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Tim Jesser's blog

The Convergence of Cloud Management and SAM

Tim Jesser looks at how the cloud has changed the responsibilities and mandates of software asset management.

Achieving GDPR Compliance is Difficult. SaaS Just Made It Harder.

Unknown SaaS usage can be a GDPR landmine. Learn how to defuse it before it is too late.

Take control of your digital investments before they derail business transformation

CIOs need visibility into what applications and services the rest of the business is procuring, to ensure security, compliance and good IT governance

Beware the Vendor Certification Game

Unearthing the reality of “vendor certification” SAM programs

7 Steps to Kickstart Your GDPR compliance

How to identify key risks and where to concentrate your efforts before the regulation is introduced on May 25, 2018

2018 resolutions for cloud cost containment

Three recommendations to keep your cloud costs under control

How CIOs and Business Units Can Be BFFs

How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership

77% of Enterprises Have a Missing or Deficient CMDB

Dirty data makes it difficult of impossible to fulfill key processes