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Patching the Meltdown/Spectre data leak

See the extent of patching in your network in a single view

The IT world of 2018 woke up to an unwelcome bang in the form of Meltdown and Spectre – two widespread hardware vulnerabilities. To encapsulate the problem, which security experts have classified as catastrophic, billions of computers and devices are at risk as the vulnerability exposes the data stored in the most protected part of a device’s hardware; the place where passwords, encryption keys, and other credentials are stored.

Don’t Be Held to Ransom

Snow releases script for discovering ransomware 

Ransomware is in the news again this morning as another attack has hit major organisations around the world. This strain of the virus, being dubbed “NotPetya” by Kaspersky Lab, has even infected the Chernobyl power plant’s cooling system, say the BBC

Snow releases Script for discovering Wannacry 

Use Snow to identify vulnerable systems

Snow’s specialized script identifies the reach of the Microsoft patch and the status of the SMB protocol in your enterprise. 

Trending & Forecasting in SAM

We feel it’s a strong illustration of just how far Software Asset Management has come since the days of being the Cinderella of the IT operations world, stuck in the broom cupboard with the unglamorous job of counting IT assets and clearing up the mess after an audit.

Managing multiple software versions and editions

How a condolidated insight into the total investment, compliance risk and overspead for a single application or product family lightens the load for Software Asset Managers

Making light work of an audit

Software audits have become an inevitability, but how ready are you to deal with one? As sure as there’s software, there’ll be audits. And given that software can account for more than a third of an organization’s IT spend, software auditing has become big business.

Taking a new view on Software Asset Management

At Snow, we believe that the entire organization should be empowered to contribute towards effective Software Asset Management. We call this concept 4th Generation SAM and a key to achieving it is making the right SAM intelligence available to everyone that needs it, and then giving all IT stakeholders (including the end users themselves) the tools to take charge of their own software needs within the organization’s overall SAM function.

The Dream of Complete Asset Discovery

Analyst firm Gartner has recently been referring to six steps of Software Asset Management: Discover, Inventory, Normalize, Reconcile, Optimize and Share.  Over the next few weeks, our SAM experts at Snow will show how Snow’s SAM platform closely mirrors Gartner’s advice on SAM best practices. In part one, Eric Sarnbrink looks at ‘Discover’ and ‘Inventory.’ 


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