a user (3483)
  • FIX - Some devices do not leave quarantine state if not updated regularly (3482)
  • FIX - Conversion error in Data Update Job when updating computer hardware information (3465)
  • FIX - Application concurrency not correctly updated (3464)
  • FIX -  "Product Description" on license details does not retain information when edited (3444)
  • FIX - Both objects and custom fields cannot be shown on user details simultaneously (3443)
  • FIX - License type "CAL" doesn't show in the report "License entitlement summary" (3428)
  • FIX - Error in currency field when importing objects (3427)
  • FIX - Alias named not removed from database table when an OU node is deleted (3426)
  • FIX - System user organizational restrictions ignored when upgrading licenses (3422)
  • FIX - Reports "All licenses" and "Incomplete License" displays all licenses regardless of organization restriction (3416)
  • FIX - Unable to change license form on an application if changed to 'Custom compare values' (3408)
  • FIX - Report "Physical and virtual processor comparison of applications in a datacenter" shows incorrect number of cores (3398)
  • FIX - Datacenter license sometimes didn’t cover all underlying operating systems (3387)
  • FIX - Column "License Requirement" not summarized in "License compliance per organization" report (3371)
  • FIX - Not all Oracle Options and Management Packs shown (3370)
  • FIX - No validation between "Valid from" and "Valid to" on agreement import (3292)
  • FIX - Legal organization cannot be changed when upgrading a license (3282)
  • FIX - License type not automatically set when importing an upgrade license (3248)
  • FIX - Organizational definitions not reset when removing restrictions (3217)
  • FIX - Error when filtering on "Valid days left" criteria on "All Agreements” report (3156)
  • FIX - Application with license form "No license required" shows wrong value on application details page (3132)
  • FIX - Object import possible without defining an object type (3119)
  • FIX - Error when filtering on "Last connected to server" criteria in "Devices per remote server" report (3099)
  • FIX - Remarks missing on applications tab in computer details page (3074)
  • FIX - Error when exporting "Applications installed on virtual machines in a datacenter" report (3060)
  • FIX - "Application per device" report shows column "Per run" values in incorrect format (3043)
  • FIX - Error occurred when clicking Application Family button when creating a new application group (3001)
  • FIX - Some criteria’s not working on the "Devices per remote server" report (2867)

7.0.04, update #170 (2014-08-25)

  • FIX - Not all inventoried devices is included in the compliance calculation (3442)
  • FIX - User interface error on edit custom objects page (3423)
  • FIX - Criteria "purchase date" does not return any results on "All computers" report (3421)
  • FIX - Compliance crash when trying to cover a virtual machine (3326)
  • FIX - Virtual machine on a physical host is not covered when the host does not have the licensed application installed (3322)
  • FIX - No warning when deleting or archiving computers from the computer search page (3310)
  • FIX - Not all applications in the application family are covered by datacenter license (3300)
  • FIX - List all agreements doesn't display an "All button" (3299)
  • FIX - Issue with OLSA field limitation when adding Oracle orders (3294)
  • FIX - Report 'Computers in Active Directory that are not inventoried' shows computers with an empty last logon (3281)
  • FIX - Named user remark is missing and license does not show in license discrepancy (3268)
  • FIX - Total available licenses shows incorrect values when an invalid named license is used (3253)
  • FIX - License requirement is not updated on allocation tab in license add (3213)
  • FIX - Incorrect discrepancy when having unassigned "Processor cores" and "Processor" named licenses (3179)
  • FIX - A "Number of processor cores" named license is valid even if the number of cores was incorrect (3168)
  • FIX - An invalid named license should not be used for automatic downgrade / software assurance (3167)

7.0.03, update #166 (2014-05-27)

  • FIX - Translation issues
  • FIX - Graphical user interface issues
  • FIX - Duplicate hostnames in different OU’s in AD causing exception in Data Update job (3270)
  • FIX - Some report criteria’s not returning results on “All applications” report (3259)
  • FIX - Agreements in organizations that is restricted is viewable when multi-editing computers (3254)
  • FIX - Missing field validation on the field “Interval (days)” when editing applications (3249)
  • FIX - Some reports shows username when anonymous user management is enabled (3246)
  • FIX - Issue with auto connect rules when "According to primary user" is used (3207)
  • FIX - Deleted devices is not deleted if usage exists within metering history months (3206)
  • FIX - Named computer licenses not assigned to any computer is still counted (3178)
  • FIX - Oracle database option "Advanced Analytics" is not transferred from Inventory (3160)
  • FIX - Values for license cost and application cost not correctly saved in the compliance table (3083)
  • FIX - Whitelist does not show for applications that only have transferred licenses (3067)
  • FIX - No data in diagram on Snowboard when changing language from English (3053)
  • FIX - Problem with the updates tab on alert list widget in Snowboard (3046)
  • FIX - Downgraded Site license doesn't allocate license requirement to all organization sub nodes (3018)
  • FIX - Problem with license import not reading "Auto allocate (distribute) license" field (3017)
  • FIX - Problem with license import when "Is upgrade" is enabled without a base license (3003)
  • FIX - License still marked as an upgrade license even if “Is upgrade” is disabled (3000)
  • FIX - Errors in web log file when adding Oracle Orders (2946)
  • FIX - Error message is missing when entering text in a digit field in Add agreement page (1939)
  • FIX - On License edit currency always set to first in list (1813)

7.0.02, update #165 (2014-04-28)

  • FIX - Problems with timeouts when moving organization nodes (3153)
  • FIX - Data Update Job fails if the setting LogTempDBSize is used (3118)
  • FIX - Custom procedures that fails cause the Data Update Job to fail (3115)
  • FIX - Overview pages do not render well when zooming in the browser (3109)
  • FIX - Computer list shows usernames even if setting is disabled (3096)
  • FIX - Custom fields are not saved when using copy license feature (3092)
  • FIX - Agreement export produces wrong result (3091)
  • FIX - Exception caught when exporting invalid rows from an import with default values (3090)
  • FIX - Widgets should show percentage in the chart values (3081)
  • FIX - Unhandled exception in list all users the first time it is used (3064)
  • FIX - Incorrect warnings in compliance log (3028)
  • FIX - Months are not translated to Swedish in a widget. (2993)
  • FIX - Archived/deleted computers not removed from Inventory source (2985)
  • FIX - Poor performance on some reports (2982)
  • FIX - Issue with the presentation of data on the usage graph shown on user details page (2920)
  • FIX - Allocation of named licenses is not saved in allocation compliance tree, which result in missing data in compliance per organization report (2914)
  • FIX - Error message is missing in application edit (2912)
  • FIX - No message displayed when trying to archive computer with named license (2909)
  • FIX - Non required fields are required in a license import. (2879)
  • FIX - License requirement discrepancy does not display the correct total when discrepancies overlap (2802)
  • FIX - "Remember my selections" on application statistics renders an empty result (2771)
  • FIX - Issues importing licenses without license type (2727)
  • FIX - Clicking "Show statistics" from application details a second time shows no data (2646)

7.0.01, update #162 (2014-04-04)

  • FIX - Two columns have the same name in the compliance reports (2911)
  • FIX - Datacenter/Cluster license by processor or core not correctly covering the virtual machine (2999)
  • FIX - Negative cost values in the compliance table in the Snow License Manager database (3051)
  • FIX - Report criteria for the ”All computers” report does not work as expected (3066)

7.0.00, NEW VERSION (2014-03-31)

6.2.12, update #169 (2014-06-11)

  • FIX - Some report shows username when anonymous user management is enabled (3256)
  • FIX - Missing field validation on the field “Interval (days)” when editing applications (3247)
  • FIX - Deleting computer does not validate if a named license if for computer or datacenter (3245)
  • FIX - Agreements in organizations that is restricted is viewable when multi-editing computers (3189)
  • FIX - Issue with auto connect rules when “According to primary user” is used (3164)
  • FIX - Oracle database option “Advanced Analytics” is not transferred from Inventory (3163)
  • FIX - Deleted devices is not deleted if usage exists within the metering history months (3124)
  • FIX - Compliance crash when trying to cover a virtual machine (3062)
  • FIX - Application on virtual machines is incorrectly compliant when the host machine is not (2363)
  • FIX - Data Update Job fails if the setting LogTempDBSize is used (1490)

6.2.11, update #164 (2014-04-14)

  • FIX - Custom procedure that fails cause the Data Update Job to fail (3144)
  • FIX - Procedures in the data update job executes customers based on their size (3107)
  • FIX - Computer list shows usernames even if setting is disabled (3094)
  • FIX - Long execution time for some reports (3093)
  • FIX - Exception caught when exporting invalid rows from an import with default values (3049)
  • FIX - Bad performance generating computer list with many custom fields (3039)
  • FIX - Duplicate currencies causing issues (3010)
  • FIX - Agreement export produces wrong result (2943)
  • FIX - Custom fields are not saved when using copy license feature (2887)
  • FIX - Archiving computers does not validate if the named license is for a computer or a datacenter (2877)
  • FIX - Application bundles with path \\unknown\ from SCCM is visible (2804)
  • FIX - Archived/Deleted computers not removed from Inventory source (1827)

6.2.10, update #160 (2014-03-20) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - TS-Application with many devices takes a long time to show application details (2987)
  • FIX - Synchronizing uninstalled software in Data Update job sometimes takes a long time (2976)
  • FIX - Incorrect removal of documents (2858)
  • FIX - Problems with timeouts when moving organization nodes (2825)
  • FIX - Listing "All Computers" can sometimes take a long time (2750)
  • FIX - Custom field "Currency" doesn't display the value in Agreement details (2724)
  • FIX - Incorrect spelling on setting AUTOGENERATE_DCC_MIN_HOSTS description field (2604)
  • FIX - Report "All Oracle agreements" can lists the same agreement and order more than once  (2597)
  • FIX - Logging in to SLM is slow for some customers (2466)
  • FIX - French keyboard layout (2397)
  • FIX - Error when using print selection on agreements (2361)
  • FIX - Report "Unused applications per computer" does not take the metering history period into account (2318)
  • FIX - Devices in quarantine shows even when no application usage is available (2284)
  • FIX - Importing objects with mandatory object type currency will crash object listing.  (2197)
  • FIX - License form does not have correct sorting in list all applications list (2191)
  • FIX - Report "All Oracle database servers" exported PDF is empty if all columns are used (2059)
  • FIX - Not possible to disable auto edit for VM's when the host is located in a datacenter (1944)
  • FIX - Printing fails in combination with Windows Authentication (1858)
  • FIX - Import service not triggered on CSV files using tab as delimiter (1776)
  • FIX - Mac model conversion table not updated (1631)
  • FIX - Incorrect number of device users (1466)
  • FIX - Named computer with VM support and custom downgrade path not reflected on VMs (1453)

6.2.09, update #159 (2014-01-28) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - No user role setting for the virtual machines without Inventory client alert (1887)
  • FIX - RUN_COMPLETE_RULESET_DAY resets hidden unassigned Software (1904)
  • FIX - Manually allocated licenses is de-allocated when editing an organization (1911)
  • FIX - Application users not counted correctly (1976)
  • FIX - Exporting an Oracle report shows (CURRENCY) in Processor speed column (2051)
  • FIX - Stored procedure causing compliance calculation to time out (2123)
  • FIX - Web metering not capturing traffic on non-default web ports (2162)
  • FIX - Compliance calculations sometimes takes an hour to complete (2225)
  • FIX - Metrics missing on Oracle 12c Products (2250)
  • FIX - Dutch translation error on the Overview page (2280)
  • FIX - Dutch translation error in Oracle reports (2348)
  • FIX - Index improvement on Computer Update step in Data Update Job (2378)
  • NEW - New setting to enable non-overlapping process metering (3315)
  • NEW - Ability to configure web ports in License Manager (3253)

6.2.08, update #158 (2013-12-12) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Problem with group editing of applications (1013)
  • FIX - Forgotten password error message (1439)
  • FIX - Remark icon for named user license missing (1491)
  • FIX - Subscription setting automatically changes when editing a sub-agreement (1517)
  • FIX - Searching for applications “based on installation” shows other license forms (1635)
  • FIX - Web interface error when scheduling a report in Internet Explorer 10 (1715)
  • FIX - Upper & lowercase problem using AD import (1893)
  • FIX - Criteria report value counts if operator is set to “has no value” (1938)
  • FIX - Removing report that has favorites produces “page could not be found” error (1946)
  • FIX - Using quotes in email address in scheduled report pop-up breaks the window (1963)
  • FIX - Support for scheduled compliance calculation across midnight (1977)
  • FIX - Software update step in data update job makes the transaction log grow rapidly (1998)
  • FIX - Sibling computer for other organizations shows up on report (2002)
  • FIX - Performance issue in web interface when listing “All licenses” (2008)
  • FIX - Norwegian translation error (2010)
  • FIX - Import bug when creating new organization nodes during metadata import (2062)
  • FIX - Compliance not calculated correctly on VM’s covered by DCC license (2063)
  • FIX - Logging error in data update job on Application Concurrency update step (2068)
  • FIX - Software from SCCM with unknown path not deleted (2116)
  • NEW - Report: All Oracle agreements (2909)
  • NEW - Report: All Oracle orders (2910)
  • NEW - Report: All Oracle databases per server (2914)
  • NEW - Report: All Oracle database servers (2915)
  • NEW - Report: Unused Oracle options per Oracle server (3145)
  • NEW - Report: Discovered non-inventoried Oracle database servers (3146)
  • NEW - Report Category: Oracle reports (2912)
  • NEW - Support for datacenter generation based on inventory from Hyper-V and XenServer (3049)

6.2.07, Critical update #157 (2013-11-15) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Web-Applications automatically removed if there is no new incoming metering (1930)
  • FIX - Last logged on user missing on the computers (1945)

6.2.07, update #156 (2013-11-08) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - License import forgets values in drop down list when scrolling (1222)
  • FIX - TS-Application not bundling despite rule available (1438)
  • FIX - Cannot import licenses if named computer field is not used (1445)
  • FIX - License export shows duplicate name in header (1458)
  • FIX - Report: “All Computers” not able to filter active from inactive computers (1492)
  • FIX - Wide column length on “Virtual machines without locally installed inventory client” alert (1540)
  • FIX - Re-archiving computer fails (1553)
  • FIX - Windows Server 2008 Standard compliance error (1557)
  • FIX - Upgraded computers have duplicate OS (1558)
  • FIX - Compliance report filtering issues (1559)
  • FIX - Application user list discrepancy (1578)
  • FIX - Clients with purchase date cannot be multi-edited (1598)
  • FIX - Report: “Applications per computer” is unable to list inactive computers (1604)
  • FIX - Virtual and Terminal Server applications not removed when there is no usage (1607)
  • FIX - Data Update Job: Issue when preparing work table data (1614)
  • FIX - Unhandled ASP.NET exception related to session handling (1616)
  • FIX - License import validation missing when purchase date is not within agreement period (1629)
  • FIX - Client install date not updated in License Manager Web (1643)
  • FIX - Data Update Job: Long execution time for Application Concurrency step (1646)
  • FIX - Server error if report group name contains quotes (1682)
  • FIX - Data Update Job: Long execution time for User Update step (1691)
  • FIX - Data Update Job: Long execution time for Computers Update step (1700)
  • FIX - Decimal separation in Oracle contract fails (1701)
  • FIX - Users not permitted to create web application without complete system access (1770)
  • FIX - Compliance calculation problem, Licenses sometimes does not downgrade (1789)
  • FIX - Error when logging in with Internet Explorer 11 (1895)

6.2.06, update #154 (2013-08-23) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Site license not calculating correctly when changing organization (1261)
  • FIX - Discrepancy on user count in license compliance stock report (1366)
  • FIX - Not able to delete auto-connect rules when sorting/filtering (1414)
  • FIX - Compliance issue with named computer license (1415)
  • FIX - Issue with selection box that looks like marked when it is not (1420)
  • FIX - Columns appearing blank in stock report (1493)
  • FIX - Discrepancy between manual and scheduled compliance calculation (1504)
  • FIX - Scheduled reports (QXLS) is causing internal server error (1518)
  • FIX – Blank ‘Virtual Application’ column when exporting (1521)
  • FIX – Error when scheduling a custom built stock report (1526)

6.2.05, update #153 (2013-08-06) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Bundles not being assigned correctly when running incremental updates (1498)

6.2.04, update #151 (2013-07-19) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Drop-down menu is not shown on the report criteria: “Application types” on some reports (1275)
  • FIX - License view and the export results differs in the columns shown and exported (1302)
  • FIX - Forgotten password error message (1314)
  • FIX - Date fields on custom objects is not allowed to be blank (1335)
  • FIX - Data update job resets organization tied to Datacenter/Cluster (1340)
  • FIX - License policy does not work when description contains line breaks (1347)
  • FIX - Incorrect Norwegian translation (1349)
  • FIX - Computers attached to custom agreement do not show up on details page (1355)
  • FIX – Automatic upgrade is automatically checked when editing a license (1357)
  • FIX – License not downgrading correctly when virtual machines is covered by a Datacenter/Cluster license (1367)
  • FIX – Hardware comparison report do not care about the organization restrictions (1370)
  • FIX – Incorrect license compliance calculation (1374)
  • FIX - Filter on computer status do not work as expected (1375)
  • FIX - Unassigned software view is empty in Administration tool (1381)
  • FIX - All objects report does not show even if the user role should have access to it (1385)
  • FIX - Incorrect English translation of all applications details view (1392)
  • FIX - Exception thrown when running an organization import with a XLSX file (1393)
  • FIX - Multi editing reset the custom field to their default values (1400)
  • FIX - Incorrect German translation on Oracle database details (1403)
  • FIX - Login history month receives value from metering history months (1409)
  • FIX - Removing columns with criteria from report make the report export crash (1412)

6.2.03, Critical update #150 (2013-05-29) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Corrects a critical error that affects SRS-rules, resulting in applications not being assigned correctly.

6.2.03, update #148 (2013-05-15) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Export contains zero rows when a column filter is applied (1236)
  • FIX - Oracle instances not on the current oracle server shown under the oracle tab (1263)
  • FIX - German translation error on datacenter/cluster page (1276)
  • FIX - Custom agreements not available after adding a new one (1285)
  • FIX - Export organization structure throws an object exception (1288)
  • FIX - Processor license require a named computer during import, not mandatory during manual import (1292)
  • FIX - Problem with license downgrade when units are covered by datacenter/cluster license (1299)
  • FIX - No formatting is done to the Excel files when exporting lists or reports (1300)
  • FIX – Custom compare value import do not import last record per application (1303)
  • FIX – License property (Automatic upgrade) should follow agreement properties for the same (1304)
  • FIX – Compliance not calculated correctly on virtual machines covered by datacenter/cluster license (1308)
  • FIX – Exception thrown when exporting objects list (1321)
  • FIX - Statistic for operating system not shown if Computer IP-Address is larger than 200 characters (1322)
  • FIX - Instance information missing on oracle servers (1326)
  • FIX - German translation error on computer report (1330)
  • FIX - Date picker in server count field on oracle database list (1331)

6.2.02, update #145 (2013-04-09) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - All devices receives last organization in the organization tree when using several data sources (1235)
  • FIX - Compliance calculation not working on some platforms after creating a new licenses (1256)

6.2.01, update #143 (2013-04-02) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Machine is covered by both datacenter license and virtual coverage (1170)
  • FIX - Web UI crashes on field mappings tab when configuring import field in a web import (1200)
  • FIX - Oracle orders not visible on oracle agreements (1219)
  • FIX - No tooltip information shown on balance value when reduced due to a named license (1238)
  • FIX - German translation errors on reports (1243)
  • FIX - Web applications with GUIDs as name created if pattern is deleted (1244)
  • FIX - Agreement import, the uniqueness of the agreement number is not validated (1073)
  • FIX - German translation errors on Oracle management page (1245)
  • FIX – Incorrect sort order of SKUs when adding a new license (1246)
  • FIX – Server error when exporting agreements list (1247)
  • FIX – Error when exporting a list when filtering on a numerical custom field (1250)
  • FIX – SA and downgrade not available on CAL license type (1254)
  • FIX - Data update job stops when updating users (1259)

6.2.00, NEW VERSION (2013-03-20)

6.1.10, Critical Update #147 (2013-04-22) – Available through update service only

  • FIX – Fix an issue with Data Update Job

6.1.10, update #144 (2013-04-09) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - All devices receives last organization in the organization tree when using several data sources (1235)
  • FIX - Compliance calculation not working on some platforms after creating a new licenses (1256)

6.1.09, update #142 (2013-03-13) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Inconsistencies in stock report “All licenses” compared to “Compliance Summary” (1028)
  • FIX - All Applications report shows incorrect values of physical and virtual installations (1034)
  • FIX - Issues with the Administration Tool security roles (1043)
  • FIX - Error in field mapping during a web import when updating users (1053)
  • FIX - Single Sign On, redirect error (1060)
  • FIX - All License grid, the license form field do not inherit correctly from applications license form (1062)
  • FIX - Notification table grows without limit (1067)
  • FIX - Error when adding several properties with the same name on Object Types (1071)
  • FIX - Agreement import, the uniqueness of the agreement number is not validated (1073)
  • FIX - Deleting agreements with more than two levels of sub agreements, only partially deletes the agreement tree (1087
  • FIX – Search of objects cannot display additional object columns in search view (1103)
  • FIX – Error with organization and role rights during agreement select (1107)
  • FIX – Incorrect computer physical memory value in SLM compared to Inventory (1120)
  • FIX – Error when adding an agreement and using an invalid serial number (1125)
  • FIX – SLM web still available during the data update job (1133)
  • FIX – Print selection option always print Oracle information (1141)
  • FIX – Issue with compliance auto allocating licenses to computer with no balance value (1142)
  • FIX – Incorrect auto allocation, when license attached to agreement without an active period (1144)
  • FIX – Swedish translations missing in All licenses view and stock reports (1148)
  • FIX – Quarantined devices not removed from quarantine when active (1155)
  • FIX - Stock report License purchase records per agreement shows duplicate licenses (1167)
  • FIX – Inconsistency in computer “Reason for discrepancy” with secondary use rights (1182)  
  • FIX - Error with license form “Based on concurrent users” (1185)
  • FIX - Spelling mistake on “Forgot your password” popup on login page (1186)
  • FIX - German translation error when multi editing computers (1202)

