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Thanks to Intelligence from Snow, Australia Post Now Delivers More Than Mail

By jo.lawton-davies | February 24, 2020

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes worth of data created around the globe. The ability to collect, analyze and translate vast amounts of data into meaningful intelligence and compelling action is what will set successful organizations apart from their less-informed peers.

Nowhere is data more important than in the public sector. The organizations that serve an ever-growing number of citizens today face a variety of challenges including the migration and optimization of the cloud, implementation of evolving data privacy measures, control of technology sprawl, and the ability to ensure efficient IT spend. Without accurate intelligence around their technology ecosystems, IT teams are unable to contribute to strategic business goals. Instead, they are forced to reactively deal with one unanticipated technical issue after another.

Gaining Visibility Across the IT Ecosystem

Australia Post provides postal services to the people of Australia via more than 4,000 post offices. The government agency is responsible for delivering more than three billion items in 2018 alone, and the organization is mandated to maintain a level of quality service and profitability. This requires Australia Post to run its IT ecosystem as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to support its operation at scale.

To ensure a deep understanding of their massive IT ecosystem, manage application sprawl, and ensure maximum value from their technology investments, Australia Post turned to Snow Software.

The public agency knew they needed far-reaching visibility across their systems, including data on high-level technology asset trends at their post offices and delivery centers as well as more granular details including which versions of operating systems are in use across the organization. Armed with this kind of insight, Australia Post can recirculate IT assets based on usage and quickly address technology anomalies.

In partnership with Snow, the country’s postal experts now have greater insight into the overall performance of their software, hardware and application assets.

Saving Time and Money

Because time is always of the essence at Australia Post, just like in many other IT departments, Snow’s rapid turnaround of in-depth reports means the agency saves time and gains greater insight from the data. For example, Australia Post uses Snow to manage technology assets in circulation. The reporting means they can identify idle laptops and redistribute them to areas in need, which has resulted in a 40% to 95% increase in the accuracy of their laptop and desktop fleet data.

Snow’s intelligence has helped IT understand and manage the relationship between user, application and the device. The partnership has allowed Australia Post to recognize and meter well over 8,000 cloud/SaaS applications today and this has made significant improvements in both efficiency and security.

With Snow Software, IT leaders at Australia Post now have the intelligence they need to put the focus back into the growth and success of the organization. They are able to provide premier postal services to the people of Australia.

For more on how you can better manage your own technology ecosystem, check out our exclusive whitepaper from IDG Connect and Snow Software on decentralized IT and its impact on the organization.

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