Data Normalization & Cleansing

Populate your CMDB & IT Asset Management solutions with clean & accurate hardware & software data

Whatever Service Desk your organization relies on, or whichever IT Asset Management solution you choose, the ability of these solutions to deliver value is based largely on the quality of data in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). 

For most ITSM and ITAM solutions, that’s a problem, as data is collected and entered into the CMDB with minimal or no quality assurance.  This leads to software often being inaccurately reported, versions not correctly identified and missing hardware configurations.

The supposed benefits of the CMDB just aren’t there. 

Clean & accurate data 

Snow knows the value of clean and accurate data.  That’s why we created the Software Recognition Service that now supports over 375,000 software titles from more than 62,000 software publishers*. 

Whatever IT inventory solution your organization uses – from Snow Inventory to LANDesk, HEAT (formerly FrontRange) to BMC – Snow can take raw software audit information and both cleanse and normalize it so that all records in the CMDB match the vendors’ software catalogs.  Commercial versions are rationalized to supported versions, vendor names are normalized and value-add information such as End of Support dates are added. 

The cleansing process applies to all popular enterprise mobile, desktop and server platforms, including: 

  • Windows and Windows Phone
  • Mac OS X and iOS
  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • Android

One solution for all IT Asset Management & IT Service Management solutions 

Whether you use ServiceNow or one of the many other ITSM and ITAM solutions on the market, the Snow value-add is the same:  clean, normalized data, no matter what the inventory source or target CMDB. That means higher user productivity and satisfaction, faster resolution times and lower support overheads. 

Optimize software licensing

An accurate CMDB is not the only benefit of using Snow.  Clean software install and clear hardware configuration information is vital if organizations are to optimize their software licensing position.  Thankfully, that’s exactly what you get with the Snow SAM platform.

Business Benefits

  • Faster resolution time on software issues
  • Standardisation of supported versions
  • Clearer visibility of license availability & suitability 

For more information on populating your CMDB with the best quality hardware and software information available, learn more about Snow’s Software Recognition Service or our range of Snow Integration Connectors, including Snow for ServiceNow


* Software Recognition Service stats accurate as of 1st July 2016