6.1.08, update #141 (2013-01-21) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Connecting field “Host Computer” failed during computer metadata import (906)
  • FIX - SQL import processor core allocation doesn’t work correctly (974)
  • FIX - Default value for object type properties is not reflected when adding a new object (986)
  • FIX - License Manager Notifications, wrong user I email notification (988)
  • FIX - Data in the field “License Cost” is not validated (990)
  • FIX - Adding new objects type. Property name cannot be “Hostname” (992)
  • FIX – “Add server” in “Add  server” dialog under DCC is still clickable even if greyed out (1006)
  • FIX - Incorrect German translation on Compliance Summary report (1007)
  • FIX - Automatic downgrade textbox is greyed out after adding license, but available again when editing the license (1009)
  • FIX - Automatic upgrade textbox greyed out if agreement is selected (1029)
  • FIX – Discrepancy between Computer history report compared to List of computer view (1036)
  • FIX - Spelling mistake in Administration Tool under basic settings (1039)

6.1.07, update #140 (2012-11-26) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Translation error in Snow license manager Administration tool (607)
  • FIX - Date format on object properties do not follow windows regional settings (840)
  • FIX - Difference in device counters (858)
  • FIX - German translation errors on add license view (917)
  • FIX - Available memory slots reported wrong in Snow license Manager (931)
  • FIX - SKU upgrade and downgrade values mixed up in application view (946)
  • FIX - Machines not updating correctly in Snow license manager even if Inventory is updated (954)
  • FIX - Objects property ‘Currency’ does not allow default values (955)
  • FIX - Criteria for under/over licensing does not show expected results (961)
  • FIX - Columns using ‘digit’ as property does not show any information in the list when searching for objects (965)
  • FIX - Users last logon date is set to the same date for every computer in user list (970)
  • FIX - License import is missing validations (973)
  • FIX – Named license attached to DCC also connects computer if ComputerID equals DCCID(979)

6.1.06, update #136 (2012-10-22) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Compliance calculation errors within DCC where downgrade between versions doesn’t work correctly (766)
  • FIX - Agreement type show numerical value instead of string (871)
  • FIX - Additional tab “User Grants” when adding a new license, where it should be hidden (887)
  • FIX - Auto select sub levels in organization selector did not work correctly (888)
  • FIX - Page error, when navigation through the details list of Oracle products pages (897)
  • FIX - Oracle products and instances not removed from the Grid view list when computers are removed (898)
  • FIX - Currency custom fields, not supported by the import engine (900)
  • FIX - Inconsistencies in quantity when adding a named license and upgrading that (903)
  • FIX - Connecting field “Host Computer” during a Computer Metadata import fails (906)
  • FIX - Translations missing in notifications (910)
  • FIX - Right-Click in Admin tool does not work (913)
  • FIX - Auto-Connect rules based on IP-Address do not work when client has many adapters (914)
  • FIX - Mapping between import and export do not work when using custom import headers (927)
  • FIX - Inconsistencies in the naming of header description in the import wizard (938)

6.1.05, update #135 (2012-09-19) – Available through update service only

  • FIX - Inconsistencies in the display of Custom compare values (825)
  • FIX - Error with pagination in the web user guide for Snow License Manager (864)
  • FIX - Search function freezes in reports when certain criteria’s is used (869)
  • FIX - Incorrect Swedish translation in the web import tool (873)
  • FIX - SA-Checkbox automatically selected when adding a license with SA-Agreement (880)
  • FIX - Adding ‘SKU’ as criteria in License search causing  License Manager to crash (889)
  • FIX - Custom field (Currency) doesn’t show values on custom agreement (902)
  • FIX - Object import via the web import fails when importing ‘CSV’ files (905)
  • FIX - German translation in the description of Compliance Summary was incorrect (911)

6.1.04, update #134 (2012-08-13)

  • FIX - Object Default Value not set on Property when creating new Object (833)
  • FIX - Report criteria for substandard computers shows no search result for "Scan identifier" (835)
  • FIX - Importing license with non-existing agreement results in error page (845)
  • FIX - When archiving computers you receive error message "named license" even though not connected to a license (846)
  • FIX - Unable to save Purchase date of Computer (847)
  • FIX - Reports ”Application installation history” and "Application" shows no search result with operators (848)
  • FIX - Quarantined device image broken (852)
  • FIX - System Disk (GB) Column - should be (MB) (854)
  • FIX - Attempting to import licenses through XLS file generates error message (855)
  • FIX - Snow Admin Console Error (857)
  • FIX - Duplicate computers (clientid) causing job failed (859)
  • FIX - Reports, criteria "Purchase currency" for all computers shows no search result (866)
  • FIX - "License entitlement summary", operators does not show any search result (867)
  • FIX - Application installation history, report shows no search result (868)

6.1.03, Critical update #132 (2012-07-27)

  • FIX - Search for objects don’t work (856)

6.1.03, update #130 (2012-07-20)

  • NEW - Reset password feature (473)
  • FIX - Firefox: Date selection (calendar) appears off screen (653)
  • FIX - Report Computer Standard is incorrect in SPE (722)
  • FIX - Agreement purchase date validation (736)
  • FIX - Misinterpretation of text fields when importing (765)
  • FIX - Data update job log duplication (767)
  • FIX - Import of custom fields for licenses and agreements (772)
  • FIX - Spelling error for Oracle menus in Swedish SLM (784)
  • FIX - Action log give wrong information (795)
  • FIX - IP-address repeated multiple times in list presentation (797)
  • FIX - Language error in “share report” (801)
  • FIX - Last scanned search criteria for all computers report doesn’t work (810)
  • FIX - Last scanned search criteria for all computers list doesn’t work (811)
  • FIX - Blacklist criteria cannot be edited (812)
  • FIX - Break row in report scheduling report criteria to not work (813)
  • FIX - Datacenter/cluster cores per processor shows wrong value (814)
  • FIX - Datacenter/cluster processor/core validation not working (816)
  • FIX - Display adapter search in computer hardware report (831)
  • FIX - Sum of blacklisted applications doesn’t correspond to actual blacklisted applications (832)

6.1.02, update #129 (2012-05-24)

  • FIX - Incorrect spelling in web (741)
  • FIX - Translation missing in report (742)
  • FIX - Translation error when saving reports from report generator (743)
  • FIX - Cannot export to unformatted XLS with reports from report generator (744)
  • FIX - Microsoft SQL Server hardware comparison report translation not found (745)
  • FIX - Access priv. Administer Application Blacklist sticks to role even when inactivated (747)
  • FIX - Computer Reports Column Error (748)
  • FIX - Media location field - have an option to add link or text (749)
  • FIX - VMware virtual machines hostname matching issue
  • FIX - Auto-connect rules based on 2 (environment or registry) values not working (751)
  • FIX - Saving custom field to application that already has a custom field not working (753)
  • FIX - Scheduled import of computer custom fields goes blank (756)
  • FIX - Translation for Custom Agreements (757)
  • FIX - Applications with the '!TS' trigger are not assigned (762)
  • FIX - CSV import fails in Licence Manager (763)

6.1.01, update #127 (2012-04-27)

  • FIX - Strange characters (710)
  • FIX - Spelling mistake in Administration Tool (715)
  • FIX - Notification links gets page not found in SPE platforms (686)
  • FIX - Several report names and descriptions have been corrupted (721)
  • FIX - Changed license cost to application cost in application meta import (724)
  • FIX - Custom fields in agreements cannot be saved (718)
  • FIX - Release notes and web user guide links does not work (716)
  • FIX - Dutch language compliance chart does not work (711)
  • FIX - Application multiple edit (717)
  • FIX - Custom compare values and SKU (723)
  • FIX - User roles does not restrict access to file import in web UI (727)
  • FIX - Notification links does not work on websites without host header (708)
  • FIX - Date custom field UI “freeze” in certain browsers (706)
  • FIX - Problems in agreements with “,” comma in the agreement number (713)
  • FIX - Swedish report translations corrupt
  • FIX - Import timeout when handling large number of obsolete computers (731)
  • FIX - License import fails on application validation duplicates (hidden applications) (732)
  • FIX - Object imports against a digit value corrupts objects search if imported value is a decimal (684)

6.1.00, update #126 (2012-04-12)

  • FIX - Compliance calculation for datacenters
  • FIX - License auto allocation for custom compare values
  • FIX - CID delete problems
  • NEW - Report updates

6.1.00, NEW VERSION (2012-04-12)

6.0.13, update #131 (2012-08-10)

  • FIX - Printing gives an error (850)
  • FIX - System Disk (GB) Column - should be (MB) (854)
  • FIX - Attempting to import licenses through XLS file generates error message (855)
  • FIX - Object Default Value not set on Property when creating new Object (833)
  • FIX - Report criteria for substandard computers shows no search result for "Scan identifier" (835)
  • FIX - Duplicate computers (clientid) causing job failed (859)

6.0.12, update #131 (2012-07-20)

  • FIX - Slow import of large files (493)
  • FIX - Compliance error - unable to cast ChainedLicenseSettings (759)
  • FIX - Devices tab missing with TS-app (773)
  • FIX - Archiving computers connected to a license fails without warning (774)

6.0.11, update #128 (2012-04-27)

  • FIX - Notification links gets page not found in SPE platforms (686)
  • FIX - Notification links does not work on websites without host header (708)
  • FIX - License import fails on application validation duplicates (hidden applications) (732)
  • FIX - Object imports against a digit value corrupts objects search if imported value is a decimal (684)

6.0.10, update #122 (2012-03-28)

  • FIX - Application history table not populated with uninstallations (642)
  • FIX - Incorrect page in print preview when trying to print a custom report (655)
  • FIX - Update Vendor Repository fails (657)
  • FIX - Auto connect rules for users based on last computer not working (665)
  • FIX - Limited roles can still edit roles settings and make themselves super user (671)
  • FIX - Auto allocate of licenses on multiple level legal organisation notes is incorrect

6.0.09, update #122 (2012-02-14)

  • NEW - Auto connect rules for computers based on primary user (1097)
  • FIX - Filter editor crashes SLM Admin (629)
  • FIX - Custom fields added with column selector gone after saving search (609)
  • FIX - Downloading an exported report works only once (573)
  • FIX - German translation error (577)
  • FIX - Application crash at start-up (615)
  • FIX - "The site license was not needed" message filling up the action log (616)
  • FIX - Statistics shown for 2012 in the future (617)
  • FIX - Add agreement period sometimes don't stick when you click OK (511)
  • FIX - Scheduled reports still sending for deleted users (643)
  • FIX - Vendor repository import error (613)
  • FIX - Memory not displayed correctly for Microsoft virtual machines (619)
  • FIX - Custom field definitions - Can't change description without changing title (628)
  • FIX - Notification service crash (604)

6.0.08, critical update #121 (2012-02-06)

  • FIX - Edit computer and organisation selection issue (566)

6.0.08, update #120 (2012-01-09)

  • FIX - Edit computer and organisation selection issue (566)
  • FIX - Object properties are treated as mandatory, but when added they are set to "not mandatory" (569)
  • FIX - Currency fields for object doesn't work (576)
  • FIX - Allow multiple versions option creating negative balance value (577)
  • FIX - Show Hidden Software in Admin Tool not returning any data (585)
  • FIX - Concurrency not showing for application groups (587)

6.0.07, update #119 (2011-12-14)

  • NEW - Added two new settings for user exclusion in most frequent and most recent calculations (1046)
  • NEW - Added descriptions for all settings (1046)
  • FIX - Admin Tool - Remove option to change base currency when adding/editing currency (458)
  • FIX - Report generator reports are created with SystemUserID=0 regardless of user logged in (535)
  • FIX - License import problem when organisation contains trailing spaces (544)
  • FIX - Incorrect compliance calculation for datacenters/clusters (547)
  • FIX - The number of rows in the alert Applications without registered usage differs between pie-chart and list (548)
  • FIX - SAMaxVersionIndex not cleared when re-calculating compliance (556)
  • FIX - Unhandled exception when adding licenses (557)
  • FIX - Errors with agreement import (558)
  • FIX - License allocating outside the org unit of the purchase due to naming of organisation (559)
  • FIX - DCC application chain error (560)
  • FIX - Currency custom field data not stored (561)
  • FIX - German transalation for ID = Kennung is incorrect, should be ID (563)
  • FIX - Object name field, when editing created object is empty (565)

6.0.06, update #117 (2011-12-05)

  • NEW - Usability improvements to the import tool (629)
  • NEW - Increase protection against SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (926)
  • NEW - Compliance not clearing previous results until re-calculation is complete (955)
  • NEW - Improved AD-configuration in the web configurator (965)
  • FIX - Import of organisations for computers does not work if it is more than 3 levels (473)
  • FIX - Error in Dutch translation (475)
  • FIX - Columns are not saved, Defect Ready For Testing (478)
  • FIX - Can’t save Use system default when Licensing form is based on concurrent users (480)
  • FIX - Licenses are distributed to the highest version of the software automatically (484)
  • FIX - Created Objects don’t show, Defect Ready For Testing (495)
  • FIX - New Role options not applied to roles after update (500)
  • FIX - Compliance value for license in datacenter server is wrong (504)
  • FIX - License Manager shows incorrect System disk available (505)
  • FIX - Auto-Connect rule on Environmental Variable is missing its textboxes (507)
  • FIX - License import error (508)
  • FIX - Import tool: Cell validation not handling empty rows (509)
  • FIX - Custom agreement type names missing in report part of pie chart Expiration status for agreements (510)
  • FIX - Data update job log - wrong number of Oracle DB Instances (512)
  • FIX - Confirmation message incorrect (513)
  • FIX - Cannot open old computer archives (517)

6.0.05, update #116 (2011-11-25)

  • FIX – Fixes a problem related to the IDP

6.0.05, update #114 (2011-11-18)

  • FIX - Compliance history not showing correct values (515)

6.0.05, update #113 (2011-11-11)

  • FIX - License Import tool crashes when importing (506)

6.0.05, update #112 (2011-11-07)

  • NEW - Import file parameters documentation added (701)
  • NEW - Organisation auto connect rules based on registry keys/values/data (870)
  • NEW - Processor information added to several computer reports and lists (877)
  • NEW - Added column "Part of bundle" to report "Unused applications per computer" (906)
  • NEW - Added alerts as part of security objects for roles (912)
  • NEW - DocuWare document link integration (913)
  • FIX - Datacenter per processor licensing issue (416)(496)
  • FIX - Print not working for Datacenter and Cluster details (417)
  • FIX - MAC model names missing (423)
  • FIX - Computer loosing organisation information when multi-editing (434)
  • FIX - Administration menu available from dropdown at partner page (453)
  • FIX - Manual SRS update not working (455)
  • FIX - Updating user organisation via Import does not disable auto-edit (462)
  • FIX - Import Oracle agreement types does not work (465)
  • FIX - Validate purchase date, value and currency together (466)
  • FIX - Modifying upgraded license count (467)
  • FIX - No computer software/applications for several machines (468)
  • FIX - Import tool - identifier mappings not cached (469)
  • FIX - Import tool - map by index not working for files with a single row (470)
  • FIX - System always defaulting to one organisation when adding license (471)
  • FIX - Admin Tool - Organisation restriction not stored when using long organisation names (472)
  • FIX - Import of organisations for computers does not work if more than 3 levels (473)
  • FIX - Pie chart point values overlap (481)
  • FIX - License purchase reporting multiple times per agreement (482)
  • FIX - License search does not work (489)
  • FIX - Application install date missing in Applications per computer report (490)
  • FIX - License Import tool hangs when running file with erroneous lines (492)
  • FIX - Import of new organisation nodes via computer meta data import creates root nodes (497)

6.0.04, update #111 (2011-10-06)

  • FIX - License policy table missing objects (463)
  • FIX - Corrects an issue in application search when registering licenses (464)

6.0.04, update #109 (2011-10-05)

  • NEW - Importable vendor repository for agreements (58)
  • NEW - Expanded organisation dropdown view when editing system users (208)
  • NEW - Report export service checks for SLM Data Update Job before exporting (822)
  • FIX - Columns in user reports are displaced after save (391)
  • FIX - German translation missing in reports (394)
  • FIX - SRS applications missing when upgrading to version 6.0 (419)
  • FIX - Translation missing for average time in application usage report (424)
  • FIX - Partner status page does not show number of identified files (427)
  • FIX - Updating computers organisation via import does not disable auto editing (431)
  • FIX - Quarantine management does not delete computers (432)
  • FIX - Computers per OS graph showing no data (433)
  • FIX - Performance issues in application concurrency data update (438)
  • FIX - License form column shows numeric values instead of translated value (440)
  • FIX - System owner email included in list causes JavaScript error (441)
  • FIX - One item bar graph shows insufficient bar height (442)
  • FIX - Graph based reports not included in role definition reports (443)
  • FIX - Ignore scheduled reports for inactive customers in SPE platforms (451)
  • FIX - Computer software updates when application rules change (454)
  • FIX - Notifications for admin account in SPE platforms (456)
  • FIX - Error when adding organisation restriction when organisation name length is too long (459)
  • FIX - Custom agreement types not showing up in graph report (461)

6.0.03, update #108 (2011-09-09)

  • FIX - Corrects a problem with compliance calculation

6.0.02, update #107 (2011-09-06)

  • FIX - Corrects a problem with computer quarantine being inconsistent

6.0.02, update #106 (2011-08-30)

  • NEW - Updates server status for AIX, SUN and HP-UX machines
  • FIX - Corrects a problem with the settings page

6.0.02, update #104 (2011-08-24)

  • FIX - Corrects a problem with unassigned software not being shown in Administration Tool

6.0.02, update #103 (2011-08-20)

  • FIX - Updates for the API database procedures

6.0.01, update #102 (2011-08-04)

  • FIX - Changes the index rebuild process in the SnowLicenseManager database
  • FIX - Improves computer update performance in the data update job
  • FIX - Covers a correction in compliance calculation for datacenters

6.0.01, update #101 (2011-07-08)

  • FIX - Custom objects
  • FIX - Software mapping
  • FIX - Custom fields
  • FIX - Data update job
  • FIX - Performance
  • FIX - Vendor repository database structure
  • FIX - Security

6.0.01, update #100 (2011-07-05)

  • FIX - Corrects a critical error in the concurrency management for applications

6.0.01, update #98 (2011-07-04)

  • FIX - License policy columns not translated
  • FIX - Login count for users incorrect
  • FIX - Custom field crash when saving mandatory multi option with no value set
  • FIX - Action log filtering incorrect and date selector always in English
  • FIX - Editing applications causes web error
  • FIX - Criteria not working on All applications report

6.0.00, update #97 (2011-06-20)

  • FIX - Core update for Snow License Manager 2011 (Web, Admin, Tools and Services)

6.0.00, update #95 (2011-06-01)

  • FIX - Datacenter compliance
  • FIX - German translation errors
  • FIX - Wrong number of covered virtual machines in the license compliance reports
  • FIX - OS types statistics report arguments
  • FIX - License auto allocate performance

6.0.00, update #94 (2011-05-25)

  • FIX - Corrects issues with custom agreement types
  • FIX - Notifications
  • FIX - Oracle Management Option

6.0.00 (2011-05-23)



Product name: Snow Inventory Server
Current version: 6.0.4
Distribution method: SUS package

6.0.4 (2019-02-05)
  • ENHANCEMENT- Compatibility with Snow License Manager 9.0.1.

6.0.3 (2019-01-16)

  • ENHANCEMENT- Compatibility with Snow License Manager 9.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Additional diagnostics in cloud application metering.

6.0.2 (2018-11-22)

  • ENHANCEMENT- Minor modifications, significant for customers planning to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9, have been made in the contract between Snow Inventory Server and Snow License Manager. 

6.0.1 (2018-10-17)

  • ENHANCEMENT- The level of detail of the CPU name has been improved by using the field ProcessorNameString intead of Name from the Windows agent. This will improve the core-factor mappings in Snow License Manager.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Additional details from SIM connectors regarding virtual machines and datacenters are now stored in the Inventory database.
  • FIX- Snow Inventory Server now considers all characters of the inventoried software information when generating a unique identifier (softwarehash), instead of only using the first 100 characters.
  • FIX- Merging information about swidtags and cloud metering no longer causes the inventory file to be ignored with the error message “Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'HashValue'”.
  • FIX- Windows machines that are not servers or VDIs no longer generate TS-metering.

6.0.0 (2018-09-25)

  • NEW- Compatibility with upcoming release of Snow License Manager.
  • NEW- Support for additional types of inventory information
  • ENHANCEMENTS- For security reasons, the Master Server and Service Gateway APIs no longer report their local dates and times.
  • ENHANCEMENTS- Inventory Server, Snow Update Service, and Snow Management and Configuration Center can now be installed in a location other than C:\Program Files.
  • ENHAMCEMENTS- Inventory server no longer rejects inventory files containing unexpected and invalid characters.-
  • ENHANCEMENTS- The file attributes FileDescription, FileVersion, ProductName, ProductVersion, and OriginalFilename, collected by the Inventory agent for Windows, are now processed and stored in the Snownventory database with their original attribute names.
  • FIX- Additional data handling has been added to prevent the Inventory Admin Console from unexpectedly quitting when users with either low bandwidth or large data sets were switching between device information pages.
5.4.2 (2019-03-05)
  • FIX- Pre-recognized software rows created by external data sources are no longer generating a duplicate key in object errors. Hashing has been extended beyond the first 100 characters to the entire product name ensuring unique entries (PRB0040341).
  • FIX- Processing of snowpack files now ignores duplicate user login entries to ensure that primary key violation errors are no longer generated (PRB0041653).
  • FIX- Hostname only mode has been modified to identify different types of agent reporting for the same hostname, ensuring that correct network topologies are created (PRB0041654).
  • FIX- Applications installed on a Windows computer that is neither a server nor virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is no longer incorrectly tagged as Terminal Server (TS) applications (PRB0041666). This correction is also supported in Snow Inventory Server version 6.0.1 and higher.
  • FIX- Additional error handling has been added to prevent incorrect processing of application pathnames containing a period (.). Such pathnames are now correctly interpreted, and a corresponding software row for the application is created in the Inventory database (PRB0041931).
  • FIX- If a name cannot be retrieved for a web application, then it is not possible to extract metering for that application. Additional error handling has been added to log such scenarios, ensuring that the Data Update Job no longer fails when it tries to process empty application names, as such entries will no longer be stored in the Inventory database (PRB0041992).
  • FIX- Virtual machines (VMs) running on Red Hat Linux environments are now correctly recognized as such (PRB0042115).
  • FIX- Snowpack files are now processed by Snow Inventory Server in chronological order ensuring that errors logged due to processing on a first come first served basis no longer arise (PRB0040756). This correction is also supported in Snow Inventory Server version 6.0.1 and higher.
5.4.1 (2018-06-28)
  • ENHANCEMENT- All external libraries used by Inventory Server have been updated to maintain compatibility and ensure that the latest vulnerability patches have been applied.
  • FIX- When Inventory Server receives an inventory scan file including a data row with invalid encoding, the row will now be converted with valid encoding (UTF-8) and the scan file will be processed fully.
  • FIX- To limit the scope of user and computer discovery, it is now possible to use LDAP paths with OU (Organizational Unit) and CN (Common Name) fields during the setup of Active Directory Discovery in the Admin Console.
  • FIX- When creating identities for discovered objects, additional parameters are now included in discovery data, improving the ability to uniquely identify devices.
  • FIX- The identity management of Inventory Servers (Master Server and Service Gateways) now prevents new server objects from being created in the Snow Inventory database when hardware information is changed. To delete existing duplicates, please contact our Support.
  • FIX- The values for total disk size and free disk space are now showing correctly in the device overview page in the Admin Console; for drives of types Local Fixed Disk and Fixed Disk Drive.
  • FIX- Naming of processor elements AGENT_LOG and SWID_TAG have been re-aligned with Snow's uppercase naming format.

