Foods Company

“Software Provider wanted $1M. It walked away with nothing!”


Company Background

The Company produces and distributes several well-known food brands across the US, and has a multi-billion dollar annual revenue. It employs more than 20,000 people, most of whom work on the production lines. The roughly 4,000 “knowledge workers” use 4,000 PCs between them, powered by roughly 700 servers. Other end points include the controls of plant-floor machinery and device line controls.


The Snow Opportunity

After a difficult audit with a big Software provider, the Company moved to get its Software Asset Management into shape. A number of suppliers offering SAM solutions were considered, but when due diligence was carried out on Snow, its functionality and “unbeatable” value proposition proved superior. The Company rolled out Snow’s SAM platform and hasn’t looked back.


The Snow Contribution

Since the implementation of Snow, the Company has participated in six to eight audits each year. The vendors requesting an audit included big hitters such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, where Snow helped argue down a demand for $1M to zero. The Company cut costs through software optimization and shrank its software maintenance budget by 5%.

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Business Benefits and ROI

  • Cost avoidance of $1M on just one audit
  • Software maintenance budget down by 5%
  • Strong line of defense against multiple audits
  • Centralized insight into EA expiration and end-of-service dates
  • Cost savings through pooling and reusing software licenses
  • Buy-in from senior management which uses Snow reports for budget and project planning


SAM Hero

The Company’s Software Asset Manager has been decisive in the success of Snow, and has made it his mission to exploit its potential to the fullest. He advises other users not to be intimidated by the solution, but to experiment with it. He says:

“Be creative and be open to the concept of using Snow, because it’s an engine and it has a lot of capability that you can find practical applications for.”