SAM Solutions

Learn how Software Asset Management solutions from Snow reduce licensing costs, improve availability & minimize compliance risks

Software License Optimization

Reduce the risk and cost of software audits while optimizing the availability of software licenses

Multi-Platform SAM

Unify the management of software assets across the corporate network with Snow

Datacenter SAM

Optimize SAP, IBM & Oracle software license costs & asset availability in the datacenter

SAM in the Cloud

Optimize the cost and availability of cloud-based licenses 


Incorporate virtual assets into SAM to drive down costs & risks

Oracle Optimization

Drive down the cost of managing Oracle installations & minimize non-compliance risks

Mobile SAM

Managing software consumption and licensing whatever the device, wherever the user is

Enterprise Mobile Management

Cost effectively configure and manage the full lifecycle of tablets and phones from sourcing to end of life

Data Normalization & Cleansing

Populate your CMDB & IT Asset Management solutions with clean & accurate hardware & software data