Snow Device Manager Administrator

A 1-Day Course


Who should attend

SDM Administrators and Support technicians who should manage and control mobile devices 


Over this one day course you will learn Snow Device Manager terminology, how to use Snow Device Manager in order to register and manage your mobile devices. This includes Inventory, device information, security setting, restrictions, reports, deployments etc., This hands on course is aimed at showing how Snow Device Manager can be used to read, change and manage your mobile device estate.
You will learn how to apply restrictions in order to enforce security policy’s and lessen the risk that mobile devices pose to your estate.

Course outline

  • SDM system terminology – structure.
  • Device and User information – inventory. 
  • Using Snow Device Manager - manage mobile devices.
  • Enrolling mobile devices.
  • Configuration of packages for security, mail, wifi settings, restrictions. 
  • Creating and deploying application packages for mobile devices.
  • Reports.
  • Practical exercises.

International locations

Courses are held regularly in a number of international locations. Bespoke sessions can be held in in one of our regional offices or on-site at customers or partners.

Find available course dates in our Training Calendar or send your inquiries to

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