About AVL

AVL is an Austrian engineering company that develops and tests the technology of powertrains for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. In 2016, the Graz-based company employed more than 8,600 people worldwide and had an annual turnover of €1.4 billion.


AVL faced two challenges in its management of SAP licenses. It wanted pro-active and future-proof processes around SAP licensing, also with regards to the vendor’s HANA strategy. Secondly, a major concern for the engineer was the optimal and correct allocation of SAP license types.

Why Snow

A Proof of Concept outlined the risks and identified a series of important action points for AVL. The Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software impressed with its clean, normalized data and actionable reports. The software also had the functionality to analyze any potential indirect usage of SAP and this ticked a last, very important box. The icing on the cake was the huge potential for optimizing SAP licenses.

“We are really enjoying the ease of use and the intuitive interface of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software. Its reporting functionalities – across all systems, with data that are normalized and comprehensive – are just what AVL needed. The automation and monitoring capabilities of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software underpin a cost-efficient SAP license management. All these points confirm we made the right choice opting for Snow. "

Patrik Kury, SAP Applications Manager: