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Three steps to determining Oracle compliance

How to prepare an Oracle self-assessment, audit response or annual renewal

Need a how-to on Oracle licensing? This three-step guide, complete with useful links and tips, is a must read for all new SAM managers who need to gain an understanding of how to determine compliance for your Oracle estate.

SAP Indirect Usage – Is SAP Changing the Nature of its Relationship with Customers?

Mitigate the risk of Indirect Access

Software giant SAP seems to have taken the love/ hate relationship with its customers to new heights recently. We take a look at why SAP has been doing this and what it might mean for the future of SAP’s customer base.  

Snow releases Script for discovering Wannacry 

Use Snow to identify vulnerable systems

Snow’s specialized script identifies the reach of the Microsoft patch and the status of the SMB protocol in your enterprise. 

Top Five ‘must-dos’ to contain SaaS costs

Do you have full visibility and scrutiny of your Cloud spend?

The cloud is the future. Or so many IT pundits will have you believe. And they may be right; but for the wrong reasons. 

Five Microsoft Audit Failures to Avoid - Your Questions Answered

Get licensing insight from our Webinar Q&A

On April 27, Snow Software ran a webinar in collaboration with ITAM Review to detail Five Audit Failures to Avoid. During the webinar, we asked questions to better understand the urgency and top concerns of our attendees – we share those responses here. We received many questions during the live event, and as promised, we’ve provided this “Questions Answered” blog in which Microsoft expert and co-presenter, Rich Gibbons, Licensing Analyst with ITAM Review provides the answers. 

The importance of the user experience

Reponsive, dynamic multi-user platform accommodates all stakeholders

When it first came out in 1979, I desperately wanted a BIG TRAK toy tank. Not only did it look like a spaceship on six wheels that had come straight out of Battlestar Galactica (the tank bears more than a passing resemblance to the famous spacecraft of the original TV series that first aired in 1978), it was a programmable computer at a time when only NASA scientists had access to them. 

Three Overlooked Microsoft Audit Tips

Be prepared when facing an audit

There are few single words that can change your mood, your day, and potentially your life in an instant. One of those words is “Audit”. No one likes audit. It’s a simple five-letter word, a basic concept, and yet once it’s out there – there is nothing simple about the aftermath.

IBM calls time on ILMT 7.5 – What it means for you

Using legacy software may expose your enterprise to security risks and hidden costs

With IBM removing support for ILMT 7.5 at the end of April 2017, what does it mean for the many organizations around the world that rely on this proprietary tool to help reduce their overall IBM licensing bills?

The IT procurement robots are coming, how can we ensure they get it right?

Discovery and inventory ensure you know what is being used relative to your entitlements

It’s a well-worn movie cliché: the out-of-control robot providing comic relief. Whether it’s accelerating a production line conveyor belt to warp speed, talking nonsense or chasing its tail in circles, we all enjoy a laugh at our short-circuited automated friends. But assuming the root cause of the problem is programming could be a mistake. What if the programming is working perfectly, but it’s the inputs that are erroneous?

SAM, Effective License Positions and Being a Master of Change

How to ensure your ELP doesn't erode over time

Cut software spend with major software vendors -  If you have recently completed your first ELP, (Effective License Position) then congratulations are in order.  This is no small feat and you should feel a justifiable sense of pride in your work. 



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