5.4.0 (2018-04-05)

  • NEW - Simplified migration from Inventory 3 with new upgrade wizard.
  • NEW- Ability to set up a standalone Inventory Server.
  • NEW - New system settings for Inventory Agents for Windows have been added to the Agent Configuration section for turning specific browser extension installations on or off.
  • FIX- Agent Update jobs delayed due to multiple Master Server identities has been corrected and made more robust.
  • FIX- An issue where we stored the names of Oracle option checks instead of Oracle option names as been corrected to store both.
  • FIX- It’s now possible to use passwords that start with special characters when deploying Agents.

5.3.0 (2018-02-08)

  • NEW - Support for new format of cloud-metering rules has been added. In Q1, 2018, the format of cloud-metering rules delivered by Snow’s Software Recognition Service (SRS) will change. To avail of new cloud-metering rules added after the format change requires Inventory Server version 5.3.0 and Windows agent version 5.2.3, or higher. Earlier versions of the Inventory Server and Windows agent will continue to function, but it will not be possible to benefit from the additional cloud-metering rules.
  • NEW - The edition of SQL Server 2017 can now be determined.
  • NEW - Cloud-application metering times will now be reported to Snow License Manager using the local time, instead of UTC – to be consistent with application usage metering, which Snow License Manager shows in local time.
  • NEW - Active Directory discovery scanning can now be cancelled while it is running, by disabling it in the discovery settings of the Admin console.
  • NEW - The garbage collector now removes history data for cloud-application metering in the same way that it removes metering history data for other applications. The number of days data is kept before removal is controlled by the setting DaysOfCumulativeTableHistoryToKeep in Inventory Server module configuration. More information on how to update this parameter is available in the User Guide: Snow Inventory Server.
  • NEW - Performing an agent update from the Admin console wizard now shows the exact the number of devices that will be updated.
  • FIX - Incorrect OS assignment for mobile devices during inventory has been rectified so that installed applications are now showing as expected in Snow License Manager.
  • FIX - Swidtag information from the Linux and macOS agents is now stored correctly ,enabling Snow’s Software Recognition Service to improve identification of application bundles.
  • FIX - The source that the Data Update Job (DUJ) uses to retrieve information about App-V applications has been changed ensure that the DUJ receives unique records.
  • FIX - Agent updates now functions without errors when a computer appears twice in the targeting view.
  • FIX - Install dates prior to Jan 1, 1753 – the default minimum value, will now be ignored by Inventory Server.
  • FIX - Information about mobile devices is now shown correctly in the Device Properties view used by the DUJ.
  • FIX - IBM-related data, such as PVU-values, retrieved from SIM connectors is now stored correctly .
  • FIX - Snow Update Service (SUS) and Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) are no longer installed on a Service Gateway when using the Repair option .
  • FIX - A UI issue for discovery configuration in the Admin console which was causing dropdown-menus to display incorrectly has been corrected.
  • FIX - Where available, full version information (n.n.n) is now stored for inventoried applications, enabling, for example, identification of installed patches/updates of applications across the estate.

5.2.2 (2017-10-27)

  • FIX- Information from Snow Integration Connectors regarding whether a computer is virtual or not is now correctly stored by Snow Inventory Server.

5.2.1 (2017-10-23)

  • FIX- Physical Windows computers with Hyper-V enabled are now correctly set by Snow Inventory Server as: not virtual.

5.2 (2017-09-20)

  • NEW- Saas discovery and usage metering
  • NEW- Azure and Amazon EC2 are now included in the list of supported hypervisor platforms
  • NEW- Visualization of servers in the Admin Console has been improved through the addition of a “Last update” column
  • NEW- For security reasons, the Inventory Server version number has been removed from the server splash screen
  • NEW- To lower the impact on the network, the default network discovery interval has been increased from 30 seconds to 24 hours
  • NEW- LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) paths are now supported for Active Directory discovery
  • NEW- Performance improvements made in SQL data views will reduce the time it takes for the Data Update Job (DUJ) to complete
  • NEW- A new setting (DaysOfCumulativeTableHistoryToKeep) has been added to control the number of days cumulative data
  • FIX- Performance improvements have been made in AD discover
  • FIX- In the Admin Console, the scheduling page has been updated to better reflect the applicable settings in the agent
  • FIX- Virtual applications are now correctly exposed in the Data Update Job

5.1.7 (2017-08-28)

  • NEW- A new setting “HostNameOnly”, has been added to enable identification of computers as unique using just the HostName field. For virtual AIX computers that cannot be identified with the built-in identity model, the default value for this setting is on.
  • NEW- Minor security enhancements have been made to the server splash screen to conform with best practice.
  • NEW- The animated loader in the Configuration Manager has been replaced with a static image.
  • FIX- Web-metering patterns can now be fetched correctly through a Service Gateway.
  • FIX- Processing multiple snowpacks from the same computer is no longer causing issues.
  • FIX- FullName is now updated in the user account when new data comes in.
  • FIX- Time parameters in agent configuration files are now in the format hh:mm, even when minutes are set to zero.

5.1.6 (2017-06-07)

  • NEW - Support for discovery of multiple Active Directory domains. In the Admin Console it is now possible to configure multiple LDAP paths with specific credentials, for both device and user discovery.
  • NEW - Use of TLS 1.2 is now supported by default – no longer requiring a change to registry settings.
  • FIX - Performance improvements for garbage collection module will ensure that it does not timeout, including the possibility to configure the timeout value
  • FIX - AD discovery settings are now stored correctly when modified from the Admin Console
  • FIX - Stability issues when removing a master service in Server Configuration Manager have been remedied

5.1.5 (2017-05-10)

  • NEW - Discovery data from new Snow Integration Connectors for Azure and Amazon EC2 can now be received, and is stored in the Snow Inventory DB. This information can be viewed in the Admin Console and in SLM.
  • NEW - Discovery results obtained from different subnets are now accepted and stored by the Inventory Server.
  • NEW - Additional details about virtual disks and logical disks that are part of virtual disks can now be received and displayed in the Admin Console.
  • NEW - Exporting devices from the Inventory 5 database to an output file, now recreates TSapplications in the same format that the inventory agent. The data in the field “FullVersion” has also been normalized.
  • NEW - Source-information of SIM-connectors can now be used by SRS, using the field “ScannerVersion”.
  • FIX - All valid certificates are now visible in the server configuration manager 
  • FIX - The Inventory Server now generates Oracle Management packs based on raw data in the same way that Inventory Data Processor (IDP) does. This change has been made so that all Oracle Management packs can be read by the daily Data Update Job 
  • FIX - Processing of inventory details now recognizes edition information for SQL Server
  • FIX - Uniqueness of Oracle Databases is now ensured through SnowDbId, which includes the Database ID and the Instance name 
  • FIX - Issues related to deploying the Windows agent from the Admin Console have been fixed
  • FIX - The correct semantic version is now shown in the Inventory server log
  • FIX - Some spelling corrections have been made in the Admin Console

5.1.4 (2017-03-22)

  • NEW - A new stored procedure “DeleteClients” has been created ensure that information deleted from Snow License Manager is deleted in the Inventory database
  • NEW - The data processor now repairs any terminal server version strings that are incorrectly prefixed. For example, it will repair “TS-TS” into “TS-“.
  • FIX - AIX LPARs where the Bios serial number cannot be retrieved are now identified by the hostname 
  • FIX - Improvements made to database views DataSoftwareView2 and vMeteringOnlySoftware will improve performance for the Snow License Manager Data Update Job

5.1.3 (2017-01-26)

  • NEW - Configuration Templates and Powershell Scripts for the Snow Inventory Agent can now be downloaded
  • NEW - Platform and NIC have been added as discovery metadata columns. This information can now be displayed by selecting these columns in the View editor
  • NEW - The admin console now provides feedback while it is busy
  • NEW - When a computer is removed in Snow License Manager it is now removed from Inventory as well
  • NEW - Processing of files from the SIM-connectors BigFix and vSphere has been improved
  • FIX - Version information is now included in the software row for custom regkeys related to SQL server recognition
  • FIX - No errors when merging data from SIM-connector data sources ILMT and Hyper-V
  • FIX - Misspellings causing errors in metering data have been corrected

5.1.2 (2016-12-20)

  • NEW - The SUS update of this release will perform an automatic restoration of historical data pertaining to Terminal Server Applications
  • NEW - Additional database views created.
  • NEW - General security enhancements.
  • NEW - Enhancement in discovery identity, which now allows incomplete network information to be
  • FIX - VMs without a BIOS serial number now show up under Inventory servers in Snow Inventory SnowMACC.
  • FIX - Deployment issues in Admin Console.
  • FIX - Inventory Server is now able to process snowpack files containing SWID tags that lack a root element 
  • FIX - Inventory data from OSX that includes invalid characters, such as &, in the software row are now processed.
  • FIX - Graphs for "Agent with latest version" now display the correct information in the Admin Console.
  • FIX - When network adapter scanning is turned off, inventory now works as expected network adapter information in not included in the scan. 
  • FIX - The SUS update of this release will perform an automatic fix of incorrect historical data pertaining to Virtual Machines and data centers.  

5.1.1 (2016-12-01)

  • NEW - To enhance security, the server name and build number have been removed from the Inventory server splash screen
  • NEW - The visibility of long text values has been improved on the device summary page
  • NEW - A clarification has been added in the agent configuration wizard to show which OS’s are eligible for software exclude
  • FIX - The relationship between physical hosts and virtual machines updates correctly following a new scan (ServiceNow 0001264, 0001272)
  • FIX - Terminal Server applications are stored correctly (ServiceNow 0001322)
  • FIX - In addition, a few improvements have been made in the Admin console and Server configuration manager interfaces.

5.1 NEW VERSION (2016-11-14)

  • NEW - Added user discovery possibilities
  • NEW - Copying of both stock and custom views
  • NEW - The network discovery configuration now allows adding ip-ranges outside of the service gateways own subnet.
  • NEW - All memory details in the Devices/Hardware/Memory-grid are now shown with two decimals
  • NEW - Chart on Overview-page renamed to “Device inventory status”
  • NEW - Database internal field “AssignedID” was removed from the discovery view filters
  • NEW - All discovery views are now sorted alphabetically
  • NEW - On the device summary page, the “Agent scheduled”-field is replaced by “Last scan date” and shows the last date and time that the agent performed a scan.
  • NEW - The “Is reachable”-column on the discovery views is shown as “Yes” and “No” instead of “1” and “0”
  • NEW - When creating or modifying a view, this view is now automatically selected when saving it
  • NEW - When adding specific devices to an agent update, it is now possible to select multiple items at a time
  • FIX - "Show details" not opening on "Inventory servers"-node if not opened the first time
  • FIX - Edit-button should always be disabled if not available
  • FIX - Fixed a defect where Microsoft SQL Server edition was not identified properly
  • FIX - Environment variables from Linux computers are not shown in Admin Console
  • FIX - Service account needs “log on as service”-rights, clarification made in the GUI of Inventory Server Configuration Manager

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for further details

3.2.1 SP1 (2012-02-01)

  • NEW - Setup package includes the new Snow Inventory Client for Windows, version 3.4
  • NEW - Support for Oracle scanning (database update)
  • NEW - Support for App-V scanning (database update)
  • NEW - Includes all database updates used by the IDP and Snow License Manager 2011

3.2.1 (2010-05-24)

  • NEW - Server back-end now only process files within the time specified in BackendStartTime and BackendStopTime
  • NEW - Support for MS SQL Server 2000 detection (requires SP4)
  • NEW - OpenSSL DLLs has been updated to version 0.9.8k
  • FIX - Export to Excel from Inventory Overview
  • FIX - Filters were not read correctly causing syntax errors in some situations

3.2.1 (2010-03-22)



Product name: Snow Inventory AD Discovery
Current version: 1.0.00
Build: 12018
Distribution method: Setup package

1.0.00 (2014-04-29)



Product name: Snow Inventory Agent for Windows
Current version: 6.1.0
Distribution method: SUS package.

6.1.0 (2019-03-14)

  • NEW-Browser extension for Microsoft Edge.
    • Security hardening through compilation options.
    • Reduced memory usage for web metering rules.
    • Enhanced script-tampering protection.
    • Diagnostics enabler for cloud application metering.
    • Hardening of dll search path.
    • When no value is set for encryption path in snowagent config the default value now points to the correct folder.
    • Issues related to invalid metering data collected from computers that are locked at midnight or locked when the agent runs the scheduled scan have been resolved, ensuring that all data collected by the agent is processed. 
    • Logging of registry entry errors arising due to the 32-bit version of the agent looking in the 64-bit registry for install/uninstall data have been corrected. The agent now searches the correct registry based on its architecture.
    • Product keys for Windows 8 and higher are now correctly extracted from the target machine. ▪ The number of monitors connected to a machine and their resolution is now correctly reported in inventory scans.

6.0.2 (2018-10-23)

  • A new agent configuration setting has been added, http.timeout. This setting defines the timeout value, in seconds, for requests to the server endpoint and has a default value of 15 seconds.
  • A newer version of the third-party CPUID module has been included, which has improved CPU detection for:
    • Intel 9th generation Core family (Coffee Lake 9900K, 9700K, 9600K, 9600, 9500 and 9400).
    • Intel Coffee Lake-U processors.
    • Intel Z390.
    • AMD ThreadRipper 2000.

5.3.1 (2018-10-23)

  • A newer version of the third-party CPUID module has been included, which has improved CPU detection for:
    • AMD desktop Raven Ridge APU (AM4)
    • Intel Coffee Lake processors and Z370 platform
    • Intel Skylake-X HCC processors
    • Intel Xeon Skylake-SP and Xeon/W Skylake processors
    • Intel Xeon Phi Knight Landing Intel 9th generation Core family (Coffee Lake 9900K, 9700K, 9600K, 9600, 9500 and 9400).
    • Intel Coffee Lake-U processors.
    • Intel Z390.
    • AMD ThreadRipper 2000.

6.0.0 (2018-10-02)

  • New- Support for additional types of inventory information.
  • ENHANCEMENT- To reduce memory usage, the agent service is no longer restarted every six hours.
  • ENHANCEMENT- To ensure that the Windows agent can determine when to trigger a scan, the agent stores the timefor next scan on the local machine. If the agent is started and the stored time has passed is used to determine whether the scan time has passed. If so, a scan is carried out immediately. (PRB0041545).
  • ENHANCEMENT- A newer version of the third-party CPUID component has been included, which has improved CPU detection for:
    • AMD desktop Raven Ridge APU (AM4)
    • Intel Coffee Lake processors and Z370 platform
    • Intel Skylake-X HCC processors
    • Intel Xeon Skylake-SP and Xeon/W Skylake processors
    • Intel Xeon Phi Knight Landing
  • ENHANCEMENT- The agent can now be updated to a newer version directly from Inventory Server – even if it is not installed in the default location.
  • ENHANCEMENT- The following file attributes are now included in the scan result: product_name, product_version, original_filename and file_description.
  • FIX- The setting to enable scanning on all local disks (<LocalDisk>) has been deprecated. We have added a new setting, Software-Include, which will function together with the existing Software-Exclude configuration settings. If Software-Include paths are present in the agent configuration file, the agent will scan the specified paths. If Software-Include paths are not set, the agent will scan all local disks. If Software-Exclude paths are included, these spaces will not be included in the scan. (PRB0041267).
  • FIX- Physical memory slot information is now gathered correctly (PRB0041345).
  • FIX- The Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) now runs correctly even if the inventory agent is running from a different working directory. The SIOS executable, however, needs to be placed in the same folder as the agent (PRB0041359).
  • FIX- Lingering application metering data for applications that have been removed no longer causes software rows to be created for the removed application (PRB0041428, PRB0041710).
  • FIX- Memory leak issues when running App-V applications have been resolved (PRB0041894).
  • FIX- A problem with identifying the display adapter has been resolved (PRB0041604).
  • FIX- The agent can now update itself correctly when the service path and exe path has different cases (PRB0041656).

5.3.0 (2018-04-05)

  • NEW- Cloud application metering and discovery for internet explorer 11
  • NEW- Cloud application metering and discovery for mozilla firefox
  • NEW- Changes have been made to the chrome extension to ensure consistent behavior with other supported Snow browser extensions.
  • NEW- All extensions (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox) can now be separately enabled/disabled by using the respective settings, saas.ie11.enabled and saas.firefox.enabled in the Agent configuration.
  • FIX- The Inventory Agent service no longer hangs when starting the agent service on a Citrix Server.

5.2.4 (2018-03-21)

  • FIX - Command-line update for uninstall of Inventory agents.

5.2.3 (2017-12-11)

  • NEW- Support for new format of cloud-metering rules.

5.2.2 (2017-10-16)

  • NEW- The field IsVirtual has been added to the client tag in the inventory scan result. This field will be set to true if a hypervisor is detected on the scanned machine, and false otherwise.
  • NEW- The field UTC-offset has also been added. It stores the time zone of the local computer enabling dates and times to be presented in any format.
  • NEW- A newer version of the third-party CPUID component is included in the agent. This version
    has improved CPU detection for:
    o Intel Kaby Lake processors
    o AMD Embedded G and R-series processors
    o AMD Bristol Ridge processors
    o AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 support
    o DMP Vortex86 DX3
    o AMD Threadripper
    o Intel SKL-X.
  • NEW- The setting hardware.scan.enable_cpuid has been added to disable use of the third-party component CPUID.
  • NEW- For privacy reasons, the software metering data (temporarily stored by the agent) is now obfuscated.
  • NEW- Drop location endpoints can now be configured without specifying the full URL. If it is missing, the suffix api/receiver/receive will be automatically appended to the URL of a drop location endpoint.
  • FIX- Command prompt windows popping up during login no longer occurs.

5.2.1 (2017-09-05)

  • FIX - The run counter is now reported correctly for software usage metering. Previously, a bug introduced in version 5.1.0 and included also in versions 5.1.1 and 5.2.0 have caused both fields “Run” and “Per run” to show up incorrectly in Snow License Manager.
  • FIX - An issue with parsing of the web application patterns file has been resolved.
  • FIX- A potential risk with a non-threadsafe pointer in web application metering has been mitigated 

5.2.0 (2017-07-19)

  • NEW - HYPERVISOR DETECTION FOR MICROSOFT AZURE AND AMAZON EC2: This version of the Snow Inventory agent for Windows provides additional hypervisor detection for Azure and Amazon EC2 environments. Specifically, the Manufacturer/Model fields will be set to Microsoft/Azure or, Inc./Elastic Cloud 2.
  • FIX - If the time setting for inventory scheduling in the configuration file is invalid, the agent defaults scheduling to 09:00.
  • FIX - The error-handling mechanism for loss of network connectivity during data transmission has been improved to ensure that the agent service continues to run.
  • FIX - Compatibility issues with older versions of Windows such as Windows 2003 and XP have been corrected.
  • FIX - A problem with impersonation no longer causes the agent to stop scanning. 

5.1.1 (2017-06-19)

  • NEW - New configuration setting <Environment><Ignore> can be used to exclude specified environment variables from the scan result.
  • NEW - All memory allocations based on external inputs are now validated.
  • FIX - Randomization parameters included in the scheduled inventorying of machines are now working properly.
  • FIX - MachineSID is now being picked up correctly. Previously, an incorrect value could cause unique machines to be merged.

