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What does Brexit mean for technology assets?

Victoria Barber looks at the current state of Brexit and how businesses can take steps to prepare despite the uncertain nature of Brexit

Shake Up at the Top: Why SAP’s Bill McDermott is Vacating the Position on Time

SAP announced last week that Bill McDermott, its CEO for the last nine years, is stepping down from his role, and is promoting Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein to be co-CEOs, effective immediately.

What You Need to Know About SAP's Digital Access Model

SAP offers attractive financial incentives for customers to switch to the digital access model but how can you be sure you get the best deal?

Brazil’s Band TV Gets the Story on Their IT Estate

Bandeirantes TV, or Band, gains the insight needed to accurately and quickly understand software usage across their entire organization with Snow.

When is the coffee machine an IT problem?

Snow's Victoria Barber looks at the difficult question of what a technology asset actually is.

Ensuring Positive Business Outcomes With Snow Services

Snow's Kevin Meachen offers a look at the Services organization, which was designed to support and advise customers on their SAM journey.

5 Takeaways from the 2019 Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management (ITSV) Summit

The Snow team recently attended Gartner ITSV in both Dallas and London, and shares five key takeaways from the events.

Serve Up Safe and Memorable Travel Experiences with Technology

A recent study by Snow shows how travel providers' technology infrastructure can shape customer experiences

Oracle OpenWorld 2019: 4 Developments to Watch For

Snow's Christian Den Boer discusses the top developments he's expecting to learn more about at Oracle OpenWorld 2019.

Introducing Multi Metrics Capability in Snow Spend Auditor

As a part of the recently launched Snow Technology Intelligence suite, the new multi metrics capabilities will provide users the ability to track, manage and report more than one licensing metric per application simultaneously.