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Overcoming legacy debt is a process problem, not a modernization one

CIO Dive discusses the challenges of legacy technology, citing insights from Snow CIO Alastair Pooley.

The Lingering Effect Of Blind Spots In The Cloud

Snow Chief Architect Jesse Stockall discusses how companies need visibility into their network, cloud services, product development and users to improve security, lower compliance risks and optimize budget. 

What's the biggest cost-cutting mistake IT leaders make?

Snow's CIO Alastair Pooley offers his insight on the biggest mistake IT leaders can make when it comes to cutting costs.

IT leaders put growth over security, survey finds

Highlighting Snow's recent hybrid work survey data, VentureBeat reports how despite the rapid shift to the distributed workforce, just 34% of IT leaders said supporting hybrid work is their top priority over the next 12 months. 

Why the systems admin role will never be the same

CIO Dive explores how automation, the spread of tech tools and the explosion of cloud are reshaping the role of system administration, speaking with Chief Architect Jesse Stockall and citing survey data from Snow.

Hybrid working honeymoon period is already over for IT teams

IT Pro Portal discusses how the transition to hybrid working is impacting IT teams, citing survey data from Snow Software.