5.1.0 (2017-05-10)

  • NEW - Details of SSD-disks are now included in the scan result
  • NEW - Version information for Windows 10 now contains the full OS version number (previously only the major and minor release numbers were provided, such as 10.0)
  • NEW - Inventory Agents deployed from the Snow Inventory Admin Console can now be uninstalled locally from the local Windows control panel.
  • FIX - System setting names that are misspelled when manually editing the snowagent.config no longer causes the values of the first system setting in the configuration file to be overridden
  • FIX - Details for “SQL server 2012 Windows internal database” missing, no longer creates a false positive hit for a SQL server in Snow License Manager 
  • FIX - All App-V applications are now included in the scan result

5.0.2 (2016-12-14)

  • NEW - Added reporting of memory module information
  • NEW - Added Snow agent as a software row in the scan result
  • NEW - Normalized version reporting from the agent
  • NEW - Improved command line option help text for -package argument
  • FIX - Improved stability while doing software scanning, related to an issue reported when performing a scan on Citrix servers

5.0.1 (2016-10-10)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where custom registry keys were not included in the scan result

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for Inventory 5 for further details

3.7.06 (2017-05-29)

  • NEW - All App-V applications are now included in the scan result 

3.7.05 (2016-06-07)

  • NEW - Integration with Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) 2.3, including updated Oracle database inventory scripts.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where not all App-V 5 packages were picked up during registry scanning (D6819)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with the “NetAdapter” configuration setting not excluding all network adapter information from the generated inventory file (D6397)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the client incorrectly scanned network paths if shortcuts to the location existed on the start menu (D6160)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where an informational message was logged as an error in the client log file (D5547)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with the processor scanning that could in some environments freeze the scanner.exe (D5266)

3.7.04 (2016-03-14)

  • FIX - Software rows are now added for all metered Windows processes if a related executable is found locally on the computer. This solves an issue where applications in Snow License Manager were considered not to be installed due to missing software rows (F6891)
  • FIX - An issue solved where specific executables were not picked up by software scanning. (D5893, D5785 & D1954)
  • FIX - EAn issue solved where device names were not picked up correctly in Citrix XenDesktop environments. (D5583)

3.7.03 (2015-10-23)

  • FIX - Fixed issue where invalid XML characters were found in the generated inventory file (D3397, D3225, D1564)
  • FIX - Improved registry scanning for App-V 5 Applications (D4680)
  • FIX - Environmental variables and printers are now correctly picked up (D4147, D2461)
  • FIX - Improved functionality to recognize installation dates for applications (D3990)
  • FIX - Client only picks .sys2 files when adding SYS2 to ScanInclFileExtList (D3199)

3.7.02 (2014-12-18)

  • NEW - Enhanced support for Microsoft App-V, version 5
  • FIX - In rare case scenarios the Scanner.exe terminated (1541, 2167, 3069, 3495, 3728)

3.7.01 (2014-11-18)

  • NEW - Enhanced support for Oracle 12C
  • FIX - Client does not generate Software rows for Services (3595)
  • FIX - ExcludeFolder under [Metering] not working (3419)
  • FIX - Oracle scanning in Windows client - no data written to XML (3301)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Incorrect sqlplus syntax in combination with Oracle Database version 9i (3507)

3.7.00 NEW VERSION (2014-05-19)

  • Please read the Release Notes for details about new features. Found on
  • FIX – Setting: CollectSoftwareInfo=no,  software info still inventoried (D1305)
  • FIX – Setting: CollectHardwareInfo=no,  hardware information still inventoried. Note that, it’s not possible to disable BIOS and network hardware scan, since this information is required to establish a unique client ID (D1461)
  • FIX – ERROR C:\Program Files\INVENTORYCLIENT\Scanner64.exe" /RUN' (0). The operation completed successfully. (D2439)
  • FIX – Issue with scan schedule if scan overlaps 00:00 (day shift) when randomize is used (D1763)
  • FIX –The Windows Client (version 3.6.02) occasionally crashes on Windows Server 2003 R2 with error message: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. (D2822)
  • FIX – Processes started in a locked active user sessions are continuously logged as metering when client restarts (D3214)

3.6.02 (2014-02-03)

  • FIX – Incorrect CPU information from specific Intel processor models (2402)
  • FIX – Issue with scheduling in the Inventory Client for Windows (2259)
  • FIX – Inventory files not deleted if “failover sending” is used (1352)
  • NEW – New way to handle non-overlapping process intervals (3319)

3.6.01 (2013-12-09)

  • FIX – Client unable to get version information from Sage Accounts Production Advanced (1535)
  • FIX – Windows versions 6.3.xxxx identified as 6.2.9200 (1600)
  • FIX – Client does not return on arguments when running standalone on Windows XP (1622)
  • FIX – Driver makes Tivoli Storage Management throw errors since the file cannot be found (1822)
  • FIX – Error in log file upon scan causing the scanner to crash (1886)
  • FIX – Scanner runs endlessly with a very high CPU load (1958)

3.6.00 NEW VERSION (2013-10-30)

3.5.01 (2013-09-20)

  • NEW – Extensive support for auto proxy config with HTTP fallback (F2804)
  • FIX – Fix a problem that application metering is not showing up as expected. Fix the metering issue from a client perspective, and delivers identical information from both metering and software (D1410)

3.5.00 NEW VERSION (2013-03-20)

  • Please read the Release Notes for details.

3.4.04 (2013-01-26)

  • FIX – Incorrect property test for installed Oracle DP Packs
  • FIX – Link OCI Runtime
  • FIX – Handles in Inventory TS metering client no being released properly (1190)

3.4.03 (2012-11-20)

  • FIX – Username and Full name in SnowDB do not match (977)
  • FIX – Scanner cannot load CPUID due to insufficient user privileges (947)
  • FIX – Uninstall via GPO locks up the system on boot up (921)
  • FIX – Client.exe crash after agent upgrade is deployed (804)

3.4.02 (2012-09-10)

  • FIX - Bug in CPUIDSDK that caused Inventory processor scanning to crash (837)
  • FIX - Formatting bug in logging format (836)
  • FIX - Issue with logon history logging (824)
  • FIX - Issue with missing registry information, specifically Office 2010 Home and Business and Adobe Creative Suite 5 (819)

3.4.01 (2012-06-20)

  • FIX - Printer and environment variables no longer get lost due to low login activity (782)
  • FIX - Support for Inventory Data Receiver (IDR) HTTPS traffic (779) (Only certificates issued by a trusted root CA are accepted by the client)
  • FIX - Support for disabling WinHTTP proxy configuration (778)
  • FIX - Fixed bug that caused the randomized scheduled to not work properly (735)
  • FIX - Fixed bug that caused two identical UIDs two be generated by two distinct virtual machines (640)

3.4.00 (2012-05-10)

  • FIX - Support for HTTPS when using IDR

3.4.00 (2012-03-16)

  • FIX - Logging size issues when using log level 4
  • FIX - Client gathers login history upon first start-up (595)
  • FIX - Operating system names missing one letter (596)
  • FIX - FullUserName missing Swedish characters in both Client and LoginUser element (636)

3.4.0  NEW VERSION (2012-02-01)

  • NEW - Support for scanning of App-V packages
  • NEW - Support for scanning Oracle databases
  • NEW - Reduced client size
  • NEW - Improved standardized MSI-packaging with re-install/upgrade support
  • NEW - Improved processor information extraction
  • NEW - Improved overall software stability
  • FIX - Client scan and update time randomize function is not randomizing (148)
  • FIX - Update client configuration corrupts client.ini (524)
  • FIX - Service stopped after client update (290)
  • FIX - Scan after installations doesn't work on certain dates (291)
  • FIX - Installations on Windows 2003 fail (439)
  • FIX - Proxy setting do not apply to update (518)
  • FIX - Proxy handling for IDR not working (519)
  • FIX - Deny function not working in Windows 7 (146)
  • FIX - Scan Schedule ATLOADING - Not working properly (571)
  • FIX - RunCommand: No Security Token (150)
  • FIX - Weekly scan not working (169)
  • FIX - Inventory tries to upload to server every 30 seconds (238)
  • FIX - ScanSchedule=ATLOGON not working properly (264)
  • FIX - InventoryClient scanner.exe crash (277)
  • FIX - BiosSerialNumber in client table 50 chars (281)
  • FIX - Inventory scanner crash on all computers for one customer (289)
  • FIX - Improved full user name scan support

3.2.1 (2010-04-02)

  • NEW - 64-bit client
  • NEW - Data upload by proxy server. If this fails, another attempt without the proxy will take place
  • NEW - Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • NEW - Support for uploading data to Snow IDR server (web service)
  • FIX - Http/https prefix for IDR uploads
  • FIX - Anonymous scans now also removes user names from environment variables
  • FIX - Portable computer detection did fail in some cases
  • FIX - Client deployment had some issues when upgrading an existing client
  • FIX - Memory modules over 2GB not correctly detected
  • FIX - Number of processor cores not correctly detected for certain processors
  • FIX - Retrieving all environment variables (system and user)

3.2.1 (2010-03-22)



Product name: Snow Inventory Agent for Unix
Current version: 6.0.2
Distribution method: Snow Update Service or Setup package

6.0.2 (2018-12-12)

  • FIX-Solaris 11 uses two commands to retrieve information about software installed on a machine, one of which gathers data about legacy packages. The Unix Agent has been updated to mimic the operating system behavior, and now runs the legacy command in addition to the standard pkg info command, and collates the result to provide a more comprehensive inventory. 
  • FIX-The agent now includes additional error-handling to process filenames retrieved by the Solaris package manager. When the agent encounters filenames that include characters outside of the POSIX standard, it now completes processing and creates a valid snowpack file containing inventory data. 
  • FIX-SPARC64 processors are now being recognized correctly by the agent.
  • FIX-Unix file commands executed by the agent that return more data than standard error is set to manage previously caused the agent to wait indefinitely. Additional error-handling has been added to the agent to prevent it from waiting in such scenarios.
  • FIX-The version number for the Solaris 10 operating system is now inventoried correctly. 

6.0.0 (2018-09-19)

  • NEW- Support for additional types of inventory information.
  • ENHANCEMENTS- To ease troubleshooting, the agent now logs the full pathnames of the locations it scans.
  • FIX- Logging of syslog can now be enabled and disabled using the Syslog setting in the logging section of the agent configuration file.
  • FIX- Support for Isof command has been added to resolve paths on PA RISC /HP UX machines when the pfiles are missing from their expected location.
  • FIX- When a connection to the Inventory Server fails, the agent now logs an error instead of a warning in the log file.

5.0.4 (2017-10-11)

  • NEW- The performance of the software scanner has been improved to lower the time needed by the agent. 
  • NEW- The request header sent to the server now includes the site name. This can in the future help the Inventory Server to block unwanted agents to send files.
  • NEW- A new configuration setting can be used to exclude specified environment variables from the scan result.
  • NEW- Additional logging on file system information during software scanning has been added.
  • NEW- The Configname-attribute is now included in the Client-tag of the inventory file.
  • FIX- The agent can now connect correctly to Oracle 9i databases.
  • FIX- The correct exit code is now returned.

5.0.3 (2017-01-26)

  • NEW - Help text is now available through the command line argument ‘-h’ aligning with agents for other platforms (MacOS, Linux, and Windows)
  • NEW - Running the Unix agent without command line arguments performs a scan, even if connection is not available to Inventory Server. The scan now runs as soon as the connection becomes available.

5.0.2 (2016-11-30)

  • NEW - Mount points that cannot be read during disk scanning are ignored
  • NEW - Normalized version reporting from the agent
  • FIX - Capability to detect type of sun4v processor is now included in scan

5.0.1 (2016-10-19)

  • NEW - Less memory usage during file scanning
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where file scanning was not working properly
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where ClientVersion attribute was not included in scan result

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for Inventory 5 for further details

2.0.03 (2016-08-26)

  • NEW - Added the ability to configure environment variables in the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) configuration file
  • NEW - Added ability to configure an Oratab file in the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) configuration file. When OracleHome is not set for an instance, the application will read the specified Oratab file
  • NEW - Added support for TNS (Transparent Network Substrate) login to Oracle databases. It can be enabled by configuring the “User UseTNS” value in the configuration file.  When set to false or left out, the normal DB authentication will be used
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where running processes were not picked up correctly during software scan on HP-UX machines

2.0.02 (2016-05-26)

  • NEW - Integration with Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) 2.3, including updated Oracle database inventory scripts
  • FIX - Fixes an issue where hardware information was not picked up correctly on HPUX (D5453)

2.0.01 (2016-02-04)

  • NEW - Enhanced detection of IBM software by added support for inventory of .SYS2-files 
  • NEW - Configured exclusion patterns are now applied to inventory data gathered from the package manager and running processes
  • NEW - Improved stability for recursive file scans
  • FIX - Corrected an issue where the hostname was reported as FQDN (D6215)

2.0 (2016-01-22)

  • NEW - File system scanning - The Unix agent now support files system scanning on all supported UNIX platforms (AIX, SOLARIS and HP-UX)
  • NEW - Enhanced inventory capabilities in AIX environments
  • NEW - Support for IBM WPAR
  • FIX - The Unix agent now collects all IP Addresses assigned to all network cards in the server (D4408).
  • FIX - Corrected an issue where the prtconf command sometimes failed to complete successfully in AIX (D4414)
  • FIX - Corrected an issue where information failed to be gathered from the package manager in Solaris (D4522)

1.1.03 (2015-04-29)

  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - The Oracle scanner did not manage inventory on all database instances on SAP systems in automatic mode (4332)

1.1.02 (2015-03-04)

  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Not reading the full Unix user name (3942, 4108)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Oracle inventory occasionally failes with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception (4075)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Trailing slash "/" in ORACLE_HOME causes issue with Autodiscover (4077)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - No oracle data collected when Unix client runs from Cron as root user (4126)

1.1.01 (2014-11-18)

  • NEW - Enhanced support for Oracle 12C
  • FIX - Unix client crashes on some Solaris servers when inventorying running processes (3499)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Incorrect sqlplus syntax in combination with Oracle Database version 9i (3507)

1.1.00 NEW VERSION (2014-04-24)

1.0.00 NEW VERSION (2014-02-12)


Product name: Snow Inventory Agent for macOS
Current version: 6.0.1
Distribution method: Snow Update Service and MSI package


  •  FIX- Corrected a bug that caused the agent to not be able to create inventory files, if the script-output folder is missing.
  • ENHANCEMENT- A new agent configuration setting has been added, http.timeout. This setting defines the timeout value, in seconds, for requests to the server endpoint. The default value is 15 seconds.


  • Enhancement- Official support for macOS Mojave
  • Enhancement- To align with Apple’s announcement that support for applications built on 32-bit architecture will cease, the macOS agent are now built with a 64-bit architecture.
  • Enhancement- Scanning of environment variables can now be enabled/disabled, using the system setting software.scan.environmentvariables in agent configuration. This parameter is enabled by default.
  • Enhancement- Functionality to detect and gather information about NVMe-disks on newer MacBooks has been added to the agent. Full utilization of this functionality is dependent on an upcoming release of Inventory Server.
  • Enhancement- The agent can now gather detailed information from the APFS file system introduced in macOS High Sierra.
  • Enhancement- The curl library has been updated to maintain compatibility and ensure that the latest vulnerability patches included in these libraries are applied, such as the most recent release of the communication protocol TLS 1.2.
  • Enhancement- The request header sent to the server now includes site name. In the future, this data will enable the Inventory Server to block unwanted agents more efficiently.
  • Enhancement- The capability to gather information from local disks has been upgraded to support new Apple file systems and hardware. Full utilization of this functionality is dependent on an upcoming release of Inventory Server (PRB0041131).
  • FIX- The agent now reports the correct number of physical cores when Hyper-Threading is enabled on the machine being scanned. (PRB0040911).
  • FIX- If BIOS date is unavailable, this field will remain empty – overriding the previous solution, which assigned it with the scan date (PRB0041129).
  • FIX- The agent no longer causes a segmentation error when the running update-package command is run from the command line (PRB0041672).
  • LIMITATION- This version is compatible with Inventory Server 6.0.0 and later.
  • LIMITATION- Version 10.7 and earlier versions of OSX are not supported.

5.1. 0 (2017-04-10)

  • NEW - OFFICE365 SUBSCRIPTION DETECTION: This feature identifies whether a Microsoft Office 2016 installation belongs to an Office 365 subscription. The agent includes a trace in the scan result that the Software Recognition Service (SRS) can map to an Office 365 subscription in Snow License Manager.
  • NEW - VIRTUAL DISKS AND THEIR LOGICAL DISKS: Both virtual disks and their related logical disks are now included in the scan results
  • NEW - Enhanced precision in memory usage statistics
  • NEW - Running the command snowagent version now results in normalized reporting of the version
  • NEW - Files are now always opened in read-only mode during file scanning.
  • FIX - Misspelling of system setting names while editing the snowagent.config no longer overrides the value of the first system setting in the configuration file (PR0001298).

5.0 (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for Inventory 5 for further details

2.3.03 (2016-05-26)

  • NEW - Fixes an issue where the xClient created invalid metering data when the executable were running past midnight (D2031)

2.3.02 (2015-11-04)

  • NEW - Support for Mac OS X, version 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • FIX - An issue fixed where usage data was not picked up for some applications (D4997)

2.3.01 (2015-06-24)

  • NEW - Support for Mac OS X, version 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • FIX - Fix for exception message “Failed Assertion” (D3654)
  • FIX - Leaving out the trailing slash ( / ) in the SkipFolder parameter in the configuration file will not create a new folder (D3781)
  • FIX - Correct collection of model information, BIOS serial number, BIOS date and BIOS version (D3404)

2.3.00 NEW VERSION (2014-03-07)

  • NEW - Scan SWID tags
  • NEW - Optimized JAR scanner
  • NEW - Support for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • FIX - OS X Client full username not logged by client (D1197)
  • FIX - Domain users presented as local users and local admins (D1354)

2.2.00 NEW VERSION (2013-02-06)

  • NEW - Support for communication with the Inventory Data Receiver (IDR) over HTTPS (F322)
  • NEW - Support for presenting hardware details of SAS harddrives (D943)
  • NEW - Support for scanning FileVault encrypted partitions (F1889)
  • NEW - Support for reporting the VolumeSerialNumber of logical disks (F1827)
  • NEW - New setting - Configurable hardware inventory (F1392)
  • New configuration options added to specify which hardware to inventory
  • NEW - New setting - Hide specific users (F1441)
  • New configuration option added to skip generic/system users such as root, _securityagent, and admin within the inventory result
  • NEW - New setting – Skip computer hostname in usernames (F1560)
  • New configuration option to exclude the computer hostname in the username for all local user accounts. This applies to both software metering and login history.
  • NEW - The client will by default exclude scanning of MTMFS and DEVFS file systems.
  • NEW - The client will by default exclude scanning of these paths: /sys /dev /tmp /boot /usr/include /usr/share /usr/src /var /.MobileBackups /.Spotlight-V100 /.Trashes
  • FIX - Microsoft Office 2004 is not found during the software inventory (D876)
  • FIX - The wrong attributes could be set on the directory “/usr/local/bin” after installation if the folder did not exist prior to installation (D944)
  • FIX - Drives could be skipped when using multiple physical drives in combination with anonymous partitions.
  • FIX - xMetering crashes on startup (D929)
  • FIX - xMetering logged unnecessary problems with the configuration file. Rows containing only whitespaces and even [ini segments] was logged as potential problems (D1064)

2.1.05 (2012-07-06)

  • FIX - Setup package fix

2.1.04 (2012-06-26)

  • FIX - Setup package for multi OS (different metering feature versions)

2.1.03 (2012-05-30)

  • NEW - Added more scanned metadata to Snow applications.
  • FIX - Preventing a few error messages from being reported as input devices
  • FIX - Changes regarding metering meta data structure

2.1.02 (2012-05-15)

  • FIX - Change in the error logging after failed communications with the IDR. One ”text bug” fixed and we can now get a little bit more data for tracing communication problems

2.1.01 (2012-05-10)

  • NEW – Removal of old .plist files before updating the client.
  • NEW - Improved handling of metering data.

2.1.00 NEW VERSION (2012-04-10)

  • NEW - Added configuration options [AnonymousIP] and [SkipScripts]
  • NEW - Removed configuration options [SendToWebService], [SendToFile] and [SendToFolder]
  • NEW - Added program arguments [-delay], [-findconfiguration] and [-findstorage]
  • NEW - Improved behavior of configuration option [DestinationFile]
  • NEW - The program argument [-test] is now more verbose
  • NEW - By default exclude scanning of VMHGFS and PANFS file systems
  • NEW - By default exclude scanning of the paths ’/net’ and ’/panfs’
  • NEW - Optimized scanning of software meta data
  • NEW - Improved logic for handling problems with server communication
  • NEW - Improved internal logging system and logging messages
  • NEW - The client reports install date to Client.InstallDate
  • NEW - Dropped support for Snow Inventory 2.x servers
  • NEW - Metering agent rebuilt from scratch to work better with newer versions of OS X
  • NEW - Support for OS X Lion
  • FIX - ”Scanning complete” is now logged even if debug logging is disabled
  • FIX - Potential crash bug in the application metadata reader

2.0.01 (2011-02-01)

  • NEW - Added configuration option [SkipFileSystemType]
  • FIX - ”Scanning complete” is now logged even if debug logging is disabled
  • FIX - Potential crash bug in the application metadata reader

2.0.00 (2010-12-16)



Product name: Snow Inventory Agent for Linux
Current version: 6.0.0
Distribution method: Snow Update Service (version 5) or Setup package

6.0.0 (2018-10-23)

  • NEW-Support for additional types of inventory information.
  • ENHANCEMENT-To ease troubleshooting, the agent now logs the full pathnames of the locations it scans.
  • ENHANCEMENT-OpenSSL library has been updated from version 1.0.2 to 1.0.2n.
  • ENHANCEMENT-cURL library has been updated from version 7.40 to 7.58.0.
  • ENHANCEMENT-Zlib library has been updated from version 1.2.08 to 1.2.11.
  • FIX-Invalid (non UTF-8) characters are no longer included in inventory scan files (snowpack) but are now replaced with the valid character.
  • FIX-The Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) now executes correctly even if the inventory agent is run from a different working directory. The SIOS executable must, however, be placed in the same location as the agent (PRB0041359).
  • FIX-Instead of returning a count of 1, the agent now calculates the correct CPU count for virtualized environments containing multiple Linux virtual servers with identical physical IDs.(PRB0041430)
  • FIX-Amazon Linux AMI versions 2016.03 and 2014.3 are now recognized by the agent.(PRB0041486)
  • FIX-The Model and Manufacturer data are now stored correctly for Parallels desktop Environments

5.2.0 (2018-01-18)

  • NEW-Detection of running processes
  • NEW- To fulfil the requirements for Principle of least Privileges, the inventory agent no longer needs to run as superuser. Instead, the user account running the agent needs sudo access to the specific commands mentioned in the Linux agent user guide.
  • NEW- For performance and stability reasons, the agent now gathers hardware details using dmidecode.
  • NEW- To improve the user experience, detection of Amazon EC2 hypervisor no longer outputs to the terminal window.
  • FIX- Special characters in the InstallDate-column have been corrected to a valid date format. 

5.1 (2017-09-20)

  • NEW - In a Citrix XenServer environment, the agent now detects Hypervisor details, such as Hypervisor name, Manufacturer, and Model
  • NEW - A new setting “ignore_bind_mounts” has been added. When enabled, the agent will not scan bind mounts, under specific conditions
  • NEW - The request header sent to the server now includes site name. In the future, this data will enable the Inventory Server to block unwanted agents from sending files
  • NEW - A new configuration setting <Environment><Ignore> can be used to exclude specified environment variables from the scan result
  • FIX - The setting “http.ssl_verify” now defaults to true, as stated in the user guide
  • FIX - Spelling errors in system setting names made through manual editing of the snowagent.config file no longer cause the first system setting value to be overridden
  • FIX - Inventory details for network adapters are now gathered for Debian 3.2.63-2

5.0.1 (2016-11-30)

  • NEW - Normalized version reporting from the agent
  • NEW - Format of Client Version attribute is now correct in scan result
  • FIX - Open files not scanned. This issue was solved by opening files in read-only mode

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for Inventory 5 for further details

1.9.02 NEW VERSION (2017-02-14)

  • NEW - Added hypervisor-detection for Citrix XenServer. This will enhance Hypervisor, Manufacturer and Model information in Snow License Manager for Xen-virtualized Linux machines.

