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Can Java still be free after January 2019?

Yes, according to Oracle, but how can it be when Java SE 8 public updates are no longer available?

In his recent blog, Sharat Chander, Senior Director, Java SE Product Management at Oracle, says, “Oracle is keeping Java free and open, providing stability, performance and security updates to the current version, at no cost.” What does this mean to Oracle customers and where should they focus attention to minimize costs and audit risks?

The Evolution of ITAM Maturity Part 2

Building a maturity model for the digital future

In the first part of this blog we looked at the traditional view of ITAM maturity. Here we explore how ITAM is evolving to support the changing digital ecosystem that all organizations are faced with today. 

The Evolution of ITAM Maturity Part I

What ITAM maturity used to look like and why it doesn’t work anymore.

Snow’s research over the past 9 months has been looking at how the changing world of IT is impacting ITAM and how we need to change and adapt in response to it. In this two-part post we look at how the ITAM maturity model fits into the picture.

Digital Access Licensing was a key topic at the UKISUG conference in Birmingham

SAP focused on collaboration and innovation at the annual UKI SAP User Group event in Birmingham and see these as key milestones on the journey to rebuild customer trust

The 30th birthday of the SAP User Group was celebrated this week in Birmingham  and the event certainly had a festive feel with cakes galore and keynotes conducted in a spirit of celebration and collaboration.

Embrace, Transform and Reinvent

Snow Software was a Premier sponsor at Gartner’s IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit, September 2018

The theme of this year’s conference was to embrace velocity and innovate to influence and impact business performance. So what did this mean for the target audience?

Oracle Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Cloud Business Claims

What is the real demand for Oracle’s cloud offerings?

Beginning in August 2018, a series of law firms announced they had filed a securities class action lawsuit on behalf of their client alleging that Oracle and certain executives issued false and misleading statements about its cloud business.

Does the New Digital Access Detection Tool from SAP® Reveal or Conceal License Liability?

SAP® customers must decide between two license models – but can they with the information available?

After announcing a new license model in April 2018, SAP released a tool to estimate potential digital access liability, so customers could decide whether to stay on their legacy model or move to the new.



In the previous three blog posts in this series we looked at the importance of aligning ITAM to business priorities and calculating and articulating the benefits. In this post we look at the format for the business case, and the information that needs to be included to provide a complete picture of the proposed investment.



In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we looked at aligning ITAM with business initiatives their associated IT projects, and identifying the specific benefits related to those projects. In this section we look at the additional benefits that may help support your business case.

Microsoft Pricing to Go up by 10% in October 2018, Here’s What You Should Do About It

Who is affected, what to watch out for and recommendations for your organization

On June 25, 2018, Microsoft announced they would soon increase pricing, but what may not be clear is who this change is going to affect. This blog will help decipher who exactly is affected by these coming changes, what effect they can have and recommendations on how to minimize the impact to your organization.