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Online - Webinar

Prevent Overspending- Why License Management & Optimization for SAP is important?

We've partnered with the SAP Australian User Group to bring you an educational webinar to help optimize your organization's spend on SAP licensing and support.

  • WHEN: 27 October, Thursday

  • TIME: 2.00pm Sydney (AEDT), 4.00pm New Zealand

  • Where: ONLINE

Most organisations unwittingly find themselves suffering from costly SAP licencing sprawl and the risk of unbudgeted costs because they don’t know enough about their current SAP systems, user behaviour and the organisation’s true needs. This often leads organisations to simply agree to purchase more SAP licences and increasing their annual spend when they don’t need to.

This webinar will highlight the key steps and tactics to help optimise your organisation’s spend on SAP licencing and support - both preventing unintended overspend and putting the SAP administration team in control when it comes to SAP licence and contract negotiations.