1.9.01 (2016-11-29)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where open files were not scanned

1.9.0 (2016-10-20)

  • NEW - Improved quality of software recognition for software titles using swtag and swidtag files

1.8.01 (2016-05-26)

  • NEW - Verified compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6.8 Beta
  • NEW - Integration with Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) 2.3, including updated Oracle database inventory scripts
  • FIX - Corrected a problem when fetching the network card interface information on OpenSuSE 13.1 (D5754)
  • FIX - Corrected a problem where xClient did not start on OpenSuSE 13.1, if there were another binary with similar name (D5748)
  • FIX - Corrected a problem when parsing a specific date and time format (D4910)
  • FIX - Corrected a problem where usernames longer than 8 characters were truncated (D4422)

1.8.00 NEW VERSION (2015-09-16)

  • NEW - Support for hardware and software scan on two additional distributions: CentOS and Linux Amazon AMI
  • NEW - Additional file systems to the default network exclusion list: Cifs, fs4 and fuseblk
  • FIX - The inventory file now generates correctly when running the Oracle scan without root (4942 & 4118)
  • FIX - Fixed a problem in the hardware scan that caused a time format error message in the log file (4910)
  • FIX - For some environments the scanning performance has been improved (4729, 4493 & 4912 )
  • FIX - Exclude folder functionality now works as intended (4699)
  • FIX - Fixed a problem with occasional crashes when scanning Jar files. (4473)
  • FIX - Red Hat Linux Server 6.4 now recognized as 64-bit (4465)
  • FIX - Fixed a problem where the client occasionally used too much memory during software scan (4418)
  • FIX - Fixed a problem with a setting to avoid CPU spikes (4331)

1.7.03 (2015-04-30)

  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Not reading the full Linux user name (D3942, D4108, D4015)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Configuring the ORACLE_HOME path with a Trailing slash "/" caused Oracle scanner to fail (D4077)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - The Oracle scanner did not manage inventory on all database instances on SAP systems in automatic mode (D4332)

1.7.02 (2015-03-20)

  • NEW - Software install dates for software now reported from the RPM database

1.7.01 (2015-02-04)

  • NEW - Enhanced support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7, Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 7.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • FIX - Linux machines not reporting NIC (D2369)

1.7.00 NEW VERSION (2014-11-13)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - SUSE edition not detected correctly (D3412)
  • FIX - Oracle Linux 6.x reported as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x (D3352)

1.6.01 (2014-04-24)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - Problems with the SkipFolder and ScanFolder settings (3184) 
  • FIX - Segmentation fault error message occurred when scanning (2599)
  • FIX - The DPKG database is never scanned (2383)
  • FIX - Can't handle destination web service addresses in uppercase (2242)
  • FIX - Operating system information shows incorrectly (2223)
  • FIX - Destination web service address requires a capital I on “Inventory.asmx” (2005)
  • FIX - Only one NIC reported despite more being available (1456)

1.6.00 NEW VERSION (2013-11-20)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - Incorrect number of processors and cores reported on some high-end hardware (D1371)
  • FIX - Only one NIC reported despite more being available (D1456)
  • FIX -.deb install warning: No valid Installed-Size control field (D1698)
  • FIX - In some scenarios the Snow Inventory Client for Linux used a lot of CPU (D1605)
  • FIX - In some scenarios the main user of the computer was not reported correctly.

1.5.00 NEW VERSION (2013-05-08)

  • Please read the Release Notes for details.

1.4.05 (2011-08-23)

  • FIX - The client could leave a transaction lock on some versions of the RPM DB after a scan
  • FIX - Improved logic for handling problems with server communication
  • FIX - You do not have to end the configured paths to the options SetStorageFolder and SetTemporary paths with a ”/”

1.4.04 (2011-08-17)

  • NEW - Added more logging for different problems with server communication
  • FIX - Upgrade problem in our RPM packages

1.4.03 (2011-06-14)

  • NEW - Added configuration option [SkipScripts]
  • NEW - Now the client reports the date it was installed to Client.InstallDate
  • NEW - Added the file system type VMHGFS to the list of file systems to exclude by default
  • FIX - Validation of time stamps break when preparing for communication with an IDR server

1.4.02 (2011-05-27)

  • NEW - Much improved internal logging system. The client now writes a status log of its active modules if the client would crash or receive an ABRT signal
  • FIX - Client tries to scan the RPM database even if DisableRpmScan=yes was set
  • FIX - RPM database reader makes the client crash

1.4.01 (2011-04-19)

  • NEW - Added configuration option [SkipFileSystemType]
  • NEW - Added configuration option [AddLatency]
  • NEW - ”Scanning complete” is now logged even if debug logging is disabled

1.4.00 (2010-12-16)



Product name: Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner
Current version: 6.0.1
Distribution method: Snow Update Service 

6.0.1 (2018-11-21)

  • ENHANCEMENT- Discovery of the ORACLE_HOME for running Oracle Database instances has been enhanced to avoid manual configuration of an oratab file or the ORACLE_HOME variable for each database instance.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Oracle user credentials are no longer passed to sqlplus on the command line.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Initial checks are now carried out on a server to determine if Oracle databases are present. If not, no scanning takes place, improving the response time for Windows environments.
  • ENHANCEMENT- Logging for configuration issues has been improved.
  • FIX- Error handling for NullPointerException when aggregating Options has been improved so that inventory of Oracle databases is no longer incomplete.
  • FIX- Multiple item entries are no longer reported for a database if the scan of another database generates errors.
  • FIX- Debug mode no longer generates corrupted .snowpack files

6.0.0 (2018-10-03)

  • ENHANCEMENT- Additional detection checks have been added to support Oracle options:
    • SPATIAL_VECTOR_ACCELERATION – Spatial and Graph Option
    • ENCRYPT_NEW_TABLESPACES – Advanced Security Option
  • FIX- Triggering the advanced compression option has been corrected to ensure that the capability runs as expected. 
  • Logging of syslog can now be enabled and disabled using the Syslog setting in the logging section of the agent configuration file – applicable for Snow Inventory agents for Unix and Linux.

5.0.1 NEW VERSION (2017-11-02)

  • NEW- Detection checks have been added for a number of Oracle options:
    o Active Data Guard - Global Data Services
    o Advanced Security - Data Redaction
    o Advanced Compression - Heat Map
    o Database Vault - Privilege Analysis
    o Real Application Clusters (RAC) - Quality of Service Management
    o RAC One Node - Quality of Service Management
    o Partitioning - Zone Maps
  • NEW- A new debug setting has been added to the configuration file. When enabled, this setting includes intermediary data gathered from the environment in the resulting snowpack, which
    can be used for diagnostics purposes.
  • NEW- To improve troubleshooting, the log file now contains both the type and message of a thrown exception.
  • FIX- Oracle option names are now reported correctly.
  • FIX- Connection issues with Oracle 9i databases have been resolved by encapsulating logon credentials using quotation marks.
  • FIX- Minor corrections have been made to the scripts used to query the Oracle database.

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • Please read release notes for Inventory 5 for further details

2.3.01 (2016-08-26)

  • NEW - Added the ability to configure environment variables in the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) configuration file
  • NEW - Added ability to configure an Oratab file in the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) configuration file. When OracleHome is not set for an instance, the application will read the specified Oratab file
  • NEW - Added support for TNS (Transparent Network Substrate) login to Oracle databases. It can be enabled by configuring the “User UseTNS” value in the configuration file.  When set to false or left out, the normal DB authentication will be used

2.3.00 NEW VERSION (2016-05-26)

  • NEW -Updated Oracle database inventory scripts

2.2.00 NEW VERSION (2014-11-18)

  • NEW - Discovery of all Oracle Instances on the server
  • FIX - Oracle scanning in Windows client - no data written to XML (3301)
  • FIX - Oracle Scanner - Incorrect sqlplus syntax in combination with Oracle Database version 9i (3507)

2.1.02 (2014-04-24)

  • NEW Principle of least privilege

2.0.00 NEW VERSION (2013-09-25)

  • NEW Discovery of all Oracle Instances on the server
  • NEW Automatic inventory of all Oracle instances on the server
  • NEW Perform Oracle inventory without need for Oracle User/Password
  • NEW Identify clustered Oracle databases
  • NEW Inventory of Oracle Database Product
  • NEW Inventory Oracle Options
  • NEW Inventory Oracle Management Pack
  • NEW Inventory of Oracle Users
  • NEW Inventory of Oracle User Sessions
  • NEW Inventory of Oracle Feature Usage Statistics
  • NEW Detection of clustered oracle databases (RAC/DG)
  • NEW Detection of all cluster nodes in an Oracle Database Cluster.
  • NEW Detect Database Mode (i.e. Online, Read-Only, etc)
  • NEW configuration parameter for inventory of specific database(s)
  • NEW configuration parameter to exclude specific database(s)
  • NEW configuration parameter for use of global Oracle User and Password
  • NEW configuration parameter for use of instance specific Oracle User and Password
  • NEW configuration parameter for OracleHome
  • NEW configuration parameter for output path
  • NEW Enhanced Error reporting

1.9.0 Oracle Scanner for Unix (2012-11-16)
Changes for AMA-york-1.9

  • NEW added tags <ignoreOratab>,<defaultOraclePort>
  • NEW config file entries are now adding params to SIDs found in oratab
  • NEW <oracleHost> and <oraclePort> must be used when listeners are
  • NEW listening on "other" names/IP addresses (not the actual host name)
  • FIX for counting total slots for memory
  • FIX for CPU logic on SPARC
  • Changes for AMA-york-1.8.5
  • FIX corrected code for determining CPU cores on SPARC T-CPUS
  • Changes for AMA-york-1.8.4
  • NEW added support for Solaris zones
  • NEW ignores lines in oratab starting with an asterisk ( '*' )
  • Changes for AMA-york-1.8.3
  • NEW added support for SLES 10 and 11
  • NEW tweaked calls to dmi_decode on Linux
  • FIX for freeswap on AIX

1.8.2 (2012-06-25)

  • FIX - RHEL 4 support caused problems on other platforms


  • NEW - Added configuration parameter for specifying SID:s that should be ignored
  • NEW - Added support for RHEL 4


  • NEW - Added configuration parameters for specifying non-standard ports  for connecting to Oracle (oraclePort and oemPort).
  • FIX - Date formatting in the result file


  • NEW - Improved parsing of the configuration file
  • NEW - Handling for connecting to Oracle Enterprise Manager database
  • NEW - Added 'oracleHost' and 'oemHost' config parameters
  • FIX - More checks for file and directory permissions for result files
  • FIX - SQL-query improvements
  • FIX - Removed all code for getting logical and physical disk info


  • NEW - Support Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • FIX - General bug fixes in the Perl code


  • FIX - General bug fixes in the Oracle PL-SQL scripting


  • FIX - Built against Instant Client
  • FIX - UNClocalPath removed from config file


  • FIX - Correct date format
  • FIX - SQL-modifications


  • NEW - Configuration file simplified (no block with disk type constants)
  • FIX - iscasesensitive and preservescase disabled
  • FIX - systemuilangecode disabled
  • FIX - No longer tries to determine bytes/sector and other low-level disk parameters
  • FIX - Typos fixed in configuration file (delivary->delivery)


  • FIX - Code reviewed
  • FIX - Improved exception management
  • FIX - Improved logging




Product name: Snow Inventory Oracle Middleware Scanner
Current version: 1.0.0
Distribution method: Snow Update Service 

1.0.0 (2018-11-22)


In our commitment to optimizing enterprise software spend and mitigating risk, this first middleware offering from Snow provides inventory data for Oracle WebLogic Server.


Product name: Snow Inventory Data Processor
Current version: 4.6.10
Distribution method: Setup package

4.6.10 (2018-01-03)

  • NEW- Recognition for SQL Server 2017 editions has been added.
  • NEW- Support for the upcoming Snow Integration Connector for Intune has been added.
  • FIX- Length issues associated with Id and ParentId columns length on the Metering, Software and SoftwareChange tables have been resolved.
  • FIX- Deadlocks during the processing of inventory no longer arise.
  • FIX-vSphere and ILMT data now merge correctly.
  • FIX-The vDisplayAdapter view now shows the MaxColor count correctly.
  • FIX-AD objects without a distinguished name no longer cause the processor to crash.
  • FIX-Processing of Registry Key rows missing the Name tag no longer throws an error.
  • FIX-Processing of logical disk rows missing the RemoteName tag no longer throws an error.
  • FIX-Duplicates are no longer being created due to merging issues between ILMT/BigFix and IQuate.
  • FIX-ESX Virtual Machines are no longer being merged, when they should not.

4.6.09 (2016-07-04)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where in some cases the runtime minutes and run counts in the usage data from third party systems were stored incorrectly in the Inventory database. This fix will correct all the incorrect data historically. (D7434)

4.6.08 (2016-06-16)

  • NEW - Enhanced edition recognition for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (F7339)
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where version numbers for ODBC drivers were not being picked up from the Inventory file (D7228)

4.6.07 (2016-05-11)

  • NEW - Increased support for clients to handle data when the same client is reporting from several sources (including new ILMT connectors) (F7076)
  • FIX - Issue resolved where errors were thrown when processing client App-V data from Snow Integration Manager SCCM connector (D6767)
  • FIX - Operating system information for clients coming from the Snow Integration Manager VMWare connector are now correctly updated (D6733)

4.6.06 (2016-02-19)

  • FIX - Oracle Database Express Edition and Standard Edition Two are now recognized correctly (D6220)

4.6.05 (2016-01-22)

  • NEW - Support for processing additional information from AIX
  • FIX - Solved an issue where usage from LanDesk SIM connector was skipped due to incorrect dates (D6093)
  • FIX - Solved an issue where duplicates could be generated for hosts having FQDN as hostname (D6066)
  • FIX - Solved an issue where some data was incorrectly merged when clients report from both iQuate and vSphere SIM connectors (D5751)
  • FIX - Solved an issue where clients running RHEL operating system were incorrectly flagged with a Windows OSType (D5743)
  • FIX - IDP now sets the manufacturer and model information for clients running Solaris Zones (D4604)

4.6.04 (2015-09-22)

  • FIX - An issue solved where terminal server applications in specific scenarios were tied to workstations with a non-server operating system (D5197)
  • FIX - Client information is now merged correctly when combining inventory data from both SCCM and Hyper-V integration connectors (D4555)
  • FIX - Application usage information is now correctly added to the concurrency table (D4223)
  • FIX - Default base date is added as the install date when missing from the inventory file (D4133)
  • FIX - An issue solved where the application checksum could be duplicated in some rare cases in larger platforms (~20 000 seats or more) (D2643)

4.6.03 (2015-06-17)

  • FIX - Software is removed correctly from Snow Inventory database (D4397 & D3969)
  • FIX - Correct numbers of processor cores are shown for Solaris SPARC (D4326)
  • FIX - No errors occur when processing Oracle data when there is duplicate information in the Inventory file (D4313)
  • New feature - New setting is implemented to discard Network adapter information from being processed (F4819)

4.6.02 (2015-03-24)

  • New feature: Weekly Client Processing
  • New feature: Updates in procedures adding Environment variables and Registry keys to enhance performance.
  • New feature: New settings to discard processing of Environment variables, Windows services and Device drivers.
  • FIX - Carriage return and line feed characters displayed in Index message popup (4208)

4.6.01 (2014-12-18)

  • New feature: Support for pre-recognized software
  • FIX - Virtual Software Packages not marked as IsVirtual (4128)
  • FIX - IP-Address not removed in inventory if client reports without IP-Address (3782)
  • FIX - Oracle databases missing instance information in data guard setups (3343)

4.6.00 NEW VERSION (2014-11-13)

  • New feature: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - Microsoft SQL Server Windows Internal Database not identified correctly (D3658)
  • FIX - Encoding problems due to invalid characters in XML file from Linux agents (D3534 & D3315)
  • FIX - Software rows incorrectly marked as removed for TS-Applications (D3314)
  • FIX - License check does not consider client deletes during runtime (D3274)
  • FIX - Debian OS not being parsed correctly (D3265)

4.5.00 NEW VERSION (2014-04-29)

  • NEW - Support for processing Active Directory Discovery data

4.4.02 (2014-04-03)

  • FIX - Several Microsoft SQL server installations are missing edition (2698)
  • FIX - Duplicate virtual machines in datacenter/cluster (3011)
  • NEW - Improved Microsoft SQL Server edition recognition
  • NEW - Software is generated from virtual software packages

4.4.01 (2014-02-03)

  • FIX - Performance issue causing high resource allocation on the SQL Server (2478)
  • FIX - In some cases IDP 4.4 does not remove uninstalled software (2477)
  • FIX - LoginUser without domain name receives wrong information (2287)
  • FIX - Incremental scans processed removes unhanged software (2238)
  • FIX - Inventory Data Processor only picks up one vSphere feature (2140)
  • FIX - Issue with TS metering from Windows Client operating systems (1956)
  • FIX - Problems matching machines reporting with FQDN and hostname from different Inventory sources (1952)
  • FIX - vCustomRegistryKeys shows removed keys (1834)
  • NEW - Limit inventory file size (3294)
  • NEW - LoginUser without domain name receives wrong information (2287)
  • NEW - Add setting for file processing selection (disk or memory) (3292)

4.4.00 NEW VERSION (2013-12-12)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found at
  • FIX - Oracle Database and Database Properties gets merged when using Dataguard
  • FIX - Username gets (N/A) prefix
  • FIX - SQL Edition from custom registry key not working if more than 1 SQL edition/version is installed simultaneously

4.3.01 (2013-09-18)

  • FIX - Use CPU info from Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner when merging data with Snow Inventory Client for Linux 1.5 or older
  • FIX - Includes a correction for a metering issue in the inventory 3.5 agent for windows

4.3.00 NEW VERSION (2013-03-20)

4.2.00 (2012-10-29)

  • FIX - Crash when loading large file lists (932)

4.2.00 NEW VERSION (2012-10-25)

  • NEW - Support for web applications through Snow Inventory Client for Windows

4.1.03 (2012-09-06) CRITICAL UPDATE

  • FIX - IDP creates duplicate entries of hardware items when incremental client scan is used

4.1.03 (2012-08-13)

  • FIX - Not processing FullName of users from LoginUser (637)
  • FIX - Failed to add/update client data: String or binary data would be truncated (673)

4.1.02 (2012-07-27)

  • FIX - Problem with file paths being empty

4.1.02 (2012-07-20)

  • FIX - Oracle option and management pack correction

4.1.01 (2012-01-24)

  • NEW - Support for login history full user name feature in SCCM
  • FIX - Correction for OEM operating systems

4.1.00 (2012-01-02)

  • NEW - Support for Snow Inventory Client 3.4

4.0.06 (2011-12-16)

  • FIX - Correction for virtual package information (3.4 client only)

4.0.06 (2011-12-14)

  • NEW - Added functionality for user name value replacements (domain and suffix)

4.0.05 (2011-11-25)

  • FIX - Critical update for software removal management
  • FIX - Update for handling of duplicate machines

4.0.04 (2011-11-10)

  • FIX - SQL Performance problems when adding software rows

4.0.03 (2011-11-03)

  • NEW - Improved management for EDP client types
  • FIX - Correction for incremental scan management for EDP based clients

4.0.02 (2011-10-31)

  • FIX - Includes new procedure for the Inventory database to better manage TS-software
  • 4.0.01 (2011-10-26)

FIX - Improved handling for data from incremental scans

  • 4.0.00 (2011-06-01)



Product name: Snow Inventory Data Receiver
Current version: 2.1.00
Build: 4864
Distribution method: Setup package

2.1.00 NEW VERSION (2013-04-26)

  • NEW - Possibility to use network credentials to connect to incoming directory (UNC)
  • NEW - Possibility to receive XML-files
  • NEW - Configuration edit dialog

2.0.00 NEW VERSION (2013-03-20)

1.6.00 (2010-02-12)



Product name: Snow Integration Manager
Current version: 5.13.0
Distribution method: Setup package

5.12.0 (2018-11-20)

  • NEW SaaS connector - BMC Remedy
  • NEW SaaS connector - Microsoft Intune
  • NEW - Snow Device Manager – support has been added for the most recent version of Snow’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, Snow Device Manager 6.
  • NEW - HP DDMI – the field IsPortable is now set to True for laptops and portable devices; an additional field, IsTablet, has been added to client element, and the parsing of LogicalDisk entities has been improved.
  • NEW - HP UD – to enrich the data provided by this connector: software metering is now included in the data provided by this connector, the field IsPortable is now set to True for laptops and portable devices; an additional field, IsTablet, has been added to client element, parsing of LogicalDisk entities has been improved, and If available valid filename is extracted for file pathnames ending with a zero.
  • NEW - MobileIron – the connector parameter Username now retrieves its contents from the MobileIron user_id instead of display_name.
  • NEW - Microsoft SCCM v. 2012 – support has been added for SCCM release 1806.
  • NEW - BMC Remedyforce – filtering options for desktops, servers, laptops, logical disks, and optical drives have been added for data gathered from Snow License Manager.
  • FIX - Microsoft SCCM v .2012 – no longer fails aggregation against SCCM 2016.
  • FIX - Azure Discovery – bad request (400) aggregation error no longer arises when retrieving data from Azure.
  • FIX - AirWatch – the connector parameter Username now retrieves its contents from the AirWatch parameter Username instead of FirstName + LastName
  • FIX - HP UD/DDMI – case-sensitivity issues have been removed so that both .xsf and .XSF file extensions can be handled.

5.11.0 (2018-10-16)

  • NEW: In this release of Snow Integration Manager, the SaaS integration connector has been extended to provide support for additional SaaS applications:
    • Tableau Online 
    • TeamSupport 
    • Workplace 
    • ZoHo CRM 
  • FIX - SaaS provider connectors within the SaaS Connector option are now reporting correct import status to SLM.

