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Kickstart your Software Asset Management practice- Your Questions Answered

- Your Questions Answered

On October 18, Snow Software ran a webinar in collaboration with ITAM Review to help answer the most common questions asked when professionals first hear about Software Asset Management – what is it? And do I need it? 

95% of CIOs expecting to change jobs

Less time on IT delivery, more time on innovation and influence

No longer is the CIO primarily responsible for the delivery of world-class IT solutions.  Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true.  Many still are responsible for that, but it’s no longer what defines a successful CIO.   

How to make the divorce between IT & the Business as painless as possible

Notes from Gartner ITFPAM in Nashville & London

Over the last two weeks, Gartner has held its annual ITFPAM (IT, Finance, Procurement & Asset Management) conferences in the United States and United Kingdom. If there was a key message, it was that the Business has quite definitely issued divorce proceedings against the IT function and is already enjoying life as a singleton again. 

Simplification: the great lie of the Cloud Era

Why the CIO needs analytics now more than ever

At the start of 2017, I tasked our Snow Software sellers with introducing a simple question into their conversations with senior business and IT leaders at organizations around the world. 
The question is short and simple:

Is the cloud making your job simpler or more complicated?” 

With Visibility Comes Security

The SAM manager’s role in corporate security

More devices, greater mobility, BYOD, and more flexible licensing terms are complicating the job of protecting information. With true visibility of the corporate network, SAM managers are well-positioned to help their organizations achieve the right balance between security and efficiency.

SAP Indirect Access Risk Mitigation - PT I

Part 1 of 2: Back to basics - Right size direct licenses as the foundation for sound Indirect Access decisions.

The Indirect Access conundrum has posed a new challenge to many SAP customers recently. It’s clear though that SAP is not going to dramatically change its stance anytime soon. As an SAP customer, there are many angles to approach SAP Indirect Access. But no matter what your view or opinion on the fairness of the situation, there’s a practical approach derived from best practice licensee optimization methods which will serve you well.

Gartner confirms Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management solutions

Long-awaited SAM MQ gets the green light. Due 2018.

I have it on good authority from inside Gartner that the Magic Quadrant for SAM has finally been given the green light and that the research process will start in September. Creating a Magic Quadrant is, not surprisingly, a major undertaking and it will likely take a team of analysts at Gartner a minimum of six months to complete.

SAP® BusinessObjects Licensing: How History Explains its Complexity

Understand the history behind BusinessObjects licensing and why it remains different from traditional SAP licensing

Make no mistake, although BusinessObjects has been part of the SAP portfolio for ten years, the way that it is licensed remains very different from the traditional licensing you find with ABAP-based SAP solutions. To better understand why, we should look back at the history of data analytics, business intelligence and BusinessObjects (commonly abbreviated as BOBJ). 

How CIOs and Business Units Can Be BFFs

How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership

How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership 

SAP Licensing – The Lowdown on Static Read

SAP Licensing

Last May, when Bill McDermott announced SAP’s empathy toward its customers and provided standardised scenarios relating to Indirect Access at Sapphire Now, even a cynic would have been forgiven for anticipating some substance around the new rules.



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