Support Q&A

Here are answers to some of the most common support questions

Requirements to get support (Technical Support)

What is required to get support, patches and fixes from Snow Software?

In order to receive support, patches and fixes from Snow, you must purchase, and be current on, maintenance or a subscription for the product on which you require support.

Support Scope

What does Snow technical support cover?

Snow telephone and email technical support with respect to the Software includes provisioning the following basic remote support by mail or telephone as below;
(i)    isolate and correct reproducible programming errors  to the extent possible by telephone or e-mail;
(ii)    provide clarification of functions  and  features of the Software;
(iii)    provide guidance, concerning the installation, use  and operation of the Software; and
(iv)    provide error verification, analysis and  correction to the extent possible by telephone or email, as determined by Snow.

If more than basic remote support becomes necessary, Snow may charge Customer for such additional remote support at Snow's then current standard rates plus expenses.

What software version is supported?

Support will be provided with respect to the current version and the previous major or minor version of the Software. (e.g. Major x.0, Minor x.1, Service x.1.02)

Definition of a support request (Technical Support)

What is the definition of a support request?

A support request is defined as assistance with one issue, problem, or question relating to the use or installation of a Snow product or product component, regardless of the number of communications required. A single support request is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If a problem consists of subordinate problems, each is considered a separate support request.

Contacting Snow support (Technical Support)

What is the availability of Snow Technical Support?

Snow representative(s) will be available to set up or to respond to customers for technical support. A submitted support request will be acknowledged within one working hour.

United States : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM excluding company holidays
Central Europe and UK : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM excluding company holidays
Latin America : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Brazilian time, excluding company holidays 
Australia & Oceana : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time, excluding company holidays
South-East Asia : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Singapore time, excluding company holidays
India : Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST time, excluding company holidays

Can you tell me approximately how long I'll have to wait for an initial response?

Your response time will vary depending on the severity and complexity of the issue. Initial confirmation with ticket number should be received within 1 hour.  Normally the response time for resolution is 5 working days.

Do I have to make a support request if I just have a quick question?

All support requests are to be sent to our service desk. Since we are monitoring our support queue ongoing we can take care of questions that may easily be resolved very quickly. Your question or problem may also turn out to be more complicated and in those cases you may also count on Snow technical support to handle issues that may take considerable time and effort from multiple Snow resources.

Under what circumstances and time frame can I re-activate my support request?

Snow's policy is to allow customers to re-activate their support request within two weeks after closure date, providing the same original issue still occurs. Beyond two weeks, the customer must open a new support request referencing the old one.

What are the limitations in the help Snow can give?

Snow will not be responsible for correcting any errors or issues of any type which Snow deems are not entirely attributable to Snow or its licensor.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Snow is not required to provide any support services relating to issues arising out, but not limited to, of any of the following:

(i) changes to the operating system or use of the Software on equipment other than the equipment for which such Software was designed and licensed for use, unless such changes are approved in writing in advance by Snow; 
(ii) any alterations or modifications of or additions to the Software performed by anyone other than Snow or its licensor, unless such alterations or additions are made at the direction of and with the prior written consent of Snow; 
(iii) use of the Software in a manner for which it was not designed; 
(iv) accident, negligence, or misuse of the Software; 
(v) operation outside of environmental specifications specified by Snow; 
(vi) interconnection of the Software with other software products not supplied or approved in writing in advance by Snow or which were not integrated with Customer's products with Snow's prior written approval or authorization; 
(vii) introduction of data into any database used by the Software by any means other than the use of the Software; 
(viii) operation of the Software in an operating environment that is different from that described in the minimum specifications provided by Snow, unless such environment was approved in writing in advance by Snow;
(ix) Service for a version of the Software that is no longer supported by Snow;
(x)  Service which becomes necessary due to:
a. failure of computer hardware or equipment or programs not covered by the support agreement;
b.  modification of the Software by Snow or its licensor which makes prior modifications no longer appropriate for Customer’s use of the Software;
c.  catastrophe, negligence of Customer, operator error, improper use of hardware or software or attempted maintenance by unauthorized persons.
         (xiii)   Hardware and related supplies.
(xiv)  Services necessary to remedy any programming issues which affect Customer’s use of the Software that Snow determines were caused in some part by Customer or other third parties; 
(xv)  Services involving tasks associated with upgrades and enhancements;
(xvi) use in violation of the Snow instructions or the Software’s documentation; and
(xvii) Customer is not using the most recent version of the Software or the release of the Software immediately preceding the most current version identified by Snow.