5.10.0 (2018-10-02)

  • NEW: New SaaS connector - GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar
  • NEW: New SaaS connector - Trello 
  • NEW: New SaaS connector - ServiceNow Discovery
    • Users whose most recent login is more than 3 months ago are now included in the data extracted by this connector.
    • The connector now extracts data for:
      • Drives other than hard-disks, such as CD-ROMs, and floppy-disks, as a physical disk element
      • Environment variables, such as the location of user profiles
      • OS services, such as the name and location of operating-system services
    • Parsing virtual machine elements now correctly identifies the entity as virtual
    • Additional data is extracted for software elements
  • NEW - HP UD: HP-Universal Discovery (UD) (Formerly known as HP-DDMI) – a new connector has been added to reflect the product name change by the vendor. This connector currently provides the same functionality as HP DDMI.
  • NEW - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: 
    • Support has been added for version 4.x.
    • A checkbox – Exclude Powered Off Hosts – has been added to the configuration pane to enable filtering of disabled hosts. 
    • A checkbox has been added to the configuration pane to enable the connector instance name to be used as the default name for the data center.
  • NEW - SaaS Dropbox - Now uses v2 of get_events API call.
  • NEW - ServiceNow CMDB/Catalog:
    • To ease the configuration process, the configuration pane has been separated into two tabs, one for Snow License Manager and ServiceNow.
    • Additional settings have been added to the configuration of Snow License Manager:
    • A checkbox – Wait for the Data Update Job to finish – has been added. 
    • A checkbox – Change Page Queue Size – has been added. 
    • A dropdown selector – ServiceNow upload batch size – has been added
  • NEW - ServiceNow CMDB:
    • The checkbox – Include computer applications – has been added to include computer applications in the data extracted. This option is checked by default.
    • The data fields – Status (Active, in active, quarantined), LastScanDate (2016-09-19 14:49:27.300) and IsServer (true/false, 1/0)) –  have been added to computer entities.
  • NEW - ServiceNow Catalog:
    • The data field – OperatingSystemType (Windows, Linux..) – has been added to application entities
  • NEW - BMC Remedyforce:
    • To reduce the time it takes to gather computer applications from the Snow License Manager database, the connector has been updated to utilize Snow License Manager API computer applications v2.
    • Changed connector name from Remedyforce to BMC Remedyforce to reflect the correct product name and align with our naming convention for BMC connectors.
  • NEW - VMware vSphere:
    • The text on the checkbox option Exclude templates has been changed to Exclude VM Templates and the text Exclude Powered Off to Exclude Powered Off Hosts. Both options are checked by default.
  • FIX - Box connector
    • The field space_used has been changed from a 32-bit to a 64-bit integer, this removed aggregation error for large environments (PRB0041734)
    • Enterprise events are now being fetched correctly. (PRB0041735)
  • FIX - Wrike connector
    • Labels and text boxes are now properly aligned in the settings window.
  • FIX - ZenDesk connector:
    • To reduce the amount of data gathered, and the issues for customers with many ZenDesk users, this connector now fetches data about billable users only.  (PRB0041882)
  • FIX - Microsoft Office 365 connector:
    • For service provider edition, when the login credentials for the Office-365 connector cannot be validated, an error is raised.
    • Reading e-mail and Skype reports that include a comma between quotation marks no longer raise an error.
  • FIX - Microsoft SCCM v.2012:
    • Changes made by the user under the Data source options tab in connector configuration are now saved properly.
  • FIX - IBM BigFix connector:
    • The timeout for Bigfix API calls has been raised from 3 to 15 minutes.
    • The parameter holding the total number of runs for software has been changed from a 32-bit to a 64-bit integer to allow max runs to exceed 2,147,483,647.
  • FIX - Microsoft Hyper-V:
    • When System Center VMM server is selected, an additional panel is activated enabling you to use the name of the VMHostGroup or the  HostCluster.
  • FIX - ServiceNow CMDB/Catalog:
    • We have done changes to error handling for test connection when either system or manual proxy is enabled so that it gives correct feedback to the user.

5.9.0 (2018-07-03)

  • NEW: BMC Discovery (formerly known as BMC ADDM) – a new connector has been added to reflect the product name change by the vendor. This connector is compatible with BMC Discovery versions 11.2 and 11.3. To support earlier versions, use the existing BMC ADDM connector, which supports BMC ADDM/BMC Discovery up to version 11.1.
  • NEW: Frontrange – support has been added for most recent versions of Frontrange (9.4.6 and 9.4.7).
  • NEW: VMWare vSphere – support has been added for most recent versions of VMWare vSphere (6.7)
  • NEW: The text on the OK button has been changed to Close so that the Snow Integration Manager user interface is more intuitive.
  • NEW: When the user switches from one tab to another in Snow Integration Manager without saving changes a pop-up message window now informs the user, to make the user aware, and to heighten the users sense of control regarding changes he/she might have done.
  • NEW: BMC Remedyforce – new fields have been added to enrich the data transferred from Snow License Manager to Remedyforce, namely PrimaryCapability which can be populated with Server, Laptop, Desktop or MobileDevice and IsVirtual, indicating whether the machine is virtual or not.
  • NEW: Gsuite SaaS connector – We now gather both "last Gsuite login time" and "last Gmail interaction" as user activity to provide the user with more quality data.
  • FIX: SaaS Connector:
    • Data duplications no longer occur due to the mechanisms used to uniquely identify subscription instances.
    • WebEx integration:
      • Can now be renamed without creating duplicate data entries in the Snow License Manager database.
      • The test connection capability no longer returns succeeded when the connection fails, it now returns failed.
  • FIX: Hyper-V connector: All virtual machines are now collected, even when values associated with them are null (PRB0041717).
  • FIX: VMWare vSphere connector: An option to exclude hosts that are powered off has been added. This option fixes the issue related to incorrect hostnames gathered for hosts that are powered off or are offline (PRB0041610).
  • FIX: BMC Remedyforce connector: Data uploaded from Snow to Remedyforce using CSV format now works correctly and no longer causes an Unhandled exception to occur (PRB0041685).
  • FIX: BMC ADDM connector: Additional software data is now retrieved from BMC ADDM enriching the information visible in Snow License Manager (PRB0041415).

5.8.1 (2018-05-23)

  • NEW: Added new connector Ivanti Endpoint Manager. This connector is added to to reflect the product name change by Ivanti.
  • NEW: Microsoft SCCM 2012 Connector – now supports integration with latest versions of Microsoft SCCM (1710 and 1802), and usage of SQL Server 2016 and 2017.
  • FIX: The Inventory incoming folder and Announcement incoming folder paths are no longer required fields for installations where SIM is used with a remote Inventory Server 
  • FIX: An exception error no longer occurs when a user adds a connector to the Active connectorslist and choses to not input required connector information until later and exits the connector settings window by clicking OK or Cancel.
  • FIX: The Site Id field label name has been changed to Site name
  • FIX: vSphere Connector: Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses are collected from the vSphere connector 
  • FIX: Office 365 Connector: Errors encountered by the Office 365 Graph API during gathering of data, no longer result in an error popup window opening in the SIM GUI.
  • FIX: XenServer Connector: Now correctly reports the SiteName, when gathering inforamtion from a XenServer  that reports NULL values for Processor Information.

5.8 (2018-04-12)

  • NEW: New Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration connectors: Box, Cisco WebEx, Dropbox, Google G Suite. Salesforce SalesCloud, Zendesk
  • NEW: Updated connectors for Snow for ServiceNow 3.1, introducing support for ServiceNow Jakarta and Kingston releases. Snow for ServiceNow 3.1 is not backwards compatible
  • FIX: DellKACE: When the BIOS release date is not found, the connector returns 01-01-1980 to prevent errors related to empty fields occurring in Snow License Manager.
  • FIX: DellKACE: Domain names are checked for in two different columns, eliminating empty domain name issues following DellKACE upgrade.
  • FIX: DellKACE: All installed software is now collected, regardless of DellKACE's built-in recognition.

5.7 (2018-03-08)

  • NEW: Remedyforce connector
  • NEW: TOPdesk connector
  • NEW: Microsoft Intune Hybrid with SCCM, enables data to be imported from the Intune add on in SCCM.
  • NEW:Snow License Manager Data Exporter, enables easy export of data from Snow License Manager to a generic format.
  • NEW: BMC connector – support for clustered software 
  • NEW: BMC connector – option to include Oracle data 
  • NEW: GUI enhancements
  • NEW: Microsoft Office 365 connector uses Graph AP
  • FIX:The correct number of processors is now retrieved for older versions of XenServer 
  • FIX: ADDM connector now parses 'Application Clusters' correctly.
  • FIX: MobileIron connector now works with on-premise version of MobileIron 
  • FIX: DellKace connector missing domain name and applications now recognized
  • FIX: Hyper-V connector no longer uses deprecated features in the SDK (Msvm_KvpExchangeDataItem.Name key). 
  • FIX: Landesk connector now fetches the correct metering information
  • FIX: Citrix XenServer connector now imports network interface cards correctly
  • FIX: vSphere connector no longer crashes when duplicate URI's are added in the server configuration view
  • FIX: Fixed issue where the Hyper-V connector got a "invalid namespace" error and then aborted the aggregation

5.6 #459(2017-11-30)

  • NEW: BigFix connector improvements
  • NEW: ADDM connector now includes support for ADDM packages. 
  • NEW: ADDM connector – filter options
  • NEW: iQuate connector – performance improvements
  • NEW: AWS connector – stopped instances of virtual machines are now shown in Snow License Manager
  • NEW: Airwatch connector – Smart Groups enabled
  • FIX:O365 connector: setup error ”Failed to get Customer” no longer occurs
  • FIX: O365 connector: convert toJson error arising due to existence of quotes in usernames no longer arises
  • FIX: SDM connector: now supports multiple SDM domains
  • FIX: VMware connector: no longer crashes when VMs on a server are inaccessible
  • FIX: AirWatch connector: no longer removes all values from connector properties window when AirWatch service is down
  • FIX: AWS connector: now supports EU-West-2 as a region

5.5 #343(2017-09-27)

  • New Connector: Azure Discovery, links to the Azure IaaS environment retrieving data about the current VM estate
  • New Connector: AWS Discovery, links to the AWS IaaS environment retrieving data about the current VM estate

5.4.1 (2017-09-18)

  • FIX- Fault tolerance of the O365 connector has been modified to manage nonconventional characters, such as apostrophes and brackets in usernames and e-mail addresses
  • FIX- Configuration issues with the SCCM connector introduced in SIM 5.0.1 have been resolved
  • FIX- Usage data is now gathered correctly from the O365 connector for connections that were creating unhandled exception JSON errors
  • FIX- Aggregation issue with overlapping scheduling of multiple connectors has been resolved
  • FIX- ADDM connector is now pulling inventory files correctly
  • FIX- ServiceNow connector now comes pre-configured with relevant proxy setting to support environments where internet connections via a proxy are policy

5.4 New version #231(2017-06-21)

  • NEW - ServiceNow Catalog 2.0.x connector enhancements
  • NEW - ServiceNow CMDB 2.0.x connector enhancements
  • FIX - Office 365 connector now supports proxy e-mail addresses

5.3.1 New version (2017-05-26)

  • NEW - Snow Device Manager – username format has been changed to domain\username
  • NEW - DellKace connector – DellKace now uses ODBC connection*
  • NEW - Vmware Vsphere connector – fetching of templates is now optional
  • NEW - IQuate connector – all non-Windows applications are now reported
  • NEW - BMC ADDM connector – support for TLS 1.2 security protocol has been added
  • NEW - Office 365 connector – exchange statistics are now batched
    * Existing connector needs to be configured again after install (see User Guide for more information)
  • FIX - Hyper-V connector – VMs are now collected correctly when OS language is not set to English
  • FIX - Hyper-V connector – invalid class error no longer occurs for virtual machine runs on Windows Server 2008 
  • FIX - VMware vSphere connector – Proxy settings in file forwarder are now working properly
  • FIX - SIM Core – selecting (Control+A) on the Inventory/Announcement incoming folder path no longer causes the Apply button to become active.

5.3 New version (2017-05-16)

  • NEW - New Office 365 connector for retrieving information from Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services

5.2.1 (2017-03-14)

  • NEW - A new output folder for announcement files (DiscoveryData) has been introduced
  • NEW - Text box and labels are now left aligned in the BigFix connector
  • NEW - Consolidation of connector names
  • FIX - When a new log-level is set, SIM now dynamically recognizes it, no longer requiring a restart of the application
  • FIX - Both chassi and service tags are now collected from servers within the Cisco Blade Enclosure. Servers no longer show up in the vSphere web client with the same serial numbers
  • FIX - SIM no longer defaults to a lower TLS protocol for BigFix connector, and logs are available again
  • FIX - SCCM connector no longer generates duplicate client tags in Snow xml files

5.2 NEW VERSION (2017-01-19)

  • NEW - Added support for Snow for ServiceNow Express
  • NEW - The IQuate connector now supports gathering inventory information on Linux applications from iQSonar
  • FIX - The IBM BigFix connector now supports data consolidation for scenarios with multiple inventory sources
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where MDM connectors did not deliver OS type properly

5.1.1 (2016-12-08)

  • FIX - BigFix Connector: correction of missing PVU-values for some software instances. The correct
    software version is now retrieved from instances with PVU values.

5.1 NEW VERSION (2016-11-15)

  • NEW - Added support for Snow for ServiceNow (ServiceNow CMDB and ServiceNow Catalog)
  • NEW - MobileIron 9.x Connector – Supports V2 API
  • NEW - BigFix Connector – Optional BigFix Server (Console)
  • NEW - SnowXML Connector – Updated documentation
  • FIX - BigFix Connector – now imports Core values.
  • FIX - ILMT Connector – fixed issue with initial aggregation length.
  • FIX - SDM Connector – improved error handling when retrieving clients with wrong username/password.

5.0.1 (2016-10-25)

  • FIX - Fixed an issue where HpDdmi connector did not include filepath from linux applications 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where SIM / IDR security token did not tolerate different timezones 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where IBM License Metric Tool connector was not working with newer IBM driver packages 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Altiris connector did not collect OSX and Linux devices 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where BigFix connector demanded that both the BigFix Platform and the Inventory was on the same server 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where ILMT connector did not forward the PVU Per Core to the inventory file 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where Vsphere datecenter / cluster was not listing correct members

5.0 NEW VERSION (2016-09-27)

  • NEW - New Connector - Discovery data from any source
  • NEW - Support for Inventory 5

4.7.02 (2016-08-26)

  • NEW - The performance of the ServiceNow connector has been improved when collecting data from Snow License Manager. 
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where an error was returned during collection of hosts and virtual machines from Citrix XenServer. This occurred when a host had been deleted in XenServer
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where computers originating from SCCM were not updated in ServiceNow when aggregating data from Snow License Manager, due to computers’ last scan date not being updated

4.7.01 (2016-06-30)

  • NEW - Performance improvements of the BMC ADDM connector 
  • NEW - Added support for Linux to the FrontRange Discovery connector
  • NEW - Performance improvements of the ServiceNow connectors
  • FIX - Corrected issue where HP DDMI fails to fetch domain name (D7364)
  • FIX - Corrected issue where HP DDMI uses the global site id even when the local site id has been set (D6975)
  • FIX - Corrected issue where adding a non-VMM server in SIM Connector makes whole connector fail (D6837)

4.7.00 (2016-05-16)

  • NEW- New connector for MobileIron 8.5
  • NEW- New Connector for AirWatch
  • NEW- New connector for IBM License Metric Tool
  • NEW- New connector for IBM BigFix 
  • NEW- New connector for HEAT Discovery
  • NEW- SWIDTAG support in the SCCM connector
  • NEW- Metering support in the LANDesk connector
  • NEW- Performance improvement to the Microsoft SCCM connector
  • NEW- Performance improvements to the ServiceNow connectors
  • NEW- New attribute to the SnowXML connector
  • NEW- Changes to the Dell KACE connector
  • FIX- An issue corrected where SnowXML fails to parse oracle Oracle information (D6811)

4.6.02 (2016-02-12)

  • FIX- Corrected an issue in the oracle scanner connector where options did not get displayed correctly in Snow License Manager for some databases (D6246)
  • FIX- Corrected an issue where the files from the inventory file forwarder sometimes got blocked by proxy servers (D6336)

4.6.01 (2016-01-20)

  • NEW - New connector, ServiceNow scoped application
  • NEW - Support for processing additional information from AIX 

4.6.00 (2015-12-10)

  • NEW - New datacenter connector for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
  • NEW - Enhancement to the Snow Device Manager integration connector
  • NEW - Enhancement to the ServiceNow data exchange connector
  • FIX - Corrected issue where SnowXML files failed to get processed due to naming convention limitations (D4774)
  • FIX - Corrected issue with the Dell KACE 3rd party inventory connector and missing tables, “Unknown column Virtual” (D5489) 

4.5.00 (FR3) (2015-10-20)

  • NEW - Enhanced Snow XML connector
  • NEW - Snow Device Manager integration connector
  • NEW - Mobile device inventory data from any MDM/EMM solution
  • FIX - Data collection from a case sensitive Dell KACE database now possible (D5078)
  • FIX - Improved delta updates for the Altiris connector, using inventory date instead of modified date (F4914)
  • FIX - Improved software retrieval from BMC ADDM (D5431)

4.4.01 (2015-08-27)

  • NEW - Verified support for VMware vSphere 6.0
  • NEW - Verified support for XenServer 6.5
  • NEW - New integration connector – iQuate iQSonar

4.4.00 NEW VERSION (2015-08-06)

  • NEW - New integration connector – HP Server Automation
  • NEW - Extended inventory of SQL edition from SCCM
  • NEW - Added support for new versions of SCCM, 2012 R2 SP1 and 2012 SP2
  • FIX - For some particular scenarios the Hyper-V Configuration throws an unhandled exception on aggregation (D3346)
  • FIX - Fixed a problem in the SIM Hyper-V connector when the number of processors returned value zero (D3375)
  • FIX - An occasional problem when SIM extract data from XenServer is now fixed (D3392)
  • FIX - FrontRange discovery now successful even though some hardware information is missing (D3417)
  • FIX - No duplicated records are created when using SCCM 2007 connector (D4404)
  • FIX - When multiple connections, aggregation do not stop even though there is no connection to a source (D4445)
  • FIX - Correct number of processor cores shown when a machine have multiple processors (D4506)
  • FIX - Hyper-V connector can now aggregate even if connection fails to any of the hosts (4511)

4.3.00 NEW VERSION (2014-12-18)

  • NEW - General availability of three new integration connectors: BMC ADDM, IBM TAD4D and Dell KACE
  • FIX - The Oracle Scanner provider in SIM was not able to parse the tables memory, operating system and software (D2820)
  • FIX - The SIM connector for vSphere was not always picking the desired datacenter name  (D3068)
  • FIX - When using ESX 5.1 and the vSphere connector on nested vApps the connector did not collect the VM’s residing in the vApp’s (D3591) (3496)
  • FIX - Aggregation date was moved to next day on service reset (D3619)

4.2.01 (2014-11-18)

  • NEW - Enhanced support for Oracle 12C
  • FIX - Product details from report "License 01D" no longer gathered from SCCM 2012 (3690)
  • FIX - Incorrect unit of memory from Altiris data with EDP (3685)
  • FIX - Altiris plugin for EDP: remove blank space from "domain/ user" (3496)

4.2.00 NEW VERSION (2014-10-29)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - Wrong operating system information from SCCM plugin (D2553)
  • FIX - vSphere provider is returning the wrong bios serial number (D2539)
  • FIX - HP-UX B11.31 is reported as unknown OS (D2463)
  • FIX - Incorrect Biosdate from vSphere provider (D2312)
  • FIX - Error when processing XML files - last aggregation date in future (D2037)
  • FIX - EDP sets last aggregation date incorrectly in the registry (D1612)
  • FIX - Altiris provider not picking up RAM (D1440)
  • FIX - The Inventory File Forwarder provider is removing the INV files even when sending fails (D3252)
  • FIX - Processor information cut when fetching from SCCM (D983)
  • FIX - Reset of EDP aggregation period (D1350)
  • FIX - EDP 4.0 (with SCCM 2012) date format causes errors (D1985)
  • FIX - FrontRange plugin for EDP not able to retrieve IP for all computer types (D3041)

4.1.01 (2014-02-21)

  • FIX - Corrected a problem with the Oracle Scanner Plugin

4.1.00 NEW VERSION (2013-12-12)

  • New features: Please read the Release Notes for details. Found on
  • FIX - Problems identifying Windows Server 2003 R2 (displayed without R2) when gathering data from SCCM 2007.
  • FIX - EDP schedule used even though scheduling is turned off
  • FIX - EDP Multi-threading causes problems when running more than one instance of the same data provider

4.0.00 NEW VERSION (2013-08-27)

  • NEW - Multiple Plugins
  • NEW Plugin – LANDesk v9.0 and v9.5
  • NEW - Redesigned scheduling
  • NEW - New default log path
  • NEW - Metering filters for SCCM 2007 and 2012
  • NEW  - Added a notice when selecting "Integrated security"
  • FIX - Memory size error when importing computer via OracleLicenseServer plug-in in EDP schedule
  • FIX - FileSize not captured when using SnowXML plugin
  • FIX - Validate that incoming folder has been provided
  • FIX - Added warning if LastAggregationDate is set to a later date than local system time
  • FIX - Filter name wrong in SCCM 2007/2012 Plugin
  • FIX - Remove possibility to open multiple preview windows in Provider settings
  • FIX - Changed LastAggregationDate handling to accommodate different time zones

3.3.00 NEW VERSION (2013-01-08)

  • NEW Plugin – Microsoft SCCM 2012 (F1472, F189)
  • NEW - SCCM (2007 and 2012) can now also retrieve clients for systems that don’t use software inventory and software metering (F991, D923)
  • FIX - Fixed issue where selected day of week is ignored in the scheduler (D896)
  • FIX - Computer rejected because it thinks it has incorrect date (future) (D703)
  • FIX - Strange date format in SCCM prevents import of clients through EDP (D728)
  • FIX - IDR timeout value doesn't seem to have any effect (D802)
  • FIX - SQL contains 'NULL' AS in group by when a field in the database is not selected (D922)
  • FIX - A bug in the SnowXML plugin, where missing 'OperatingSystem' column in Virtualmachine causes an exception (D1005)

3.2.08 (2012-04-30)

  • NEW - SCCM, SQL Criteria filter when fetching from v_GS_SOFTWAREFILE, this should lower the memory footprint when reading large amounts of software data (1071)
  • FIX - Provider agnostic, EDP crashes when login fails (527)
  • FIX - SCCM, Metering counter set to 0 for used applications (631)
  • FIX - SCCM, Improved calculation of small usage count spread over several days

3.2.07 (2012-01-23)

  • NEW - SCCM, extract "full name" of users when extracting login history (1092)
  • FIX - Full name of users not extracted (602)
  • FIX - XML plugin producing 1kb INV-files (618)
  • FIX - EDP not restarting (45)

3.2.06 (2011-12-19)

  • NEW - Microsoft SCCM hybrid plug-in


  • NEW - Improved Oracle xml schema handling
  • NEW - Improved Microsoft SCCM Consolidated metering query
  • FIX - Minor bug fixes


  • NEW - Read printer data
  • NEW - Read x64 keys
  • NEW - Oracle support
  • FIX - Memory and disk space added to Altiris
  • FIX - String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
  • FIX - Incorrect SQL syntax when connecting to SCCM
  • FIX - Properties window does not save excluded fields/views
  • FIX - Error when extracting clients from SCCM


  • FIX – SCCM query fix


  • FIX - Date issues in client queries
  • FIX - Date issues in preview window
  • FIX - Remote Inventory transmit via proxy


  • FIX - SCCM export error related to environment variables (260)
  • FIX - Spelling errors (246)
  • FIX - “Include software with missing metadata” not working properly (254)




Product name: Snow Device Manager
Current version: 6.0 / 5.6.4
Distribution method version 6.0.0:, configuration of domain
Distribution method version 5.6.4: Please contact Snow Support

6.0.0 (2018-10-31)

New version: Release notes are found here

SDM 6.0 is only available for new customers and prospect from the time beeing.

