Optimize Your IT Budget With New Cost Savings Calculators

Try our free cost savings calculators to find where you could reduce spend across software, cloud and SAP.

Many organizations doubled down on core services such as Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe to better weather current events and support their remote workforce in 2020. But as the new year approaches, it’s time to take inventory of what you currently have and what your employees are using compared to what you may need moving forward. Many IT departments will also face new budget pressures in 2021, which means now is the time to identify potential savings and possibly re-allocate spend.

To help you identify opportunities for optimization, we’re excited to share that our Software Cost Savings Calculator is now available. Following the launch of the Hybrid Cloud Cost Savings Calculator and our SAP Cost Optimization Calculator, the Software Cost Savings Calculator can help you see the costs associated with your software licensing environment and find opportunities for savings.

With our calculators, you can highlight your potential cost savings across cloud, SAP and traditional software licensing. Simply select the technology area you’re looking to optimize, input your current consumption and cost, then the calculator will reveal how much your organization could save with a comprehensive technology intelligence program.

Read on to learn more about our new tools and how they can help you plan for 2021.

Discover potential software savings

As another wave of Covid-19 surges, it is becoming clear that some form of remote work is here to stay for a while. When the pandemic began, the shift to remote work happened practically overnight, and IT leaders were forced to make quick decisions to enable their workforce. But now, as we prepare for 2021, CIOs are trying to determine if they would have made similar decisions knowing this would be a long-term reality.

With Snow’s Software Cost Savings Calculator, you can better estimate how your current technology investment could be optimized and see where there are opportunities to remove tools from your stack that you originally thought were necessary.

SAM Savings

But this calculator goes beyond helping you streamline applications. Using your current software spend as a benchmark, our cost savings calculator will help estimate returns based on your current and target level of SAM maturity. It will show you the projected savings you could achieve with license and subscription optimization as well as improved vendor negotiations and increased audit readiness. You will be empowered to realize savings, reduce risk and simplify licenses as you prepare for 2021.

Licenses and Subscription Optimization

Eliminate unnecessary cloud spend

Cloud acceleration is underpinning a massive change in the world. And the pandemic has accelerated the move to cloud-based IT for businesses.

In a survey we conducted on how recent events had impacted IT leaders’ cloud usage, investment and strategy, we found that 82% have increased their overall cloud use in past few months.

As businesses rush to the cloud, it’s important to remember that all clouds are not created equal. Some of the key differences include costs, methods of billing, areas of specialization, feature sets, and availability of cloud services.

Maintaining visibility over those differences can help you stay in control of your cloud spend. Predicting what you’ll need to budget for cloud is complex, especially as vendors continue to change their licensing terms and cloud pricing.

Whether you are in the process of a digital transformation, building out your hybrid cloud or expanding your cloud-native environment, you need to be able to optimize your spend, eliminate waste and accurately forecast the costs of your workloads. With our Hybrid Cloud Cost Savings Calculator, you can add the number of cloud workloads by vendor and then split between production and non-production and see the potential cost-savings within your public cloud environments.

Cloud Savings Summary

SAP licensing has adapted over the years to cope with new technologies and the result is a notoriously complex licensing model. Even though their tools are essential to so many businesses, the licenses that govern use of it are extremely difficult to manage. In recent years, licensing has only become more complicated.

With SAP embedded tools and standard transactions, it is difficult to get, and interpret, data to provide a true picture of usage to match to contractual entitlements as the tools don’t highlight where a license has been needlessly assigned or where an unnecessarily expensive license type is being used. Meaning organizations are unknowingly overspending and on top of it, they’re struggling to optimize their licenses with a manual approach and effectively renegotiate with SAP.

Optimizing and calculating costs to prevent unnecessary spend on additional licenses, or to use in a contract negation, is a huge priority for IT leaders. Our SAP Cost Optimization Calculator can show your potential cost optimization. Simply enter your existing SAP contract value and the size of your SAP licensing estate, and you’ll see your optimization opportunity.

SAP Contract Information

Prepare for 2021 today

Whether your organization is facing budget cuts or needs to deepen support for your remote workers in 2021, Snow can help you do that in the most cost-effective way possible. Try our free cost savings calculators to find where you could reduce spend across software, cloud and SAP. Then, get in touch to see how our platform can help you quickly realize those savings. Gaining visibility over your technology landscape is the first critical step in optimizing costs, increasing governance and reducing risk.