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Snow breaks the boundaries of SAM by licensing key technologies to world-leading software vendors

Austin, January 17, 2018 – Snow Software (Snow), the global leader in Software Asset Management (SAM) and cloud spend management solutions, today announced the launch of its OEM Program. OEM partners can now rapidly enrich their solutions by leveraging Snow’s world-class asset management technologies. This will enable them to discover, recognize and monitor consumption of commercially-licensable applications running in their customers’ IT estates.

Snow provides OEM partners with a comprehensive, consolidated and normalized view of all enterprise assets across on-premise, cloud and mobile, enabling them to better monetize their products and services, and differentiate from competition. OEMs will be able to integrate Snow’s repository of asset, configuration and risk data to provide additional value with add-ons to their existing offerings. The program goes beyond software optimization and includes OEM components for:

  • Discovery and Inventory – enabling OEMs to collect comprehensive hardware and software asset data across their customers’ entire IT estates to find every application running regardless of where that application exists (Mobile, Virtual Machines, Cloud, IaaS, DaaS, Endpoint or Server).
  • Data Normalization – allowing OEMs to normalize asset data with Snow’s community-sourced, professionally-validated, recognition database. This database is built on application and hardware analysis of Snow's 4,500+ customers which will enable them to export raw executables into Snow’s Normalization Service which will cleanse, dedupe, normalize and return the raw data as contextually meaningful application information.
  • Software Intelligence – helping OEMs to enrich asset data by adding context around software licensing rights, GDPR risk, security and vulnerability by providing them valuable insights around their customers’ security posture, governance, risk and compliance position.
  • Workflow Automation – supporting OEMs by combining order and workflow management with embedded process automation. By facilitating the transformation of massive numbers of unconnected manual tasks into automated processes, Snow enables OEMs to streamline workflows, improve productivity and increase ROI for their customers.

Snow’s asset management software catalog is the most comprehensive in the world, and it includes more than 515,000 applications, 81,000 vendors, and 1,021,000 SKUs. This catalog of ready-made asset data will enable OEMs to accelerate time to market and eliminate resource-intensive data gathering.

Axel Kling, CEO, Snow Software: “To stay competitive and meet rapidly evolving customer demands, software vendors have to be agile and constantly innovate to deliver greater functionality and value. By providing our OEM partners with access to the world’s most comprehensive asset management software catalog, we provide them with a new opportunity for innovation. Through this collaboration we enrich their offerings by integrating them with our best-of-breed SAM technologies.”

For more information on the program and details of how to join, visit:

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