Entitlement Services

Reach compliance & gain optimization of your license spend with Entitlement services from Snow’s SAM experts

Starting SAM from scratch can be a daunting prospect.  To help organizations new to SAM and software license optimization, Snow and selected partners can offer help with recording, managing and reconciling license entitlements.

Qualified SAM experts will help identify suitable entitlement sources, input these into Snow License Manager and help the organization ensure that the licensing position is not only compliant, but optimized.

Recording Entitlements

Once supplied to Snow, the purchase history information is subject to a general inspection and checked for both completeness and suitability as ‘proof of entitlement’. Only conformed license data is inputted into the Snow License Manager system and included in the license reconciliation.  Any source documents that fail inspection are reported back to the customer for further action.

The data from the software inventory is subsequently compared with the license procurement data. Particular attention is paid to the migration history (product upgrades, version upgrades, competitive upgrades etc.). For any license metric where no technical inventory is available (such as Microsoft CALs), the SAM expert will follow documented processes on managing these.

Compliance & Optimization Report

The results from the analysis is presented in a report and are also evaluated along with detailed recommendations for further actions. Snow licensing specialists will help identify ways of applying best-fit license entitlements, opportunities to re-harvest licenses, and provide key insights that could help with future software agreement negotiations - all of which will help minimize your compliance risks and software overspend.