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Incentivizing Through Price Hikes!

Snow Software’s Managing Consultant, Michael Gray, explores the recent changes in pricing adopted by Microsoft to encourage users to move to cloud technologies and what it signals for the future of Software Asset Management (SAM).

Creative Cloud File Deletion Fallout

Adobe last week confirmed an issue where Creative Cloud files were being automatically deleted on Apple Mac devices, causing users to lose files. The issue was first identified by back-up software vendor Backblaze, which reported hundreds of Adobe Creative Cloud customers contacting them for help restoring lost files. Since then, Adobe admitted there was a problem and put it down to an update to the Creative Cloud suite. 

SAM and IT Security - PT I

You only need to look at the annual spend on IT security technologies and software (estimated by Gartner to be around US $77 billion in 2015) to see how seriously organizations take the subject.   While Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT security might not be obvious bedfellows, there is a wealth of information available from the SAM platform which can help an organization achieve its security goals. In this first instalment of a two-blog post on the subject, I’m going to explore two ways in which I think SAM can support IT security.

Gartner Announces software spend predictions

As part of our ongoing review of our content to ensure it is up-to-date, this blog has been updated on 10/18/2016. There are a number of interesting forecasts that further highlight the importance of software asset management and effectively managing software licenses. I will analyze the findings from Gartner's report and explain how this is an important document for software asset management professionals.

ServiceNow Enhances Share of ITSM Market

With ServiceNow last week announcing it had broken the US $1 billion annual revenues mark, it is clear that the hosted ITSM vendor is making great strides towards market domination.  Indeed, the company now claims to have a 25% share of the Global 2000 organizations (ServiceNow claims 556 customers in this sector). It’s a growth that we are seeing reflected in Snow’s customer base.

Windows Server 2016 per-core licensing

As part of our ongoing review of our content to ensure it is up-to-date, this blog has been updated on 10/18/2016. Snow PreSales Consultant Robert Stellinga, explores the difficulties faced by organizations when it comes to licensing Windows Server products and what the move to core licensing could mean to Microsoft’s customers. Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2016, due in the third quarter of 2016, will move from a per-processor to a per-core licensing model. 

Adobe Loses Courtroom Battle

David Foxen and Snow’s Adobe Expert Matt Williams look at the recent court case between Adobe and Software Surplus, and what the outcome means for the industry. At the end of December 2015, Adobe took a company called Software Surplus to court in the US over a reported case of copyright and trademark infringement.

What’s behind SAP’s record results?

Software Asset Management Evangelist David Foxen, and Snow Software SAP Expert Brian Skiba look at the recent news from SAP; "license renewals has contributed towards ‘record operating profits.’" On Tuesday January 12, SAP announced record breaking operating profits that have been hugely impacted by an increase in license renewals and cloud technology. 

Snow Predicts for 2016

Having focused our first 2016 Predictions blog on SAM and Software Licensing, our second blog of 2016 predictions asks our Snow Software Asset Management experts to use their crystal ball to predict what the major software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP and Adobe will focus on in 2016.

Snow’s SAM Predictions for 2016

In this first blog of 2016, Snow’s SAM experts share some of their predictions for the year ahead in Software Asset Management (SAM) and general software licensing.  A second blog looking at specific vendors will follow.