5.6.4 (2018-11-07 Hosting, 2018-11-14 on-prem)

  • NEW - Android client: On April 10, 2018, Google deprecated Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in favor of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Applications using GCM services need to be migrated to Firebase by April 2019, as Google will turn off most of its GCM-related services at that time. To ensure continued service, we have rebuilt messaging in Snow Device Manager to run on FCM services.
  • FIX - Manager: Timeout issues resulting in Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications not displaying have been resolved so that they now display correctly.
  • FIX - Manager: SMS messages are now being sent when new devices are created via bulk enrollment from user objects.
  • FIX - Server: Intermittent connection issues between the server and Samsung tablets running Android 7.0 have been resolved so that connection is now reliable, and tablets are receiving applications and settings through Snow Device Manager as expected.
  • FIX - Cloud Extender: Some minor exception handling improvements have been implemented

5.6.2 (2018-04-25 Hosting, 2018-05-03 on-prem)

  • NEW - Default passcode on Android for simpler certificate deployment (Android)
  • NEW - On lock screen, SDM will show as Device Owner (for devices where SDM is the Device Owner)  (Android)
  • NEW - Extended wallpaper settings, including setting wallpaper on lock screen (Android)
  • NEW - Improved stability with Samsung Secure Folder (Android)
  • FIX - It is now possible to enroll macOS computers acquired through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (Manager)
  • FIX - Wi-Fi proxy exclusion for Android now uses the exception proxy list properly. (Android client)
  • FIX - Device push service no longer remains in enable mode when disabled but is now disabled as expected. (Manager)
  • FIX - Apple DEP service no longer fails as access tokens are now correctly updating expiry notifications. (Manager)

5.6.1 (2018-02-08)

  • NEW - SMS Enrollment for Android
  • NEW - Improved certificate notifications
  • NEW - Performance improvements and Snowboard Toggle
  • FIX - IOS Deployment issues resolved
  • FIX - Users falling back into old groups resolved

5.6.0 (2017-11-08 Hosting, 2017-11-27 on-prem)

  • NEW - Google EMM & Android for work
  • NEW - Integration with Google Play
  • NEW - Apple configurator enrollment
  • NEW - SMM language support for German and Portuguese
  • NEW - New Android CLient (Snow app)
  • NEW - SMM for Service Desk
  • NEW - Access Control Lists for Domains
  • FIX - Packet for VPN (Samsung) Missing
  • FIX - SD memory card faulty information
  • FIX - Enrolling new devices (Apple)
  • FIX - Error when deploying restriction
  • FIX - Snow Device Manager problem configuring VPN package

5.5.00 (2017-03-16)

  • NEW - Snow Mobility Manager for service desk
  • NEW - New Snowboard widgets
  • NEW - Server notifications in manager
  • NEW - Remove Backup - With SDM 5.5, all device backup functionality has been removed. 
  • NEW - Manager UX Improvements
  • NEW - Package step reduction for Android
  • NEW - Various DEP improvements
  • FIX - Errors with registration link for windows 10 pro no longer occur
  • FIX - Enrollment of Windows Phone 8.1 devices no longer fails
  • FIX - Windows 10 Azure Enrollment no longer works intermittently
  • FIX - Fortum - Custom data now correctly displayed in SDM Manager 

5.4.00 (2016-10-27)

  • NEW - API 8 and 9 support for Sony Experia devices
  • NEW - Extended support for Windows 10 devices 
  • NEW - Improved package-step filtering and presentation
  • FIX - Samsung Smart Manager issue – prohibiting SDM Android app to go online after hibernation
  • FIX - Self Service Device List Formatting corrected
  • FIX - Intermittent issues with location map in Self Service not showing.

5.3.00 (2016-07-06)

  • NEW - SDM Snowboard
  • NEW - Domain administration in the SDM manager
  • NEW - iOS 9.3 restrictions and policies
  • NEW - ANDROID Device Owner Administration mode
  • NEW - Windows 10 Mobile enrollment
  • NEW - Improved help menu
  • NEW - Manage applications on an enterprise Microsft Windows store for business
  • FIX - Virtual users in AD are not moved correctly in SDM

5.2.00 (2016-04-08)

  • NEW - VPP for Devices - added support to assign VPP licenses to a device or a user.
  • NEW - Added domain administration in SDM Manager
  • NEW - Support for Samsung KNOX Mobile enrollment program
  • NEW - Snow Mobility Manager – New web tool for inventory only enrollment
  • NEW - Snow Device Manager now has support for server failover in cluster mode. 
  • FIX - iOS 9.2 MDM client crash workaround
  • FIX -Self service improvements - A number of minor corrections regarding language and Safari (amongs others). 
  • FIX - SDM Manager improvements - Improved user experience and stability.

5.1.00 (2016-01-20)

  • NEW - App store enrolLment method with ACTIVE Directory integration
  • FIX - Package is now editable even after deployment has been activated
  • FIX - Memory card information from device is now correct in the Manager UI
  • FIX - The user is now prompted to enter credentials also on re-enrollment of Apple Device Enrollment Program devices

5.0.00 (FR3) (2015-10-20)

  • NEW - Integrated and improved user experience
  • NEW - Volume purchase program for iOS
  • NEW - Device enrollment program for iOS
  • NEW - Per-app VPN & enterprise VPN for iOS


Product name: Snow Automation Platform
Current version: 3.7.0
Build: N/A
Distribution method: Snow Update Service (SUS) 

3.7.0 (2018-11-22)

  • NEW - Parameter Component: A new version of the component that configures e.g. parameters values, has been built. This component is found in the parameter configuration of Activity/Workflow/Service Admin views, Settings view, Scheduled tasks viewRequest monitor view and when creating Run conditions
  • NEW Settings Page Re-design: To make default and custom settings easier to find, understand and manage, the Settings page has been redesigned with expandable sections 
  • NEW - Embedded Help: The Administrator User guide is now easily accessed from every page. Direct links will take you to the section of the documentation describing the functionality of the page that is being currently worked on.  
  • NEW - New parameter component: A new version of the parameter component which is used to configure parameters values, has been built. 
  • NEW - Administrators can now customize the color theme of the responsive version of Automation Platform. The new .css file called customResponsive.css can be found at the installation location: Product/WebSite/Web/app/app/responsive/styles.
  • NEW - Theme files (custom.css and customResponsive.css) have been removed from the SUS package. This removal ensures that user-created styles will no longer be overwritten when updating. 
  • NEW - The title, drop-down and user profile components in the Service Reviews dialog box, can now be translated. 
  • NEW - The On error e-mail address field in Activity, Workflow and Service views now accepts multiple e-mail addresses, separated by a comma. 
  • NEW - Release notes from version 2.0.0 are now accessible from the menu under the burger icon. 
  • NEW - Want to ask a question or join the discussion? A link to the Automation Platform Community forum can now be accessed from the menu under the burger icon. 
  • FIX - Pressing Tab to move to the next input element on Checkout, My tasks, My services and Request monitor pages now behaves as expected. 
  • FIX - The ‘Named attribute: Request Id’ tag {{na:request.Id}} now resolves for a parameter in a workflow when triggered through InvokeWorkflow.
  • FIX - For activity Task.exe, setting the parameters SendTaskCompleteMailToOwners to true while leaving parameter Owners_Secondary empty no longer causes it to fail.
  • FIX - Information about the PowerShell Web Services and the parameters that are linked to them are now shown correctly when an Automation Book is imported. 
  • FIX - Failing activities are no longer continuously re-run if an unknown error occurs. Status is now correctly set to Error and Admins are alerted to troubleshoot and fix.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue with inputdirectives Readonly string array and Readonly Collapsable String Array where parameters assigned static values or reference tags would load indefinitely. This no longer occurs. 
  • FIX - Incorrect saving of parameters on the My tasks page, when the given value was not implementing the regular expression connected to it, has been fixed. An error message now explains which parameter/s have failed and more information about its FIX - regular expression will be shown. All the valid parameters will be saved successfully as per usual. 
  • FIX - In the Request monitor, when two or more services were submitted and activities with several of these services encountered errors, only one of the services was given the status Error while the others stayed with the status Submitted. Now, all services with activities that encounter errors are correctly set to status Error.
  • FIX - Verification in Activity/Workflow/Service admin has been improved.

3.6.0 (2018-08-14)

  • NEW - On the Service and Workflow admin pages, step numbers have been introduced for activities
  • NEW - A new Boolean setting AdminWPTags has been added to the Portal settings category
  • NEW - To make it easier to find information about Display name, Variable name Id, and MissitoID when invoking workflows, this data is now accessible by selecting the small blue icon, available on the following pages in the user interface:
    • Activity/Service/Workflow admin → WorkflowActivity -> parameter → icon next to Variable name.
    • Workflow admin → WorkflowActivity -> Activity settings -> icon next to Display name (workflow activity).
  • NEW - Parameter configuration
    • Hidden unresolved wpo references are now resolved as expected.
    • Support for hidden parameters with wpo tags has been strengthened to ensure that submitting two parameters, where one lacks a value, no longer leads to an empty box in My tasks page.
    • Services with many linked parameters in Checkout is now optimized, to ensure reduced load times.
  • NEW - Request Monitor – Display name and context-sensitive information
    • A search bar has been added to dropdown lists for activities and services that contain more than 8 items. The search bar speeds up the search process, facilitating processing of large sets of data.
    • Parameter names are now shown as Display names, which can be created and customized by the user to improve readability
    • An information icon now shows to the right of display names. When selected, a pop-up window will show more information, such as the parameter id, name, and description.
  • FIX - 

    You can now resolve non-visible parameters through a connected PowerShell web service even if the selected input directive does not support PowerShell web services.
  • FIX - Errors logged and stored in System logs now include full error descriptions and exceptions, providing system administrators with more detailed information for troubleshooting.
  • FIX - When adding values to a Static value list for a parameter, Internet Explorer 11 users will no longer experience long Display names and Values beyond the boundaries of the pop-up window – longer sentences now wrap.
  • FIX - It is no longer possible to submit a request while parameters are still loading values from PowerShell or other web services.
  • FIX - It is no longer possible to interact with parameters using the Dropdown input directive until all the list values have been resolved by a PowerShell web service. The text Loading... is now displayed until the parameter has loaded all its values.
  • FIX - In Request monitor, filtering user names by backslash followed by the sensitive characters of t, r, n or v, now return requests as expected.
  • FIX - Where a PowerShell web service takes two or more input parameters, some hidden parameters without a value, are now invoked as expected.
  • FIX - Parameters using the dropdown input directives that load values from a PowerShell web service can now be referenced by jsonProperties/wpo-tags.
  • FIX - The page in Request monitor now remains responsive while saving changes made to parameters in workflows with many activities, or when re-running activities.
  • FIX - Requests that never fully process, no longer display indefinitely in the Request Monitor with the status: Processing request…. These requests are now set to Error and the information submitted from Checkout is included in the error log, increasing the visibility for system administrators to handle such failed requests.

3.5.2 (2018-06-13)

  • NEW - The following updates have been made to Checkbox string array, Read only collapsible string array, and Read only string array
  • NEW - Parameter configuration: Extended workflow parameter object (wpo) functionality
  • FIX - Issues related to interface items Status and Save (not complete) not translating correctly have been resolved. 
  • FIX - Parameters that are hidden on checkout and linked to PowerShell web services are now resolved correctly
  • FIX - When the Enable Search setting is set to true or false, the search box on the start page now shows or hides respectively– as expected
  • FIX - Issues related to the alphanumerical sorting of services in the responsive checkout view have now been resolved, so that items appear in the correct order, including those starting with a number
  • FIX - The status of a request is now set to Error when at least one activity in the request is in Error
  • FIX - When filtering activities on the Request monitor page on Error only the activities whose status are Error are shown
  • FIX - System failures caused by too many simultaneous login requests to the Snow Device Manager server, has been resolved by using a mutex
  • FIX - When viewing the result of a checkout in Request Monitor, any shared parameters resolved by a PowerShell web service are now correctly resolved for all services included in the checkout
  • FIX - Deleting the values for Inventory key and Service type of a service in the Instantiation tab no longer raises the Inventory key required error
  • FIX - When quotation marks are included in search queries, an exception error is no longer raised and the quotation marks are ignored in the search
  • FIX - When the default value of a setting in a template service is set to null, syncing services will now ensure that all services based on the template will also set the corresponding settings to null

3.5.1 (2018-04-19)

  • NEW - Improved performance by resolving non-visible parameters on submit 
  • FIX - Reset activity to use the default service account (PRB0041386)
  • FIX - Services categories visible after API synchronization (PRB0041637)
  • FIX - Consistency in activity parameters (PRB0041622)
  • FIX - Visual improvement, Group multiple requests no longer cause the table width to break in Request Monitor and My Requests

3.5.0 (2018-03-26)

  • NEW - Stored object properties to reduce service calls
  • NEW - Support for 64-bit processes
  • NEW - Show hidden parameters (admins only)
  • FIX - Null reference exception no longer raised for workflows not connected to a service
  • FIX - Magnifier icon no longer appears
  • FIX - Fix to erroneous authorization denied message
  • FIX - Text no longer obscures other text

3.4.1 (2018-01-25)

  • NEW - Responsive checkout: shared parameters enabled
  • NEW - Support for Snow License Manager Automation Book version 2
  • FIX - My tasks: sorting and dates
  • FIX - My services: HTML tags showing in Manage (PRB0040862)
  • FIX - My services: sorting of parameters
  • FIX - Workflow engine: scripts prompting for parameters no longer hangs
  • FIX - Graphical corrections in Start, My tasks, and Checkout
  • FIX - Input Directives: no longer possible to edit "snow-" input directives
  • FIX - My tasks: wrap text for long content
  • FIX - Mobile | My Tasks: referencing Issue
  • FIX - Export/import: issue with parameter references translation
  • FIX - Static value lists configured on workflow level does not get exported
  • FIX - Connected PowerShell web service does not show up in GUI after import

3.4.0 (2017-12-06)

  • NEW - Asynchronous cart checkout
  • NEW - Improved management of customer branding capabilities
  • NEW - More intuitive marking and enforced input of required fields in checkout
  • NEW - Shared parameters enabled for cart items
  • NEW - Refactoring of PowerShell web services to remove external web-service calls:
    • Verification of calls to external web services has been made more robust, leading to better error handling.
    • Support for special characters to be passed to PowerShell web services has been implemented, enabling admins to create more complex service calls.
    • Lay the foundation for future features such as enhanced logging and statistics.
  • NEW - Addition of named attribute for task owner for My tasks view
  • NEW - Admin tools has been renamed to System logs
  • NEW - API logging now uses NLog framework
  • FIX - The clean-up function now ensures that users have one active cart.
  • FIX - It is now possible to edit/cancel workflows with no visible parameters.
  • FIX - Long strings without spaces or line returns no longer causes interface overflow.
  • FIX - API reports are now restricted to the role authorized for viewing.
  • FIX - Error messages shown when, for example, configuration settings stop services from being exported are now more explicit, enabling users to make the necessary corrections.
  • FIX - Scrollbar is now visible on the categories pane.
  • FIX - License key endpoint information retrieved by the API is now only visible to administrators.
  • FIX - In the Activity admin view, it is now possible to change the value instance attribute to no/yes irrespective of current setting.
  • FIX - Scripts no longer hang when running PowerShell scripts that make web requests or include special characters that break the semantics of the script parameters.
  • FIX - Bad Requests no longer occur with required parameters.
  • FIX - Images in the HTML documentation for User and Admin guide are no longer missing.
  • FIX - Submit button can no longer be selected until all information has been loaded.
  • FIX - Checkbox list can now be populated with semicolon separated values.
  • FIX - Only applications marked as ‘Available in Software Store’ in Snow License Manager will be automatically re-harvested.
  • FIX - The status of service instance requests that complete at the exact same time are now set to complete, as expected.
  • FIX - The ‘Complete task’ button is no longer active once the user has selected it, removing the possibility to complete a task multiple times.
  • FIX - The PowerShell function New-APToken that is used to prepare calls to the API, no longer records data in the logs, removing noise.
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where service description was not localized in the start page.

3.3.2 (2017-08-24)

  • FIX - Automatically cancelled subscriptions; At subscription end, the workflow engine automatically invokes a cancel request for the subscription. The engine was using the system identity instead of the subscription owner’s identity. This error has now been fixed so that the correct user identity is now retrieved from the AD.
  • FIX - Make role names unique; It is no longer possible to create duplicate role names in Authorization Admin, they must be unique.
  • FIX - Checkout performance; Some customers have been experiencing long checkout times for certain services. This issue has been addressed resulting in faster checkout.

3.3.1 (2017-07-10)

  • FIX - Invoke workflow now resolves referenced values in parameter values: When invoking workflows sometimes parameter values with references to other sources, e.g. settings was not resolved.
  • FIX - Scheduled tasks: Escaping of characters breaking the execution of PowerShell activities fixed: When PowerShell scripts was executed as Scheduled tasks some characters broke the execution. This is now fixed by encoding the command.

3.3.0 (2017-07-06)

  • NEW - User and admin guides bundled in product: To simplify access to user and admin user guides, links to online documentation are now bundled with Snow Automation Platform. The guides are stored in a local sub-site and updated through SUS, providing users and admins with easy access to the most recent version of the documentation.
  • NEW - Logging of access changes: To ensure that access changes made by an admin can be traced, all updates to roles and page permissions are logged, including what changes were made and by whom.
  • NEW - Logging of all administrative changes in the admin views: To enable tracing of the administrative changes in Snow Automation Platform, a history of configuration changes is now saved.
  • NEW - Logging of denied API requests due to unauthorized user: To enable tracing of unauthorized calls to the API, denied requests are now logged. The user and time stamp of denied calls are saved, identifying users attempting to access endpoints for which they don’t have privileges.
  • NEW - Using encryption to protect sensitive data: The activities that make up a workflow rely on a number of parameter values, such as decommissioning dates for VMs, which are stored in a database. When an activity handles sensitive information, such as passwords, this data should be encrypted when stored. A new feature has been added in activity admin, which enables parameters to be marked as sensitive via the parameter general tab. Sensitive parameters are encrypted when a request is submitted, and only members of the “ServiceAccounts” role can decrypt them.
  • NEW - New endpoint enables workflow trigger through the API: The API has been extended to include a new endpoint, enabling external systems to submit service requests by invoking workflows directly through the API. As such, workflows can be triggered by events outside of Snow Automation Platform.
  • NEW - Export fail error messages enhanced; To support administrators in troubleshooting configuration errors that prevent export of services/workflows/activities in Snow Automation Platform, error messages now contain more details.
  • FIX - Correction of parameter filtering in admin views: Using filters to refine the search for an activity, for example, automatically applied the same filter to the list of parameters in the activity – making configuration confusing. A separate filter now applies to parameters.
  • FIX - Logging for scheduled PowerShell scripts: Messages generated by scheduled PowerShell are now logged in the activity log of the scheduled task.
  • FIX - Fixed input directive no longer raises an error for empty arrays: The fixed input directive “Read only string array” no longer raises an error when this directive is applied to empty arrays.

3.2.3 (2017-05-09)

  • FIX - An issue in the previous maintenance release 3.2.2. of Automation Platform, which caused hidden parameters associated with an order to no longer be automatically populated, is now working correctly again.An issue in the previous maintenance release 3.2.2. of Automation Platform, which caused hidden parameters associated with an order to no longer be automatically populated, is now working correctly again.

