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The Complicated Relationship with Shadow IT

Snow’s Nathan Stevens, Director of Solution Consulting, APAC, discusses how the conversations around shadow IT are becoming more nuanced as remote working becomes the norm.

Tips for Avoiding Cloud Computing Vendor Lock-in

Midrange Computing examines the common pitfalls of vendor lock-in, highlighting the limitations, offers tips to avoid it altogether.

Snow Optimizer Certified For Integration With SAP Netweaver

IT-kanalen reports that Snow Optimizer has once again been certified as an SAP certified integration with the SAP Netweaver® Platform.

Cloud Nine or Cloud, Now What?

Chief Architect Jesse Stockall reflects on the burst of cloud investment during 2020; highlights some of the cons of rushed investment; and offers concrete steps for organizations to assess their investment is aligned with their business strategy and maximizing value.

6 Virtual Server Management Best Practices

SearchServerVirtualization highlights the advantages and challenges of managing virtual servers, offering six best practices for optimal ROI and noting Embotics offers self-service software to prevent VM sprawl.

Q&A: What Is It Really Like For Women In Tech?

Digital Journal interviews Snow leaders Rachel Mooney, Chief People & Culture Officer and Paula Darvell, Chief Marketing Officer on their experiences as women working in tech.