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Focusing on the key priorities currently facing IT teams, this resource center offers pragmatic guidance, best practices and support from your peers and experts around the world

Managing Through Uncertainty

We know this is a particularly challenging time for everyone in IT. To support you in managing pressing requirements in areas such as remote working, asset and infrastructure management, cost optimization and operational agility, we have gathered some essential resources that offer pragmatic advice and best practices from our customers and experts around the world. We’ll be adding new content weekly so please check back regularly for updates or, to register for an online event in the series we are running focusing on IT cost management, visit here.

We hope you find these assets valuable. Please feel free to contact me directly at if you need any additional information or would like to connect with one of the authors.

Paula Darvell, Chief Marketing Officer

Useful Resources


Testimonials and Case Studies

Enabling a Remote Workforce

A Perspective on the IT and Human Impacts of our Current Reality

Victoria Barber reviews current business priorities and how technology can positively impact the workforce during this period of uncertainty

What is the role of a Technology Guardian in a crisis?

Victoria Barber looks at what IT leaders and other Tech Guardians can do to support their organization's during this uncertain time

The SaaS Surge: A Perspective on Managing Cloud Applications as Remote Work Accelerates

Mark Lillywhite looks at how to manage SaaS application sprawl (and costs) as work from home activities create new demand

A New Reality for IT: A CIO’s Perspective During a Business Continuity Event

Snow's CIO offers considerations for supporting your business during this uncertain period

The Convergence of Cloud Management and SAM

Learn how bringing cloud and software management together can provide significant cost savings 

Taking Stock: The Current State of Enterprise Cloud

Discover 3 key areas of potential development for the cloud in 2020

Study: Workers Circumvent IT to Access Preferred Tools

Research on worker behavior that highlights what to watch out for with the surge in remote work 

Managing Costs

How to Streamline Cloud Subscriptions & IT Costs During Uncertain Economic Times

This blog answers the question: what can IT do to successfully streamline spending?

DIY IT Asset Management: A Perspective on Getting Scrappy When the Going Gets Tough

Senior Solutions Architect Tim Kubick looks at how to create your an ITAM program with limited resources

Cloud Economics: A Perspective on Implementing the Right Consumption Model for your Organization’s Evolving Needs

Mark Jamensky offers advice for managing costs whether you're ramping up or scaling down cloud use

Rightsizing Your Enterprise Applications Software Costs

A guide to help IT leaders ensure their usage and spend across IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft is effective and cost-efficient

Rightsize your SaaS spend: A Guide for IT Leaders

This 10 minute guide explores why enterprise visibility of your SaaS applications is essential for rightsizing your costs.

A Perspective On Rightsizing Your Hybrid Cloud Costs: The Shortcut To Cloud Cost Savings

Explore where you need to look to find cost-saving opportunities within your public, private and hybrid cloud environments

A Perspective On Rightsizing Your Hybrid Cloud Cost: Cloud Cost Savings Webinar

This webinar explores how to find cloud cost savings within both your production and non-production environments

What’s Next For ITAM - Navigating The New Normal

As the conversation shifts from enabling remote work to managing economic fallout, our panel discusses what’s next.

Better Together: A CFO’s Perspective on How IT and Finance Can Partner to Provide Stability

Snow CFO James Denena offers insights into how Finance and IT teams can come together to optimize costs and safeguard the business

Rightsize your SaaS spend and manage your costs

In this webinar we share how SaaS application usage increases during times of economic challenge, and how to avoid unexpected costs and a lack of visibility this brings.

A Perspective On IT Cost Management: A Guide For IT Leaders

This 10 minute guide explores where you need to look first to find cost saving opportunities

A Perspective On Rightsizing Your Enterprise Applications

This webinar covers the big four ‘mega’ vendors; IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, and key ways to optimize your licensing spend.

A Perspective On IT Cost Management: How You Can Help

This webinar explores how to find cost saving opportunities in 3 key areas

Visibility and Agility: A Perspective on IT Asset Management During and After a Crisis

Snow's Jelle Wijndelts looks at potential considerations for managing the IT estate today and in the future

5 Techniques to Optimize Cloud Costs

Discover strategies to minimize and optimize your public cloud costs 

The Definitive Guide to Azure Cost Optimization

Learn the top 9 ways to effectively manage costs on Microsoft Azure 

Cloud Manager’s Guide to Public Cloud Cost Savings

A cheat sheet to save and optimize costs on Microsoft Azure, AWS and other public cloud services 

5 Tips To Reduce Your AWS Costs

Identify potential costs savings in your AWS bill with these five best practices 

How to Take Control of Your Oracle Estate

Review key areas where you can maintain control and avoid unnecessary overspend of Oracle 

Thanks to Intelligence from Snow, Australia Post Now Delivers More Than Mail

Discover how Australia Post gained a deep understanding of its massive IT ecosystem 

Embracing SaaS Without Breaking The Bank

A look at how SaaS adoption is affecting organizations from visibility to cost

Top Methods to Reduce Your AWS Costs

Seven strategies to minimize your AWS bills

Get Control of Adobe Creative Cloud Usage and Spend

Discover how to understand and manage Adobe Creative Cloud usage and costs 

5 Ways to Cut Spending on Microsoft

A guide to reducing and managing your Microsoft spend across the enterprise

5 Ways to Cut Spending on Your SAP® Software

Reduce SAP® licensing costs and minimize audit risk with these five tips 

5 Ways to Cut Adobe Creative Cloud Waste

Take control of spiraling license costs without hampering creative teams 

5 Ways to Optimize Your Oracle Estate

How to take control of your Oracle licensing and avoid unnecessary costs

5 Ways To Reduce Your IBM Software Costs

An essential guide to avoiding common cost pitfalls and saving money on of your IBM licenses 

Monitoring Security & Data Risk


Hear how Equifax could have prevented their exposure by leveraging best practices such as ITAM


High profile data breaches are on the rise – see how to safeguard your customers’ information

Securing the New Normal: A Perspective on Managing the Risks of Remote Work

Considerations for keeping your organization secure during this period of remote work

How Snow Helps Manage the Risk of One Risk Manager

How a large cybersecurity company manages risk and avoided $20M in costs with technology asset data