Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

A 4-Day Course


Who Should Attend

  • Basic Knowledge of SAP Licensing recommended

  • SAP Administrators

  • Pre-Sales / Partner



The training is based on a typical installation scenario and provides a platform to get to know and discuss alternative configuration approaches. The training facilitates the required knowledge for a successful configuration, administration and troubleshooting of the Snow Optimizer for SAP Software.The first day of training gives an introduction into the complex subject of SAP licensing and an overview of the Snow Optimizer for SAP Software features.The following days inform about the technical details for setup and use of the Snow Optimizer for SAP Software.


Course outline

  • General SAP Licensing•Comments on ‘Indirect Usage’
  • Snow Optimizer for SAP Software Overview
  • Connecting SAP and Non-SAP Systems
  • Data Loading
  • Setup of Contract Management
  • Development of Usage Profiles
  • Development of Rulesets
  • Use of Rulesets•Analysis of potential Indirect Usage
  • Automatization


International locations

Courses are held regularly in a number of international locations. Bespoke sessions can be held in in one of our regional offices or on-site at customers or partners. Find available course dates in our Training Calendar or send your inquiries to



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