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Hacker Summer Camp: Takeaways from Black Hat and DEF CON 2019

Snow's CIO Al Pooley attended this year's Black Hat and DEF CON, and shares his biggest takeaways from the cybersecurity events. One surprising takeaway: many flaws or vulnerabilities presented during the conferences seemed to highlight the failure to keep up with the basics – patching, inventory and education

CIO's Summertime Sadness: Travel Season Doesn’t Mean Workers Are Digitally Disconnecting

Summer vacation season is in full swing, but new data from Snow Software suggests that global workers have a difficult time disconnecting from their jobs while on holiday.

Technology Intelligence is the Future of Software Asset Management

Snow’s new product suite delivers insights and manageability across software, hardware, SaaS and IaaS

Human Centred IT and the end of the IT department as the Digital Dictator

The overarching message at this year's Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was that IT leaders need to stop focussing on technology and instead take a human-centred approach. This means taking the lead in delivering the tools that individuals need to do their jobs and helping them use these tools effectively.

Study: Workers Circumvent IT to Access Preferred Tools

According the Snow’s latest research, millennials and management are emotionally attached to their unauthorized SaaS even though they understand the risks, putting pressure on IT to find a balance between employee empowerment and organizational efficiency

Industry Leaders Tackle Current and Future IT Challenges at IBSMA London

Managing the entire scope of technology assets has become increasingly complex, and experts agree that IT organization must evolve to meet this challenge

One Year In, Workers Set Relationship Status with GDPR to “It’s Complicated”

A new survey by Snow Software shows location, age and position all impact how employees perceive the landmark privacy regulation

Everything You Need to Know About the May 2019 Patches and Vulnerabilities

The past week has been especially difficult with several software vendors announcing a significant number of patches.

Is Peak Geek a Challenge to Corporate IT?

A new Snow survey finds that most workers are willing to watch Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame on work devices. What else are they willing to do?

SAP’s Digital Access Adoption Program: Licensing win or Trojan Horse?

SAP now offers financial incentives for customers to switch to the digital access model. Here’s what you need to know before you sign up for the new program.