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Working on holiday? You’re not alone, 62% of Indian employees do so

Human Resources Online shares details from a recent Snow study about workers reluctance to leave their work devices at home while on holiday, and the increased potential for security risks and loss of visibility into their employers' IT systems.

Aussie workers struggling to switch off while on holiday

IT Brief AU highlights findings from a new Snow survey suggesting that Australian workers have trouble disconnecting and leaving their work devices at home during holidays, despite the potential for increased risks and exposures to their employers.

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APAC employees 'most likely' to take work devices on vacation

iTWire looks at how APAC employees are taking their work devices with them on vacation, despite potential headaches for their organization including increased security risks and challenges maintaining visibility into the entire technology ecosystem, according to new findings from Snow. 

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A Culture of Connection

Snow Chief People and Culture Officer Rachel Mooney reflects on how to build a company culture beyond the four walls of an organization’s physical office with HRO Today.

Snow Software: Workers Struggle To Disconnect During Vacation

Texas Tech Pulse highlights details from a recent Snow Software study showing how difficult it is for global workers to leave their tech devices at home while on vacation, creating potential risks and unhealthy behaviors.

Snow Software launches new tech management suite

TechTarget’s Search IT Operations looks at Snow’s new suite of technology intelligence solutions.