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Cloud Shock & how to avoid it

What is it & why CFOs are demanding action

Are You a Guardian, a Decision Maker or a Consumer?

Whatever your primary role, our aim is to help you do it better

Discover, Determine, Decide & Do

The 4Ds of managing technology spend & consumption

Oracle Database License Optimization – Expert Answers to Your Questions

Discover, manage and optimize your Oracle database spend and utilization to reduce costly overspend

Achieving GDPR Compliance is Difficult. SaaS Just Made It Harder.

Unknown SaaS usage can be a GDPR landmine. Learn how to defuse it before it is too late.

Take control of your digital investments before they derail business transformation

CIOs need visibility into what applications and services the rest of the business is procuring, to ensure security, compliance and good IT governance

Four Steps to Understand and Control SaaS Usage and Spend with Snow for Cloud

DISCOVER, MANAGE, OPTIMIZE and GOVERN CLOUD across your entire estate