Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software

Optimize software licenses and reduce one of the largest IT costs for your business 




Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides transparency and intelligence to help organizations save millions of dollars in SAP * software licensing costs. 

Because of the variety of licensing options and the lack of built-in optimization tools, organizations can easily lose control over their SAP license types, potentially exposing them to significant financial and legal risks, even if the configured licenses are not fully utilized. 

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides organizations with the knowledge and intelligence they need to ensure that the number of SAP licenses matches the actual requirements. This not only avoids unplanned cost overruns, but also allows the SAP management team to take the initiative in SAP licensing and contract negotiations. 

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software At a Glance:

  • SAP certified solution, native support for SAP management interface
  • Complete list of SAP benchmarks 
  • Match the SAP license type with the actual requirements
  • Automatically identify and repair outdated and duplicate SAP users
  • Deploy by day, not by month 

Key Benefits                

The inventory function and the SAP usage analysis function avoids cost waste

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software enables in-depth analysis of transaction and personal usage data to identify opportunities, reduce costs and eliminate disadvantages by eliminating duplicate users and unused licenses. The solution automatically recommends the "best fit" type of license based on the current user's behavior, allowing organizations to easily replace more expensive licenses with cheaper licenses where appropriate. Auto-monitoring frees the SAP administrator to focus on the core responsibilities, ensuring that information is always up-to-date and ready for review or inspection. 

Minimize SAP license management fees

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software maintains up-to-date details of all SAP license assignments, allowing SAP administrators to adjust license types and distributions in real time. Automated rule sets can quickly match an individual user to the correct license on the right system, based on user behavior. An alert is triggered if the organization is approaching the license limit specified by the current contract or a specific activity limit. Predefined rules can help an organization to limit operations and avoid unplanned or unacceptable costs. 

Avoiding Errors with "What - If" Planning

The Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software can be used to test a variety of "what-if" scenarios that enable an organization to understand how changes to a deployed license type can impact SAP licensing and support costs. Scenarios can be thoroughly simulated in the solution until the organization is satisfied with the results without any changes to the real-time system, thus avoiding costly licensing errors. 

Immediate start to achieve cost savings

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software is native to SAP management and has advanced agent technology so it can be fully deployed in a large SAP environment in just a few days and immediately gathers operational intelligence. Customers report that their SAP costs will generally fall by 20-30% in a matter of weeks. Organizations can take advantage of the information generated by the Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, re-negotiate the content of the contract, and match the number of licenses to actual demand, achieving sustained cost savings of as much as millions of dollars. 

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* SAP is a registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and several other countries.