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SAP´s Sales and Audit Teams: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

SAP separated its sales and audit functions but is the audit process less open to abuse?

In April 2018, SAP announced the separation of its sales and auditing functions to ensure a fair, transparent and consistent license experience for customers. Has it succeeded? Is it a realistic aspiration? How empathetic is SAP really being to their customers and the challenges they face?

A New Specter Looms: User Licensing Based on SAP authorizations.

Understand your SAP licensing system and be prepared for the shift to authorization based licensing

In recent user group meetings, SAP announced it is planning to alter its user licensing policy to one based on what a user is authorized to do as opposed to the current model based on actual usage. Joachim Paulini looks at the repercussions of this change.

SAP positions itself to dominate the CRM market

Learnings from Bill McDermott’s keynote presentation at this year’s SAPphire Now

Joachim Paulini, Lead Architect for Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, examines announcements made by Bill McDermott, CEO SAP, at this year’s SAPphire developer conference earlier this month, and how SAP is seeking to differentiate itself.

SAP Announces a New Pricing Model for Indirect/ Digital Access

ERP Licensing in the Digital Age

Joachim Paulini looks at whether customers should adopt SAP’s new, more transparent pricing model around Indirect Access.  As he examines what’s changing, it’s clear it might not necessarily be to their advantage to do so.

SAP Indirect Usage – Your questions answered

Reduce risk and gain insight into SAP indirect Usage

On March 15, Snow Software ran a webinar in collaboration with KPMG to explain SAP Indirect Usage and provide a five-step plan to reduce risk. We were asked several related questions and as promised, we have collated these questions. 


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