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In Part 1 of this blog series we highlighted the need to align ITAM investment with funded business and IT initiatives. In this blog we examine how ITAM supports some of the typical IT projects that organizations may be investing in.

May 25 has come and gone but the GDPR is here to stay

Don’t assume your shiny new privacy statements will protect you from data breaches.

The ICO has disclosed a fivefold increase in the number of data breaches reported since the GDPR came into force so how can we maximize compliance and minimize our risk of exposure?

SAP´s Sales and Audit Teams: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

SAP separated its sales and audit functions but is the audit process less open to abuse?

In April 2018, SAP announced the separation of its sales and auditing functions to ensure a fair, transparent and consistent license experience for customers. Has it succeeded? Is it a realistic aspiration? How empathetic is SAP really being to their customers and the challenges they face?

Building the Business Case for It Asset Management – Part 1/4

Aligning ITAM to Business Priorities

Many IT asset managers struggle to make a truly compelling business case for investment in ITAM or SAM. This failure is often due to the fact that the business case is created in isolation, focused on the need for ITAM in general rather than linking it to specific and prioritized business initiatives writes Victoria Barber. 

The Millennials aren’t just coming, they’re in charge

And it’s changing the way your organization needs to manage technology

Matt Fisher looks at the accelerating pace that Millennials are introducing new technologies into the workplace, and how the risks they represent need – and can – be managed.

A New Specter Looms: User Licensing Based on SAP authorizations.

Understand your SAP licensing system and be prepared for the shift to authorization based licensing

In recent user group meetings, SAP announced it is planning to alter its user licensing policy to one based on what a user is authorized to do as opposed to the current model based on actual usage. Joachim Paulini looks at the repercussions of this change.

Software Compliance Impacts on Mergers and Acquisitions

A detailed look at the risks and impacts that software compliance has on M&A.

Software vendors audit companies involved in mergers and acquisitions because they are easy targets for finding out of compliance licensing. In this blog, Michael Krutikov explores the risks and impacts on M&A for software non-compliance and recommendations to improve your due diligence and success after the fact.

How to Build Effective ITAM

Is it possible to build an effective ITAM capability that has real relevance?

Many companies end up paying too much for the assets they consume because they lack an understanding of how ITAM should work in their organization. Not only this, but many of them don’t even understand why they are doing it writes Victoria Barber.

SAP positions itself to dominate the CRM market

Learnings from Bill McDermott’s keynote presentation at this year’s SAPphire Now

Joachim Paulini, Lead Architect for Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, examines announcements made by Bill McDermott, CEO SAP, at this year’s SAPphire developer conference earlier this month, and how SAP is seeking to differentiate itself.

Cloud Shock & how to avoid it

What is it & why CFOs are demanding action

Cloud Shock is a phenomenon rapidly spreading across boardrooms around the world and getting a lot of executives hot under the collar.  Matt Fisher explores how to avoid the wrath of the CFO.



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