Snow Products

Snow’s integrated multi-platform license management & inventory products help organizations optimize software assets & availability

Snow License Manager

The world’s leading Software Asset Management solution for software, SaaS and IaaS, with cloud & on-premise delivery options

Snow Inventory

Discover devices, software and cloud services on all platforms, audit software installs and track usage

Snow Automation Platform

Automate key Software Asset Management, Cloud and mobile processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI

Snow Device Manager

A complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices

Snow Integration Connectors

Maximize the value of existing investments with automated Inventory, ITAM& ITSM integrations

Software Recognition Service

Automatically recognize the applications across your network

Virtualization Management Option

Identify & manage virtual assets across the network

Snow for ServiceNow

Automatically populate ServiceNow CMDB with hardware configuration and software inventory data from the Snow Software Asset Management platform.

Oracle Management Option

 Snow Oracle Management Option allows entitlements to be imported and matched to deployment; it shows which Database Options have been installed and used and whether Management Packs have been enabled and agreed. 

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

Snow Optimizer for SAP minimizes your exposure to financial and legal liabilities with automatic license administration, usage tracking, and automatic calculation of costs.

Software Recognition Service

Snow’s Software Recognition Service is comprehensive and powerful, providing actionable insight on all applications and removing the guesswork and legwork once and for all.