White papers

Understanding the business value and possibilities is a prerequisite for a successful SAM investment.

Guide : Winning Strategies To Beat Software Audits - From Risk To Opportunity

How SAM ensures audit compliance and license optimization, and tips on how to handle 5 top vendor audits.

Guide: Four Steps To Reduce Sap Indirect Access Risk

How to understand your licensing, minimize risk and strengthen your negotiations with SAP®.

Research Report : Why It Needs Oversight If Digital Investment Is To Succeed

Exclusive report from CIO UK & Snow reveals IT leaders' concerns as business units take control of IT spend

Guide: Software Asset Management - The Secret Weapon In Your GDPR Toolkit

This guide reveals the SAM capabilities that are vital to GDPR compliance


This easy-to-follow seven step guide will help you focus on the key foundations of compliance.

E-Book: Five Ways To Reduce Microsoft Software Costs

How to cut Microsoft spending by up to 30%

E-BOOK: Why SAP LAW Won’t Save You From Costly Audit Fees

Why organizations must look beyond SAP®s own audit submission tool to reduce audit risk

E-Book: How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Pitfalls On Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 is the world's most widely-adopted SaaS Solution and for good reason

E-Book: Sources Driving The Disruption Gap And How To Close Them

How to remove uncertainty and the risk of unexpected technology spend 

E-Book: Guide For I&O Professionals - How To Remove Blind Spots From Your Network

How to gain control of your network, manage costs and plan investment with full visibility of your IT estate.

E-Book: Five Ways To Reduce Your IBM Software Costs

How to cut spend on IBM licensing by up to 30%

E-Book : How To Turn Shelfware Into S/4HANA Credit

The ultimate guide to using intelligence on your SAP® license estate to reduce costs


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