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SAP Audits
SAP Audits – Is it really impossible to accurately determine your financial exposure?
If you don’t effectively manage licenses, you’ll almost definitely be paying over the odds for them
What's in store in the year ahead?
2017 Predictions
There is something special about the beginning of a new year, slates are wiped, figures are reset, and suddenly, we are working toward new goals, developing new features, and designing new methods for improving productivity, reducing spend, and staying happy.
How to keep your cloud costs in check
The true cost of AWS
At one time, building the IT infrastructure and managing the software that runs on it was the sole the responsibility of the IT department. Control was centralized, cost was transparent. But the cloud has changed that.
Dirty data makes it difficult of impossible to fulfill key processes
77% of Enterprises Have a Missing or Deficient CMDB
We know how reliant business processes and IT operations are on the CMDB. It sits at the heart of provisioning and deployment processes. It supports the monitoring of infrastructure and business services. It supports governance, cost and resource management, and financial operations.
Get on top of your SAP deployment with a full understanding of user licensing
An introduction to SAP licensing 2
While there are many constants in Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software License Optimization (SLO) best practices, knowing specifics about the licensing schemes of your individual software publishers is essential.
Understand the licensing changes - they might significantly impact you
Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 Raises Licensing Questions
In August 2015 we published a blog commenting on the impact of the newly available Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2 (SE2) for existing Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1) customers. This is the second edition expanding on what was touched upon in the previous blog.