3.2.2 (2017-05-02)

  • NEW - Filtering requests for users in the Request Monitor view now uses autocomplete
  • NEW - The default content under Start / Mobile now shows the Service Catalog
  • NEW - The ability to verify parameters for services/workflows/activities has been moved from Admin tools to the respective service/workflow/activity to enable verification on a per service basis and avoid potential server overload when verifying parameters for all services
  • NEW - Manual filtering of parameters is now possible in Activity admin enabling admins to configure activities quickly
  • NEW - Service instance badge counter, which counted only instantiated services, has been removed from menu and start page to avoid potential confusion
  • NEW - Illegal characters that should not be used in the parameters passed to PowerShell web services are now documented in the User Guide for System Administration
  • NEW - When a user request fails, the request id is now included in the error message 
  • NEW - When viewing the statistics tab for an activity in Activity admin or a workflow under Workflow admin, the text ‘Number of’ has been added to the view to clarify that graph shows the number of successful and number of error runs
  • FIX - Text now wraps correctly within the Message column in Admin tools
  • FIX - When denying a page permission, the Deny button now turns red (as it should) in Authorization admin
  • FIX - Loading of cart parameters no longer resolves all visible and invisible values. Visible parameters are now filtered first before processing, resulting in improved load time of the checkout page
  • FIX - Broken requests no longer occur when users select Submit when cart item parameters loading in checkout
  • FIX - Table format now aligns correctly in IE11 for services with long names that wrap over two lines of text in checkout page
  • FIX - Exported services with restrict permissions set to false no longer contain empty permission groups following import, and as such are visible in the order page
  • FIX - Client browser cache is now refreshed after SUS update
  • FIX - The view created by verifying the installation of an Automation Book now wraps correctly within the window
  • FIX - When installing Snow Automation Platform, message now shows if the license key has expired
  • FIX - Text overflow no longer occurs in the drop-down menu under Manage when the number of tasks exceeds single digits
  • FIX - Value leakage no longer occurs in My services when multiple requests are submitted causing mix up in parameter data in the backend
  • FIX - Save (not completed) button now activates as it should in My tasks
  • FIX - In the My tasks (mobile) view for approving tasks, a space now exists between the number and text in the required number of inputs information at the bottom of the view
  • FIX - Inconsistencies in text under My tasks (mobile) have been corrected
  • FIX - Messages' close "x" now functions correctly under Notifications
  • FIX - GUI issue, 'x' remove button no longer exceeds the table boundaries in scheduled tasks 
  • FIX - GUI issue no longer arises when out of workflows licenses in Service admin 
  • FIX - GUI issue, long parameter descriptions no longer exceed the table boundaries in Service admin
  • FIX - GUI issue under Settings, New value textbox no longer exceeds table boundaries in IE11
  • FIX - Settings can no longer refer to themselves, avoiding single-loop configuration errors
  • FIX - When adding new settings, the category field no longer defaults to the first category in the drop-down list, but to the appropriate category. So, for mail settings the category defaults to Mail, for Localization settings, the category defaults to Localization, and so on
  • FIX - Long search strings no longer view under search magnifying glass icon
  • FIX - Drop-down menus no longer look like a textbox in IE10

3.2.1 New Version (2017-03-16)

  • NEW - Cloud IaaS Automation for AWS
  • NEW - Cloud IaaS Automation for Google Cloud Engine
  • NEW - Cloud SaaS  Automation for Office 365
  • NEW - Updated installer to support Windows Server 2016
  • NEW - Inventory services: possibility to set service properties, including pricing, service name, and description, when inventorying service.
  • NEW - Blocking of unsupported browsers. A “Browser not supported” message now displays when a user attempts to view the Snow Automation Platform web page with an unsupported browser.
  • NEW - My services view: loading indicator has been added when inventory services are working in the background.
  • FIX - Handling for DateTime and Bool parameter types in PowerShell scripts has been updated to allow empty values.
  • FIX - Export functionality has been updated to include run conditions.
  • FIX - Fixed issue where Automation Book cannot be imported when the same service account already exists in the system
  • FIX - Functionality to save parameter values in a task that is not complete fixed
  • FIX - Corrected indicators of parameter config levels in workflow and service admin views

3.2 (2017-03-16) 

  • Replaced with version 3.2.1

3.1.2 (2017-01-09)

  • FIX - A performance enhancement has been added to the Service Admin interface, significantly lowering the time needed to load and configure services.
  • FIX - Following receipt of a reminder message about a service nearing end of subscription date, the service was no longer visible in the user's "My Services" list. This has been rectified and the service is now listed.
  • FIX - The workflow engine can now be installed in a drive other than C:\
  • FIX - Software re-harvest activity has been updated to SLM8 compliance.
  • FIX - Erroneous "System not licensed" message no longer displays on page load for administrators.

3.1.1 (2016-12-21)

  • FIX - Enhanced security in the web interface to ensure protection against XSS attacks
  • FIX - Fixed problem invoking workflows from 3rd party systems
  • FIX - Security on the service account password management has been increased

3.1 New version (2016-12-15)

  • NEW - Mobile enabled GUI. Views for My Tasks - Business users can now manage the tasks assigned to them using the mobile interface.
  • NEW - Various performance and security improvements.
  • FIX - Text overflow error that arose in some views of the mobile interface on Android devices no longer occurs.
  • FIX - In the category view, the mobile interface no longer cuts text from view when running on low resolution devices.
  • FIX - Attempting to run a specific activity on a service account (other than the default workflow service account) no longer causes the process for the activity to die.
  • FIX - Error messages no longer reveal stack traces.

3.0.02 (2016-11-10)

  • FIX - Remote code execution within PowerShell web services: Fixed a security hole where it was possible to pass parameter values in specific format to PowerShell web services that would allow remote execution of custom PowerSell code in the context of the AppPool account.
  • FIX- Remote code execution when verifying run conditions: Fixed a security hole where admins could pass PowerShell code to the API for verification of run conditions allowing remote execution of custom PowerShell code in the context of the AppPool account.
  • FIX - SQL injection possibility in one PowerShell web service that gets compliance information in the SAM Automation for SLM automation book:The way the SQL query is built allows for SQL injection to the query that is run when getting compliance for an application when the request is to be approved. Sql queries must always be parameter based to make sure that no unsafe code runs. Updated version of the PowerShell web service is included in the new version of the Automation book for SLM.
  • FIX - A problem with removing a newly added activity “file used by another process solved 
  • FIX - Error when invoking API endpoint “/InvokeWorkflow/{id}” solved
  • FIX - The possibility to create roles with empty names in the Authorization admin view fixed
  • FIX - Automation books does not need to match in the revision part of the version to be able to import
  • FIX - Link from checkout to start page updated in the mobile version to avoid extra page load 
  • FIX - Fixed required parameter indicator sometimes misplaced in mobile view on checkout page
  • FIX - Fix of configured parameters show as empty if the configure service modal is reopened in the mobile view
  • FIX - Fix for parameter resolving in checkout page triggered on related parameters even if the referenced parameter was empty. Introduced in 3.0.00
  • FIX - Fix for the submit complete icon renders faulty in IE10
  • FIX - Enhancements of import of service accounts to not depend of the workflow engine
  • FIX - Fix of field validation making it impossible to save Service Type settings with inventory services when having web services enabled in settings
  • FIX - Enhanced error handling in inventory web service “GetObjectMemberOf” to not break when non existing AD groups are sent to the function. 
  • FIX - Fixed bug not showing all licensing error messages in GUI 
  • FIX - Android tablets will no longer be redirected to mobile version 
  • FIX - Long texts on buttons was not shortened properly with dots in My services view when browsing with IE9 
  • FIX - Added loading icon when sub service instances are loading in My services view
  • FIX - Updated text alignment in My tasks for IE9 and IE10 to align with other browsers
  • FIX - Fixed rendering of notifications when using IE10
  • FIX - Solved issue with service images with names containing “-“not rendering in mobile version
  • FIX - Fixed bug where pressing the search button would reload the page in the mobile start page
  • FIX - Fixed issue rendering ratings and reviews in the start page for non-administrators
  • FIX - Enhanced performance loading value replacement tags in Service admin 
  • FIX - Fixed rendering error of dates in Statistics view when using IE9
  • FIX - Solved issue in Subscription activity to not get wrong status when the activity is rerun from Request monitor view
  • FIX - Fixed text overflow in modal when importing Automation Books

3.0 New version (2016-10-10)

  • NEW - Cloud IaaS automation for Azure
  • NEW - Mobile automation for Snow Device Manager
  • NEW - Mobile enabled GUI. Views for requesting services
  • NEW - Inventory Services: Support to create Inventory Services (previously named lookups) with PowerShell in the GUI of AP
  • FIX - Fixed issues in the Translation overview interface where only the currently selected resource type could be translated
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where sorting of parameters in the Checkout could sometimes be rendered in an incorrect order
  • FIX - Name has been updated of the initial view and navigation menu item “Order” to “Start”
  • FIX - PowerShell module folder added to application file system folder
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where use of character “\” in a Service’s Inventory key caused errors

2.3.01 (2016-07-14)

  • NEW - Authorization of inventoried service instances
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where non-admin users were able to see link to Translation overview and License administration
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where localized display name of parameters did not render correctly in edit/cancel workflow requests on My Services view
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the Software store sync activity where Service type was not set for synchronized services
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where in the parameter configuration where non-configured parameters were marked as configured even though they weren’t
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in the Checkout view where parameter sorting didn’t work as expected when having numbers with sub numbers in parameter names
  • FIX - Fixed an issue in Translation management where only the active language could be edited
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where the message “System not licensed” flashed for admin users even though the system was licensed

2.3.00 (2016-06-30)

  • NEW - Improved security for powershell web services
  • NEW - Improved log viewer in request monitor
  • NEW - Localization of service properties
  • NEW - Upgrade to entity framework 6 (4327)
  • NEW - Selected language is now highlighted (4437)
  • NEW - General api performance improvements (4330)
  • NEW - It is now possible to close the tag suggestions (autocomplete) list when configuring parameters (4258)
  • NEW - Verbose logs are now removed once the request has completed (4436)
  • FIX - "Manage task" is now displayed properly when parameters are categorized (4445)
  • FIX - Uploading activities now works in IE9 (4094)
  • FIX - Drag and drop now works in IE9 (4095)
  • FIX - Localization: "Cost" is now localized in the view Order – when "Gallery" view is active (4343)
  • FIX - Workflow admin: Long parameter names in workflow activities text now don’t overflow assigned area (4558)
  • FIX - Input directive: Prepopulated string array now doesn’t show "No values" while loading (4619)
  • FIX - My services: Invoke edit cancel workflow: Rows are now vertically aligned (4620)
  • FIX - Statistics: Diagrams are now rendered properly in IE9 (4626)
  • FIX - Scheduled tasks/ Reharvest: static values are now not inserted into scheduled task settings (4629)
  • FIX - PowerShell scripts: The millisecond information is now stored when logging from ps1 activities (4643)
  • FIX - Translation overview: Textbox size of a localized value now adapts to the content and is not too big or too small (4342)
  • FIX - Service admin & Activity admin: Configuration tabs now render correctly in low resolution (4351)
  • FIX - Order: Service image doesn’t exceed service text/name when image aspect ratio is too wide (4357)
  • FIX - Action logos now render correctly in IE9 (4367)
  • FIX - Activity run indicator: The "play/pause" button now indicates if there are run conditions set for the activity (4419)
  • FIX - Checkout: View button is now correctly rendered when the localized wording is long (4424)

2.2.00 (2016-05-02)

  • NEW - Extended import and export capabilities
    • All entities (e.g. PowerShell web services) are now possible to export and import
    • A new view for importing packages of configuration (Automation books) is also added, making it possible for vendors to distribute value bringing configuration in an easy way.
  • NEW - New Reports
    • Aggregated time savings. The savings are based on estimates of how much time each activity saves compared to doing the same job manually
    • New reports available for activities
    • Run count for each activity
    • Average run time for each activity
    • Graph of number of successful and error runs over time
    • New reports available for workflows
    • Run count for each workflow
    • Average run time for each workflow
    • Graph of number of successful and error runs over time (based on results of the activities in the workflow)
    • New reports available for services
    • Graph of runs for each workflow connected to each service over time
  • NEW - Administrative improvements
    • Activity preview – It is now possible to view the code of PowerShell script based activities. This makes it easier for administrators to see exactly what each activity does.
    • PowerShell web service usage. See what activities, workflows and services a PowerShell web service is used in.
    • Added possibility to remove and rename manually created parameters to activities
    • Categorization of PowerShell web services
  • NEW - Performance improvements
    • Improved performance in view “Checkout” to load values faste
    • Improved performance in view “My services” to load dynamic services faster
  • NEW - Improved user interface
    • Aligned look and feel with Snow License Manager 8 color scheme and layouts.
    • Improved disposition and margins
    • More intuitive and consistent colors
  • NEW - General improvements
    • My tasks: Support added for dropdown lists with static values
  • FIX - Checkout: Problem fixed with parameter values being loaded twice from web service when loading checkout page (4019)
  • FIX - My tasks: A task can be completed, but sometimes the workflow does not continue (4286)
  • FIX - Localization: When changing language from English to another - a browser refresh is needed for the selected language to activate and show (4048)
  • FIX - Parameter config: Long parameter name could overflow available space (4090)
  • FIX - Request monitor: Filters left pane: When content is too big, it is incorrectly cut (4005)
  • FIX - Request monitor: When manually skipping all (more than one) activities in a workflow the service instance request status is sometimes not updated properly (4110)
  • FIX - Activity admin: Activity usage resolving was performing badly (4263)
  • FIX - My requests: The “workflow indicator bar” for a request does not always highlight the active workflow step (4209)
  • FIX - Navigation: sub menu not sorted alphabetically (4265)
  • FIX - Navigation: submenu titles do not match page title/header (4288)
  • FIX - Input directives: Autocomplete should support type string[] by default (4235)
  • FIX - Service accounts: Service accounts inner table missing top border (4381)
  • FIX - Service accounts: No spacing between buttons "Save" & "Delete” (4382)
  • FIX - My services: Loading of dynamic services instances is slow (4193)
  • FIX - Request monitor: Missing loading indicator to log tab for activities (4194)
  • FIX - Workflow admin: Parameter checkboxes in "Workflow admin" do not get reset in parameter config as they should (4280)
  • FIX - Service admin: export service sometimes does not work under specific circumstances (4260)
  • FIX - Order: Slow performance occasionally when an extensive number of services with correlating Azman roles for each service (4190)

  2.1.01 critical update (2016-03-08)

  • FIX - Service Admin: When a service was manually updated in service admin, its assigned categories were incorrectly removed. (TFS 4210)

2.1.00 (2016-02-25)

  • NEW - Feature added to conditionally run activities in workflows to create more flexibility and set up custom conditions.
  • NEW - Report view added to administrative views includes the following options:
    • Number of requests per day over time. Allows administrators to follow up the request frequency in Automation Platform.
    • Number of unique user visits per day over time. Allows administrators to track the number of users that enter the Automation Platform.
  • NEW - Reviews and Ratings are now available for services. Users can rate and review services to share their experience with the rest of the company.
  • NEW - Tasks can now be assigned to an Active Directory security group, making the members of the group eligible task owners. This makes it possible to e.g. have members of a group as approvers for a request.
  • NEW - New input directive added by default: collapsible list. This will make it possible to provide read only list of values as an item in Checkout /My tasks /My requests.
  • NEW - Value replacement tags are now clickable to show more detailed information e.g. Setting values preview inside workflow configuration. This is useful when trying to identify exactly from where the replacement tag comes from.
  • NEW - Request Monitor: Services included in the request are now previewed in request header. This enables administrators to get a quicker overview of the services in a request without expanding for more information.
  • NEW - License key registration and validation inside Automation Platform
  • NEW - SUS (Snow Update Service) Support added - automatic updates enabled for Automation Platform.
  • FIX - Requests without service reference (invoked workflows) will now show the workflow name instead of service name (previously blank) when the request is shown 
  • FIX - Checkout: Parameter description will now show properly in IE8 
  • FIX - Import of service utilizing PowerShell web service connected to parameters resolves the new id needed to be registered.
  • FIX - Request monitor: resolved possibility to set access to the request monitor only.
  • FIX - Performance improvements for retrieving data from large database tables.
  • FIX - Improved performance in check out view.
  • FIX - Activity Task: logic for reminder and time-out updated.
  • FIX - When deleting unused service, authorizations connectEd to the services are now removed accordingly.
  • FIX - SLM integration: when an application is marked unavailable in store, Active Directory security group is no longer validated in logs.
  • FIX - Authorization: when user exists in Azman and AD (Active Directory) and AD user is removed, Azman logic is updated to handle it properly without exceptions.
  • FIX - Masking of parameter values: Masking of sensitive parameter values is now also triggered by parameter display name (previously only parameter name).
  • FIX - My tasks: improved loading performance in IE8.
  • FIX - Workflows: When copying a workflow, references between parameters within the workflow will now be correct in the new workflow.
  • FIX - Deployment of Automation Books are no longer dependent of SQL PS.
  • FIX - Order: Search function updated to avoid getting duplicate services in the results.
  • FIX - Complex passwords are now possible to use for Service Accounts (special characters can now be used).

2.0.01 (2015-12-10)

  • NEW - General improvements
  • FIX - Input control types have been updated to align to the type of parameter. This makes it easier not to mistakenly create invalid input controls for parameters that are configured.
  • FIX - Added possibility to navigate to specific service despite it being configured as “hidden”.
  • FIX - Parameters configured for a newly added or changed PowerShell web service now shows without the need to refresh the page.
  • FIX - Parameters to PowerShell Web service name restrictions. Some reserved parameter names are not allowed.
  • FIX - Activity.cs and core ps1: Change validation of json-data to string array to use regular expressions for better control of data structure.
  • FIX - Services counter on a category now shows the correct number of services whether or not all the services have order workflows linked.
  • FIX - Power activities can now use quotes without giving error.
  • FIX - My Services: Lookups: Having service type, but no lookup value set on one service fails the lookup.
  • FIX - In the API – enhanced loading of values from hidden parameter from web services gives correctly formatted strings.
  • FIX - Checkout view: Updated management of references to hidden parameters to enable loading on the checkout despite them being hidden.
  • FIX - Subscription activity: When subscription invokes a cancel workflow, the workflow engine account is now correctly set as correct user id.
  • FIX - Service admin: Searching for users now display additional information about the user.
  • FIX - When sending parameter to ps1-activites that includes the character ' - the system now handles this correctly.

2.0.00 (FR3) (2015-11-02)

  • NEW - Automated software re-harvesting process
  • NEW - Enhanced user experience
  • NEW - Improved workflow management capabilities
  • NEW - General improvements
  • NEW - Localization



Product name: Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software
Current version: 2.1
Build: N/A
Distribution method: Snow Support

2.1.00 (2018-09-05)

  • NEW - Indirect usage: Digital documents anaysis report
  • NEW - Cost allocation operations include defining cost center hierarchies and cost allocation schemes. In addition,
    this version includes a report for executing cost allocation, as well as viewing the results of cost allocation.
  • NEW - User master data maintenance - Provides the capability for solution users to define and apply user master data schemes.
  • NEW - Solution Manager dashboard - This dashboard is now integrated into SAP Solution Manager (version 7.2 and later).
  • NEW - Inventory data/Snow License Manager data integration - includes a new report called Client applications from external sources.
  • NEW - Active Directory - Report called Active Directory Info is now included in Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software 2.1.
  • NEW - Self-implemented conditions in Local Rules - Allows the implementation of completely self-developed conditions in rule sets
  • NEW - New Global Rule type “Dissolve Combination - Combinations of license types can be dissolved to single license types.
  • NEW - Additional report in Indirect Usage | External Accesses – the External access overview report shows an overview of system access from and to external systems by using an RFC or a HTTP connection.
  • NEW - Indirect Usage | Third-party Product Namespaces – this report shows additional information about used namespaces that are not installed.
  • NEW - Additional fields in User Master Data – the field SNC Name has been added to the user master data fields of ABAP systems.
  • NEW - Additional reports in Administration – Job overview shows all existing and planned jobs of Snow Optimizer reports and supports any necessary changes, and Data for Inventory data and Active Directory  Data.
  • NEW - Additional report in ABAP Data Administration – Statistic data availability check shows the availability of statistics data (transaction ST03N) on satellite systems.
  • NEW - BusinessObjects Administration – Load LMBI measurement file shows LMBI Rights IDs, the RFC destination REST Webservice declaration is only required for changes and no longer for reading data, and BusinessObjects offline data reports can now be loaded and created offline.
  • NEW - Settings: Enhanced customizing – ABAP data load, HR connector with HR data source assignments (moved from Administration), AD connector, and inventory data can be customized.
  • NEW - HANA connection for tenant databases, HANA database usage report – tenant databases can be connected separately. The report shows the usage of HANA databases.
  • NEW - Baseline report: User Licenses – Drill-down functionality for direct access to user master data.
  • NEW - Change Documents – in addition to the change documents for business processes, Snow Optimizer now also reads the changes for user master data, user authorizations, and user profiles.
  • NEW - Processing of large Usage Profiles – the performance of processing large Usage Profiles has been improved.
  • NEW - ABAP data load – new warning when USMM license type systematic is not incorporated in the loaded data.
  • FIX - The output of the Logon Evaluation report for ABAP systems was incorrect in the aggregated case and when “Show active users” was chosen.

2.0.00 (2017-03-30)

  • NEW - BusinessObjects
  • NEW - Integration of external systems
  • NEW - New menu items: Indirect Usage
  • NEW - Locking and unlocking of users, setting the SAP user group
  • NEW - New object types ‘Receiver Lists’ and ‘Notifications’
  • NEW - Direct link to Snow Support Portal
  • NEW - Additional fields in user master data
  • NEW - Extension of Warning Functions
  • NEW - Relative period specifications
  • NEW - New menu item ‘Cross-functional Objects’, and other menu changes
  • NEW - Separation of Data Administration for different data source types
  • NEW - Contract Management
  • NEW - Stable license types for data sources without native license type
  • NEW - Updated license type hierarchy templates
  • NEW - Updated self-declaration engines
  • FIX - Deleted usage profiles may have led to the inability to display and maintain local rules and rulesets. The
    correction report /DYNAM/INIT_DEL_USRPROF_IN_RLS makes the local rules and rulesets available again
  • FIX - Sorting and filtering could have led to problems with drill-downs in several reports and has been corrected
  • FIX - Roles of reference users are now considered in the reports ‘Role Usage Analysis’ and ‘Authorized/ Executed
  • Migration requirements: Scheduled data load jobs, rule set executions, and warning functions have to be redefined/rescheduled due
    to changes in the selection screen of these reports.

1.6.00 (2016-07-07)

  • NEW - License Measurement report for OpenText Add-on
  • NEW - New RFC-Interface towards Snow Licence Manager
  • NEW - Revamped Usage Profiles
  • NEW - HANA: temporal development of memory consumption
  • NEW - Offline updates (next steps of automation for offline systems)
  • NEW - PDF export of system overview
  • NEW - Two additional select options to the USAGE analysis report
  • NEW -  Java UME systems - In the technical details two new settings are available:
  • FIX - Minor corrections have been fixed

1.5.00 (2015-11-10)

  • NEW - Full integration of HANA DB
  • NEW - Contract Management
  • NEW - Compliance reports
  • NEW - Capability to add textual notes for several objects and at several places in the product
  • NEW - Support of Engine & Self-Declaration Products from SAP®
  • NEW - Extension of ruleset
  • NEW - Performance improvements (ruleset execution, duplicate search, data loading)
  • NEW - Implementation of several minor change requests

6.0.3 (2018-01-16)

  • ENHANCEMENT- Compatibility with Snow License Manager 9.