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The Mobile Revolution - PT I

In part I of this III part series, I will explore how the computing world is in a constant state of change. Right now, the greatest shifts are happening in the move from  premise-based applications and infrastructure to SaaS/IaaS platforms together with the acceleraton towards these applications and services being accessed from mobile devices rather than PCs and laptops.  


Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management

As business professionals and buyers, we want to know that the products and services we are looking at are going to be right for our organization and its needs. The cost of getting it wrong is at best wasted money and at worst career-limiting. The classic example is perhaps the Gartner Magic Quadrant. 

SMB guide to managing Microsoft

Microsoft licensing represents a complicated challenge for any organization. There are so many different technologies, license models and environments to manage and optimize. Add to that the very real threat of an audit or review, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a headache!

Is SAM Winning?

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has today released the figures for its latest annual report on software piracy around the world. The watchdog believes that 39 percent of software used globally is pirated. 

Open Store for Windows 10 Pro Users

Microsoft announced that organizations can no longer block access to the Windows Store for users on Windows 10 Pro. Previously, organizations could create a group policy to restrict Windows 10 Pro users from accessing and downloading anything from the Windows Store.

Why open source needs SAM

One of the main goals of a Software Asset Management (SAM) team should be to find the right software for their users to fulfil their role and add value to the business – at the best price possible. With tight budget constraints, organizations may increasingly look at seemingly ‘free’ software in order to reduce costs.

Welcome to the Future...

Over the past few weeks we have been teasing you with new features for our up-and-coming release of Snow License Manager 8. At last, we’re really excited to be able to share our new Software Asset Management (SAM) platform with you.

SAM Cuts Software Spend

Gartner recently released a report entitled ‘Cutting Software Spend Safely with SAM' in which it highlights that Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders can cut software spend by 30 percent if they follow three software license optimization best practices. 

Trending & Forecasting in SAM

We feel it’s a strong illustration of just how far Software Asset Management has come since the days of being the Cinderella of the IT operations world, stuck in the broom cupboard with the unglamorous job of counting IT assets and clearing up the mess after an audit.

Does size matter?

Size matters, right? Or maybe I should be clearer. The size of a Software Asset Management solution vendor’s customers matters when selecting the right platform for your organization’s needs. Or does it?



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