The Parties acknowledge that it would be impossible to define all of the possible exclusions from support services and that the list of excluded items referenced above is a non-exhaustive list of such exclusions. In the case of an incorrect claim by Customer, Customer will pay Snow for work performed, travel expenses, and any other costs incurred by Snow in connection therewith at Snow’s then current market rates for such services

What if I am not satisfied with the way my support request is handled?

Please call the local Snow support center to register any complaints or concerns regarding your support request. To send a written complaint, please visit the Snow Technical support Feedback page. Your feedback will be routed to the appropriate manager.

Submitting an Support Request

Via email

When submitting a support request via email please provide the following:
•    Company name
•    Your name and contact details, including e-mail and telephone number
•    Product and version
•    License form and license number
•    A problem description (please be as specific as possible).

Software recognition

If the support request is Software Recognition related we kindly ask you to make sure you included the following:
•    How does the installed software appear in the “Add / Remove Programs” list?
•    The full installation path to the main executable. (Example: “C:\program files\manufacturer\product\example.exe”)

Snow Software – Bug Management (Technical Support)

Why should I report a bug?

Your bug reports and ideas for improvements about issues you find in Snow products are very important to us. We use this information to improve our products and services.

How do I report a bug?

A "bug" is an error, defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection in a program that prevents it from behaving as intended. Send us your bug/error report in a Support Case. Please include as detailed information as possible so that we can investigate and reproduce the issue, such as
•    Date and time of the incident

Press the action POSITION in the Action Library under the System tab and the position of your avatar will be printed in the chat window.

•    How to reproduce the bug/error
•    A screenshot (if available)

What happens to my support request once a bug is logged?

Bugs that meet the initial requirements for a fix will be scheduled for an upcoming patch or release. Your engineer may choose to close the support request depending on the severity of the issue and the scheduled date for the fix release. Bugs that do not meet the initial requirement for a fix will be logged and considered for a future release and the support request will be closed. A support request with an associated bug can be reactivated at any time to check the status of the bug.

What is included in correction services provided from Snow?

Bugs/errors in the Software which cause the Software not to operate in the manner deemed appropriate by Snow will be corrected to the extent reasonably possible, as determined by Snow.  These correction services may include one or more of the following steps (at the sole discretion of Snow):  
(i) Verifying and diagnosing issues that Customer experiences from time to time with the Software; 
(ii) Delivering upgrades and/or enhancements to the Software; 
(iii) Supplying scripts, conversion utilities and similar tools; and 
(iv) Providing additional and replacement standard electronic documentation and other materials to keep the documentation current (as determined necessary by Snow).

How does Snow manage software corrections?

During the term of the support agreement, Snow, directly or indirectly, will use its reasonable efforts to correct any reproducible programming error (“Error”) in the Software attributable solely to Snow or its licensors (each of which will be referred to as an “Error”) in accordance with the applicable time designation set forth below. Upon identifying any issue that Customer deems to be an Error, Customer will notify Snow in writing of such Error and provide Snow a written description of the Error and such other information as Snow reasonably deems appropriate in order for Snow to attempt to reproduce the Error, confirm it qualifies as an Error and otherwise address the issue.  Snow, directly or indirectly, will use its reasonable efforts to correct those items which are Errors in the Software.  Once Snow has developed an Error correction, Snow will notify Customer in writing of the solution and the manner in which Customer can obtain the Error correction - either through delivery of a machine-readable copy pursuant to instructions contained in the written notification (the “Error Correction notification”) or by downloading the Error Correction from Snow's automatic update service.

Snow user community (Technical Support)

End user community

This group is for customers of Snow Software, whether using on-premise solutions or managed services through an accredited Snow partner.

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