Getting Started Using Snow License Manager 8 on Snow Academy

An ONLINE Course

Who Should Attend

  • License Manager Administrators
  • SAM Consultants
  • IT Asset Managers
  • IT and procurement professionals
  • Snow Partners


Entrance Requirement

  • None. This should be the first course on the journey to a solid foundation to develop your SAM practice and Snow-how.



During these online training courses you will gain an understanding of the Snow License Manager.
Through a series of simulations, interactive discussions on Snow Globe, and practical hands-on assignments you will gain an understanding of the risks, costs, challenges and benefits associated with SAM and the processes necessary to effectively manage your hardware and software assets with Snow License Manager.
Upon course completion, you will understand how to navigate the SLM interface; navigate the core features; identify the asset lifecycle and the importance of associated business processes to support the cycle; manage licenses, agreements, associated rules; assess risk; and optimize software spend costs based on knowing actual usage.



  • Understanding the Basics: What does Software Asset Management mean to you
  • Start Building your Foundation: What do you know about your IT Environment
  • Understanding the Contents of your Estate: Computer Management
  • Continue Building Your Foundation: Agreements & Licensing Basics


Delivery Options

Snow Academy Online     or    request a classroom training quote



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