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Optimum value for your SAP investment!

How to ensure you are getting optimum value for your SAP investment

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides transparency and intelligence that can save organisations millions in SAP* software licensing costs. 

SAP licensing can often be complex and definitions in the contract difficult to interpret. Adding to the complexity, the lack of visibility on what users are doing in the SAP systems makes it a challenge to allocate the right license types.
Hear from Telma Rafael on how having visibility and factual usage data is key to managing SAP licenses and contracts more effectively; to ensure you are getting value for very pound you have spent on SAP.

  • DATE: TUESDAY 19TH july

  • session time: 10:00am

Telma Rafael

Telma is a former SAP Global License Auditor and has extensive experience of SAP licensing audits and SAP contract negotiations. During her time at SAP, Telma conducted hundreds of license audits and therefore understands the most common challenges customers face. 

In the past few years Telma has dedicated herself to helping SAP customers manage their SAP licenses more effectively and getting the most value out of their SAP investment.