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Online - Webinar

Save millions on SAP licensing with Snow

How Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software can provide transparency and intelligence to make substantial cuts to ongoing SAP license rises.

With a complex range of licensing options and lack of in-built optimization tools, it’s easy for organizations to lose control of their SAP license types and expose themselves to substantial financial and legal liabilities, even if configured licenses are not being fully utilized. 

Hear from Telma Rafael on how Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software can give your organization the insight and intelligence required to ensure SAP licensing is right-sized to actual needs – both preventing unintended overspend and putting the SAP administration team in the driving seat when it comes to SAP license and contract negotiations. 

  • DATE: tuesday, 23 august

  • session time: 4:00Pm AEST

Telma Rafael

Telma Rafael is a former SAP licence auditor and has performed hundreds of SAP audits. More recently she has been advising customers on audit defence strategies and SAP licence optimisation.