Software Asset Management & The CIO

Achieve your goals with the ‘secret sauce’ behind effective IT operations

As the CIO, you’ve got a lot of priorities: security, cloud, mobile, virtualization, Digital Transformation, reacting quickly to business needs and driving competitive advantage.

None of which screams Software Asset Management.

Yet, effective management of software installinstalled, running in cloud subscriptions and as cloud infrastructure, licenses and procurement can make the difference between success and failure for almost any IT initiative you can think of.

Which makes Software Asset Management the CIO’s unofficial #1 priority.

Drive Digital Transformation

Leading CIOs know the importance of aligning themselves to business goals such as Digital Transformation. This alignment is only possible with a detailed understanding of all technology usage, especially cloud. Snow's deep analytical capabilities provides insight into technology usage across on-premise, cloud and mobile, including business unit IT, enabling CIOs and IT leaders to support organizational business goals while efficiently allocating technology budgets.

Full visibility of the IT estate

Regardless of the growth of so-called Shadow IT, or the increasingly diverse and distributed nature of devices, platforms, cloudservices and software in use across the entire technology estate, the CIO needs to have complete visibility of every devices, every software app and every licensing agreement. You’re flying blind without it.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Minimize costs

Many CIOs are enjoying IT budget growth, some are not so lucky. Whether budgets are static or on the move, there is always the need to do more with less and drive efficiency. That means eliminating over-spend on
software and cloud licenses and contracts, right-sizing and reusing assets where appropriate, getting favourable terms from suppliers and avoiding unbudgeted costs.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Maximize productivity

Your staff doesn’t have the time to react to every technology related request – whether it be an overburdened help desk, a new-hire process that takes too many steps hindering employee onboarding, or an engineering team struggling with system workloads that slow sales agility. Snow’s comprehensive SAM solution provides visibility where you need it, improves decision making speed, and automates manual tasks to accelerate organizational processes and deliver substantial improvement to IT productivity.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Minimize audit threats

There is a 70% chance that your organization will be audited by at least one software vendor this year. An audit is disruptive, time-consuming and can be costly if you’re not ready and able to defend your position. You need to know your Effective License Position for all key vendors before they come knocking.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Eliminate security risks

Out of date applications, unapproved software installs, unauthorized devices. These are the root of much of the security risk facing your organization. All of which can be addressed through application whitelisting, accurate identification of software versions and alerting on unapproved apps whether installed or running in the cloud.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management = Snow

Snow’s Software Asset Management platform is used by more than 4,500 organizations around the world to support key IT initiatives and protect the enterprise against unacceptable costs and risks. Built around the Snow License Manager hub, the platform supports millions of device types, software and cloud vendors and licensing metrics. Its actionable SAM intelligence can be used by stakeholders (IT, Procurement, Security, Governance) and systems (ITSM, ITAM, ERP) across the enterprise to deliver efficient and scalable IT services.

CIOs in the know choose Snow.