White paper e Guide

La comprensione del valore e delle possibilità aziendali è il presupposto per un investimento SAM di successo.

Guide: The Secrets To A Successful Sam Program

Complimentary Gartner Report provides you with the seven most common pitfalls when implementing SAM

Ebook: How To Build Effective IT Asset Management Part 1

Your guide to building an ITAM function for your organization

E-Book: How To Build Effective It Asset Management Part 2

Your guide to building an ITAM action plan for your organization

eBook: How Multi-Stakeholder IT is Changing the Role of the IT Team Forever

Are you prepared for the fundamental changes that are taking place in the way IT is purchased, used and consumed?

Analyst Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant For Software Asset Management Tool

Complimentary report to help you map vendor strengths against your current and future organizations

Guide: Software Asset Management - The Secret Weapon In Your GDPR Toolkit

This guide reveals the SAM capabilities that are vital to GDPR compliance

Research Report : Why It Needs Oversight If Digital Investment Is To Succeed

Exclusive report from CIO UK & Snow reveals IT leaders' concerns as business units take control of IT spend


This easy-to-follow seven step guide will help you focus on the key foundations of compliance.

E-Book: Five Ways To Reduce Microsoft Software Costs

How to cut Microsoft spending by up to 30%

Guide: The Basics Of Software Asset Management In A Pre- & Post-Cloud World

A look at traditional SAM, how it's evolved with cloud computing and what to expect from SAM in the future.

Guide : Winning Strategies To Beat Software Audits - From Risk To Opportunity

How SAM ensures audit compliance and license optimization, and tips on how to handle 5 top vendor audits.

E-BOOK: Why SAP LAW Won’t Save You From Costly Audit Fees

Why organizations must look beyond SAP®s own audit submission tool to reduce audit risk



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