Customer Support Terms

Support Policy

* Severity System down (1)- please contact Snow by phone/email.


  • Ticket logging
    • Telephone Follow up Support (as necessary)
    • Email
    • Web Conference (as necessary)
  • Software updates and enhancements includes maintenance releases, enhancements, new versions, additions and modifications to the software, that Snow provides to all other customers under support for no additional fee.
  • Bug fixes to bring the software into substantial conformance with its then current user manual.
  • Resolution Process
    • Email ticket opened
    • Classify ticket and communicate severity  
    • Assign engineer to determine and correct the error
    • Initiate work to correct the error
    • Periodic reports on the status of the correction


  • Reinstatement of Support:  If customer terminates support and wants to reinstate support, customer must pay the support fees that would have been due if customer was under support for the entire period.
  • Version Support. Services will be provided with respect to only the current version and the previous version of the Software.
  • English. Snow will provide the Support Services in English.
  • Exclusions: 
    • changes to the operating system or use of the Software on equipment other than the equipment for which such Software was designed and licensed for use; 
    • any alterations or modifications of or additions to the Software performed by anyone other than Snow (unless such alterations or additions are made at the direction of and with the prior written consent of Snow); 
    • use of the Software in a manner for which it was not designed; accident, negligence, or misuse of the Software; 
    • interconnection of the Software with other software not supplied or approved in writing in advance by Snow; 
    • introduction of data into any database used by the Software by any means other than the use of the Software; 
    • support for a version of the Software that is no longer supported;
    • improper use of hardware or software or attempted maintenance by unauthorized persons;
    • training;
    • implementing and installing all Software corrections, enhancements, bug fixes, upgrades, updates, improvements and extensions according to the technical documentation;
    • Certain major upgrades require implementation services, which are not included as part of maintenance and support;
    • and use in violation of the Snow’s instructions or the Software’s documentation.


Snow's regional support centers

US (*)   UK   Netherlands

+1 512-646-2506
  +44 1344 371210   +31 23 531 5460
Supports:   Supports:   Supports:
US & Canada                                   UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa   Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal & Luxembourg
Germany   Sweden   Brazil
+49 711 722 486 59   +46 8 535 251 90   +55 11 3066 2573
Supports:   Supports:   Supports:
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & Eastern Europe                                                                               Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine & Poland                                             South & Central America                                                                                                                                
Hong Kong   Australia    
+852 36186106   +61 2 9159 1801    
Supports:   Supports:    

Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong                                             


Australia & New Zeland                                                                              



Support is provided during local business operations of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm local time from Monday through Friday, excluding local holidays.

*US only, time zone applicable to the State in which Licensee’s primary business is located.








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